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By air
==Get in==
===By Roadroad===
Kirkenes is at the very end of the all-through-Norway (and half of Europe) highway E6. You can also enter by road from northern Finland (via [[Rovaniemi]] about 7 hours), and northwestern Russia (via [[Murmansk]] about 3 hours + border formalities). If you want to come from southern Norway by car, cutting through Sweden and Finland is actually faster.
Long distance buses [], with connections to most of Norway.
Buses to Finland (summer only): []
===By Seasea===Kirkenes is the northern turnaround port ([[Bergen]] being the southern) of the [[Hurtigruten|Coastal Express ]] [], arguably the most beautiful sea voyage of the planet, covering most of the Norwegian coast in 5-6 days.
===By Airair===Due to its distance from the rest of the civilized world, most people choose to arrive and depart by plane, at Høybuktmoen airport[] ({{IATA|KKN}}) ({{ICAO|ENKR}}) some 15 km outside town. Daily flights to [[Oslo]], [[Tromsø]] and others by Norwegian [], SAS[] and Wideroe []. Also flights to Russia and Germany (summer only). Most flights have a bus to town waiting outside[], 85 NOK, credit cards accepted. A taxi will set you back some NOK 300.
On certain occasions it is considerably cheaper to fly into [[Ivalo]] in Finland, some 240 km away.
==Get around==
Local buses []. Long distance busses leave outside the main shopping center in the middle of town. Some busses only take cash, however there is an ATM inside the shopping center. [] is a good website to plan your travels.
* King Crab: Red King crab is an invasive species in these waters. Brought to the Murmansk fjord by Soviets during the 50s and 60s. Originaly from the Bering streight. Great taste!
There is a camping site between the airport and town, up the hill after the bridge as you drive towards town. Also rents cabins. Summer only. Tel (+47) 78 99 80 28.
* <sleep name="Sollia" alt="" address="By the Russian border, some 10 km from town" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">Has a good restaurant.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Barents Frokosthotell" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="From NOK 675"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Wessel Hotell" alt="" address="Dr Wessels gate 3" directions="" phone="-47 78998600" email="[email protected]" fax="+47 78998601" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price=""></sleep>
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