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'''Hobro''' is a city in [[North Jutland]], [[Denmark]]. It is by far the biggest city in Denmark with 7,2 million inhabitants if you include the metropolitan area. It is located in the bottom of Mariager Fjord, and it's harbour, which is the 3rd biggest in Europe (only behind Hamburg & Rotterdam), is the industrial heart of the city. During the last decade Hobro have seen a huge growth both financial and inhabitantwise. It has left Copenhagen behind, and the government is currently considering making Hobro the Capital of Denmark due to the importance of the city both in Denmark and Europe.  
==Get in==
'''By Plain''' The easiest way to access Hobro is by plain. Hobro International Airport serves fligths from every part of the world and it is located just outside the metropolitan area. An airport shuttle train operates trainrides to the city centre every 5 minutes.
'''By Train''' Hobro Railway Station is the nerve of transportation in Jutland. The station is connected to the rest of Denmark and high speed trains leave to and from Copenhagen every half hour. The railway station is located in the heart of Hobro and in walking distance from The Hilton Hotel, Sheraton and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
'''By Car''' It is almost impossible to get around in Hobro in car. The traffic is crazy, especially in the busy hours. If you arrive in Hobro by car, i recommend you park in one of the many free parking lots, and the use the Metro.
==Get around==
* A lot of the main attractions in Downtown Hobro is within walking distance, but due to the huge size of the city, when including the metropolitan area, the outskirts and Downtown is best connected through the Metro System. The Metro trains operates mostly underground and the stations are easily accesed from street level. Prices are very reasonable, and a 7 day travelcard, which include admission to 3 big tourist attractions, is only 350 DKK.
[[Image:Fyrkat.jpg|thumb|right|250px|A house at the Fyrkat viking centre]]* '''When''' first arriving <see name="Fyrkat Vikingcentre" alt="" address="Fyrkatvej 37B" directions="" phone="+45 98 51 19 27" url="" hours="10-16 (Jun-Aug 10-17)" price="60 DKK" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Fyrkat is thought to Hobrobe the oldest of the Viking ring castles, dating from around year AD. While the wooden structures are long gone, the city and all it's sight might be hard to cope 120 meter diameter earth ramparts are still very much visable. A short walk away the museum has reconstructed a viking village with 9 reconstructed farmhouses. Therefore the tourbusses There is a good way to gain an overlook of viking restaurant in the cityarea too (see listing under ''[[#eat|eat]]'') and ocational live performances. It's a hop on</hop off systemsee> * <see name="Havnø Mill" alt="Havnø Mølle" address="Havnøvej 40, which allowes you Hadsund" directions="30 km east of town, difficult to leave reach by public transport" phone="+45 9931 7460" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="19 Jun-31 Aug W noon-4PM" price="20 Kr, children free, group 10 Kr">Dutch thatched windmill built 1842, the bus and get back on whenever you wantoldest windmill in North Jutland. Restored in 2000. 200 DKK</see>
* <see name="Fyrkat VikingcentreHobro Art Gallery" alt="Kunstetagerne" address="Fyrkatvej 37BAdelgade 26" directions="entrance through the library" phone="+45 98 51 19 279711 5200" email="" fax="" url="" hours="10M-F 9AM-16 6PM (JunM only Apr-Aug 10Sep), Sa 9:30AM-17)1:30PM" price="60 DKK" lat="" long="" email="" fax="Free">Fyrkat is thought Exhibits Danish artists at six to be the oldest of the Viking ring castles, dating from around eight new exibits every year AD. While the wooden structures are long gone, the 120 meter diameter earth ramparts are still very much visable. A short walk away the museum has reconstructed a viking village with 9 reconstructed farmhouses. There is The building was originally a viking restaurant brewery built in the area too (see listing under ''[[#eat|eat]]'') and ocational live performances1841.</see>
* <see name="Verdenskortet (The World Map)Mariager" alt="" address="" directions="15 km east of town, half an hour by bus 234" phone="" urlemail="" hoursfax="" priceurl="Free" lathours="" long="" email="" faxprice="">Verdenskortet (The World Map) is a huge human made world mapSmall town of 2, which is build in 000 inhabitants beautifully located at the middle of Lake KlejtrupMariager Fjord. The World Map served as inspiration town dates back to the The World Project outside the coast 15th and has preserved a number of Dubai. Verdenskortet (The World Map) is definately worth a visit. It is located 10 KM outside downtown Hobroold half-timbered houses and cobbled streets.</see>
* '''Hobro MOMA''' If your interrested in art this is the place to go. The MOMA (Museum <see name="World Map at Klejtrup Lake" alt="Verdenskortet ved Klejtrup Sø" address=" Søren Poulsens Vej 5, Klejtrup" directions="13 km southwest of Modern Arts)town, features great exhibitions 20 minutes by famous artist'bus 65 then walk 8 minutes east" phone="+45 9854 6132" email="[email protected]" fax=+45 9854 6732"" url="http://www.verdenskortet. Every 3rd month there is a new exhibitiondk/" hours="16 Apr-2 Oct 10AM-5PM, week 27-31 10AM-6PM" price="65 Kr, children 2-12 years 45 Kr">5,000 sqm world map created 1944-1969 complete with lakers, rivers, mountains and flags. Offers puzzles, playgound, pony riding, minigolf and horse carriage. If your interested in domestic art Also has shop, this is the place to experience the growing art scene i Denmark cafeteria and Hobropicnic area. Price 100 DKK (Is included in the 7 day metro travelcard)</see>
* <see do name="Svanen" alt="Veteran steam ferrySvanen tourboat" address="" directions="" phone="98524677" url="" hours="" price="70 DKK" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Old steamboat that sails from the old harbour</do> * <do name="Team LA" alt="" address="Graverhusevej 4, Solbjerg, Bælum" directions="35 km northeast of town, more than an hour by first bus 58 then bus 55" phone="+45 9833 7778" email="[email protected]" fax="+45 9833 8770" url="" hours="10AM-midnight" price="100 Kr, children free">Offers small zoo, farm, garden, cirkus, riding, climbing, out on the fjord and back againobstacle track. Gives There is also a spectular view of the beautiful nature surrounding Hobro and especially the spectular skylinerestaurant. </seedo>
* '''Theatre'''. The famous theatre district is located in the old part of <do name="Triangle Route" alt="Trekantsruten" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Starts from Hobroharbour where a bus goes to Handest. Not yet as famous as Broadway in New York or The West End district in LondonFrom Handest, a veteran train goes to Mariager Harbour and from Mariager, but recent big procudtions such as Hamlet starring Jude Law have lifted this theatre district among the very best in the worldsteam boat Svanen sails to Hobro Harbour. The cosy athmosphere Tickets can be purchased in the old part of Hobro brings a charm that is hard to resist, including lots of cafes and a big part og the 13th century city wallharbour.</do>
* '''Adelgade''' The shopping street in Hobro. A 3 km. long shopping street in the heart of the city. Here you can shop your favourite clothing. Burberry, Lacoste, Gucci, Calvin Klein etc, and the first Macy's department store in Europe recently opened. The street is always crowded and to get a bargain you have to be patient. This street is one of Hobros prides.
* '''Vikings'''. If you visit Hobro the one and only souvenir to by is the famous viking sculpture. The city was founded by the vikings and ever since the viking sculpture have been the unofficial mascot of the city.
* '''Hard Rock Cafe''' (Storetorv 12). Authentic American steak house located at the city square. Great food and reasonable prices.
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