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At one time, domestic flights were the monopoly of the government-owned Indian Airlines, but things have changed dramatically and now there are quite a few competitors, with prices a traveller's delight. The main operators are:
*'''Air India''' [], India's state owned carrier. Formerly two carriers, Indian Airlines (domestic) and Air India (mainly international). These have merged in 2007, the airline is still in transition. Air India has the largest network in the country and provides excellent regional connectivity. Service is generally excellent below any Western standards and on new aircraft which are being deployed on many metro routes personal televisions are provided in all classes. Will be joining Star Alliance in 2009. However passengers should be wary of leaving anything expensive out of their direct supervision as there have been documented cases of Air India personnel stealing items from passengers checked in luggages. Air India also operates low-cost carrier '''Air India Express''' [], which flies mainly on trunk routes and to international destinations in the Gulf, and '''Air India Regional''', which flies small aircraft to obscure places.
*'''Go Air''' [] '''low cost'''now offer additional products: Business class at economy fare ( GoBusiness), Flexible travelling product ( GoFlexi)
*'''Jet Airways''' [], '''full service''' airline with very good coverage. Now services London (LHR) directly from Delhi and Mumbai and flights to/from Toronto and New York via Brussels. Their subsidiary '''Jetlite''' [], formerly Air Sahara, operates as a '''value carrier'''; i.e. some food and beverages are given.

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