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Wikitravel:Manual of style

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If you have a question about the specifics of the Manual, or want to see it changed/amended/clarified, use the [[Wikitravel:using talk pages|talk page]] for the section in question. A list of issues currently being discussed can be found [[Wikitravel:Requests for comment|here]].
doors==Structural style== This section of the Manual is for rules about the structure of '''Wikitravel as a whole'''.txt;10;15 * [[Wikitravel:Main Page guidelines|Main Page guidelines]] - how to add links to the [[Main Page]]* [[Wikitravel:What is an article?|What is an article?]] - how and when to start new articles* [[Wikitravel:Other ways of seeing travel|Other ways of seeing travel]] - approaching travel from different angles* [[Wikitravel:Geographical hierarchy|Geographical hierarchy]] - how we divide up the world* [[Wikitravel:Naming conventions|Article naming conventions]] - how to name an article* [[Wikitravel:Disambiguation pages|Disambiguation pages]] - when to make them and how to use them* [[Wikitravel:Bodies of water|Bodies of water]] - how lakes, rivers, seas and oceans fit into Wikitravel* [[Wikitravel:Categories|Categories]] - using the MediaWiki categories feature* [[Wikitravel:Using Mediawiki templates|Using Mediawiki templates]] - using the MediaWiki Template: transclusion feature* [[Wikitravel:Template index|Mediawiki template index]] - a list of available Mediawiki templates
==Formatting style==

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