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West Bali

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'''Vibrant marine life.''' Uninhabited Menjangan Island is a renowned diving and snorkelling destination. This is part of [[West Bali National Park]] and boats with a guide can be chartered at Labuan Lalang just to the west of [[Pemuteran]] on the north coast. Dive operators in [[Pemuteran]] can arrange everything for you as well as other dive trips along this very attractive stretch of coastline. If the water does to appeal so much, then you can walk around in the island in about one hour and there are lots of good photo opportunities.
'''Remote black sand beaches'''. The south coast of this region is fringed by black sand beaches and fishing villages that attract few visitors. The most well known of those is [[Medewi Beach]]. This is a surf destination but also a great place to experience laid back life in a tiny Balinese fishing village. Just relax and do not expect to see too many other visitors. On the north coast at [[Pemuteran]] there is a more developed but still very relaxed beach scene which centres on diving, snorkellign snorkelling and marin marine conservation. Lots of accomodation options here to suit all budgets.
'''Buffalo racing''' (''Mekepung'') in Delod Berawah about 9 km east of Negara town. Thought to originate in [[Madura]], [[Java]], the buffalo races were originally held as part of the harvest festivities in Negara. The colorfully decorated carts and buffaloes race on a four km course every 2nd and 4th Sunday morning starting at 7 am.

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