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By car
===By car===
You can get into Maseru by car through the entry point from [[South Africa]].
===By coach===
* <listing name="Vaal-Maseru Bus Services" alt="" directions="" address="" phone="+27 (0)18 462-1000" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">sometimes run a [[Johannesburg]] to Maseru service. Its best to call them for up-to-date information.</listing>
* <listing name="Local bus from Bloemfontein" alt="" directions="" address="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">At 6am daily a coach leaves from Bloemfontein's main bus station direct to the Maseru Bridge border in about 2 hours. If you miss this then numerous Toyota Hiaces will drop you half way, where you can pick up a second Hiace to Maseru - this option takes from 3 to 5 hours depending on how long it takes for the Hiace to fill.</listing>
* <listing name="Intercape" alt="" directions="" address="" phone+27(0)21 380-4400" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">drop off at [[Ladybrand]] from where its a 20 minute minibus to Maseru.</listing>
* <listing name="Leralleng Airport Shuttle" alt="" directions="" address="3 Orpen Road, Maseru 100" phone="+266 2231 4522" fax="+266 2231 4522" email="[email protected]" url="" hours="" price="M950 one way person"> Leralleng Airport Shuttle offers safe and reliable shuttle service to and from OR Tambo and Bloemfontein International Airports.</listing>[[User:|]] 11:30, 4 September 2009 (EDT)
===By taxi===
Being the transport hub of Lesotho, anywhere in Lesotho that's connected by road to here will have a Minibus taxi service to Maseru. For more information on taxis, see [[Lesotho#By_taxi|here]].
The best cab service is Comfort Taxis. They are very safe and reliable. Call them on (266) 62745199. If you are dialling from South Africa, call 0026662745199. Speak to Khosana who will arrange every detail of your trip. Expect to pay R30 one way.
===By plane===
Moshoeshoe Airport is located 18km from Maseru. '''South African Airways''' [] operates a couple of daily flights from Maseru to [[Johannesburg]], which typically cost around M2200. Luggage is lost very regularly and there is no lost luggage reporting system. You should arrange taxi pick-up in advance as often there are no taxis at the airport. Taxis charge around M50-80100.
'''Mission Aviation''' [] flies from the smaller Moeshoeshoe I airport just off Airport Road, 2km from central Maseru. They offer charter flights to amongst other places, [[Mokhotlong]], [[Thaba-Tseka]] and [[Katse]] and are contactable on +266 2232 5699. Flights are fairly expensive, their little planes can be cramped, but they fly to most airstrips in Lesotho.
* '''The Lehakoe Club and Gym''', Moshoeshoe Road (''next to the Central Bank, near the Houses of Parliament'') Excellent gym by any standards, with 2 swimming pools, tennis & squash courts, steam rooms and sauna. M142 M215 per month membership, also daily and weekly membership available.
* '''Lesotho National Tennis Courts''' Kingsway bypass, functional and cheap tennis courts, tuition available.
* '''Maseru Golf Course''', play a round with some alcoholic expats.
* '''Moeshoeshoe Day''' is celebrated in Maseru in early March with colourful processions through the city centre.
* '''Go canoeing on the Caledon river''' The Lesotho-Durham Link [] offer canoeing trips (phone in advance to see what they can offer, +266 22325166). Around M200 for an afternoon.
* '''Join the Hash''' The Maseru Hash House Harriers is a good way of meeting expats, get some exercise, and see some more off-the-beaten-path parts of Maseru. []. It is quite tame, with the stupid traditional drinking games kept to a minimum.
* '''Hike up the Hill''' behind the Lesotho Sun. Behind the hotel is a rocky hill (where they are now building the new Chinese funded parliament building - Lesotho supports the One China policy). Should take about 30 minutes to climb but is well worth the effort - go before sunset and take your camera!
*<do name="Trips from Maseru" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">If you are living and working in Maseru there are numerous options for day trips and weekend getaways. This is a few years old now but have a look here.</do>
===Supermarkets & Food===
*'''Pick'n'Pay''', Pioneer Shopping Centre, Pioneer Road - Very well-stocked South African supermarket and liquor store.
*'''OK Shoprite''', Kingsway (LNDC Centre, behind the Vodacom shop) - Good stocking up place before you head to the mountains
*'''OK Shoprite''', Moeshoeshoe Rd - again a good stock up place.
*'''Fruit & Veg City''', Kingsway (Cathedral end) better fruit and veg than shoprite, also has a very random 'Italian deli' section selling very expensive pasta and italian wine.
*'''Bensons Quality Fresh Meats''', Main North road - very good (South African run) butchers. Original owners have sold this business to run Pick'n'Pay. They deliver too. +266 22321479
*'''Basotho Hat''', Kingsway - a government run craft store which stocks locally made crafts. Large variety of beautiful hand-made jewelry of copper and ceramics, dresses, wire pushtoys. Worth poking your head in just to enjoy the unusual architecture.
*'''Chinese tailors''', Kingsway, opposite Fruit & Veg - good tailors who can duplicate a suit for M1000ish (they take the measurements from an existing suit rather than measure you)
*'''Lesotho Cellphone Services''', 10 Lioli Rd. Industrial Area - a cheaper place to purchase white goods and electrical items than the furniture shops along Kingsway
*'''For electronics''' On Kingsways, also just opposite Fruit & Veg there is a large and surprisingly well-furnished shop selling computers and accessories, mobile phones and accessories, cables, etc., at decent prices.
*'''New Asia''', Kingsway (''behind Victoria Hotel'') - good chinese restaurant - access from the carpark behind Victoria Hotel
*'''Peace Restaurant''', Moeshoeshoe Rd (just down from Nando's) - at the back of a Chinese grocery shop the Peace Restaurant offers an authentic chinese eating experience - good food, plastic chairs, chinese karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights! You can almost believe you are in China
*'''Good Times Cafe''' - , LNDC Centre, Kingsway (above the Vodacom shop) - the only nightspot in Maseru also serves up adequate South African fare - OK for lunchif you have 1,5 hours or more. Tends to be empty in the evenings except for a few expats. Big screen for live football.*'''Solomon's Ground''', below the post office at the corner of Constitution Road, this restaurant offers decent Italian food and on Thursdays offers an Ethiopian buffet.
===Mid range===
*'''Lancer's Inn''', Kingsway - good food but slow service, but how often do you get to eat with the King of a country? King Letsie III regularly dines here!.
*'''Lesotho Sun''', Nightingale Rd - a chinese restaurant, and a grill restaurant, both quite average for the price (expensive) but if you are after a nice steak then it's more convienient than a trip to [[Ladybrand]]. There's a gluttonous all you can eat buffet on Sundays at lunchtime with loads of food. Doors open at 12.30 but it soon packs out as post-church middle-class Basotho families stuff themselves. Get there early if you want to get your nose in the trough! M120 per person.
*'''Maseru Sun Cabanas''', runs the same Sunday lunch buffet food-fest as the Lesotho Sun.I disagree with this post - Cabanas "buffet" grill is much better than at the Lesotho Sun (even though they are both part of the Sun International Group) and has a much wider choice. Top tip - there is usually bread and butter pudding on the desert table which is better than your mum OR Gran ever made. Weird eh?*'''Regal Restaurant''', Kingsway (part of the Basotho Hat complex) - the only non-hotel, non-chinese restaurant that offers a pleasant dining experience - good (British-style) indian food, appealing interior and good service. Expensive though and service is average at best.*'''Ocean Basket''', South African chain serving seafood and sushi.
There are no Many backpacker type places in types pass through Maseru. For affordable tourist accommodation head en route to [[Semonkong|Semonkong Lodge]] or [[Malealea]] in the mountains, or head to [[Ladybrand]] in South Africa. The following However do not discount Maseru as a budget accommodations were built as training centres although they do cater for travellers if you ask in advance!overnight destination - there are affordable accomodation options, the best of which is probably the Lesotho-Durham link.
* <sleep name="Anglican Training CentreLesotho - Durham Link" alt="" address="Corner Assisi Rd and Lancers Rdoff the Agric / Old Airport Road, on the northern edge of the lake" directions="" phone="+266 2232 204622325166" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="M100 per person (dormitory)">Basic and cheap3 km from the centre of Maseru you'd need to get a taxi or a combi down the old airport road, ask to go to the Agric College as your driver may not have heard of the place. Camping is also possible at M35 per night - only recommended for the summer months (October through May).</sleep>
The following budget accommodations were built as training centres although they do cater for travellers if you ask in advance! * <sleep name="Lesotho Work Camps AssociationAnglican Training Centre" alt="" address="KingswayCorner Assisi Rd and Lancers Rd" directions="behind the Catholic cathedral on the roundabout at the top of Kingsway" phone="+266 2232 2046" url="" checkin="" emailcheckout="" faxprice="" urllat="" checkinlong="" checkoutemail="" pricefax="M20 per person per night">Hot water and a small kitchenBasic amenities, rude staff, although not so clean as the Anglican Training Centreoverrun with cockroaches. Not recommended.</sleep>
You can camp also - only recommended for * <sleep name="Maseru Backpackers" alt="" address="near the summer months air squadron and air field" directions="slightly out of town but pleasant" phone="(October through May+266)22325166" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="M120 per person per night">Hot water and kitchens.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Lesotho - Durham Link campsiteWork Camps Association" alt="" address="off Kingsway" directions="behind the Agric / Old Airport Road, Catholic cathedral on the northern edge roundabout at the top of the lake" directions="Kingsway" phone="+266 22325166" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="M35 M20 per personper night">3 km from the centre of Maseru you'd need to get a taxi or Hot water and a combi down the old airport roadsmall kitchen, ask to go to the Agric College although not so clean as your driver may not have heard of the placeAnglican Training Centre.</sleep>
===Mid range===
  Both the Sun Hotels and Lancers Inn are majority government owned, hence the staff can´t be sacked - may explain the quality of service at these places!  * <sleep name="Lancer's Inn" alt="" address="Kingsway" directions="" phone="22312114" emailurl="[email protected]" fax="22310223" checkin="" checkout="" price="Double rooms from M575M845.00, singles from M475M745.00" urllat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="22310223">Right in the centre of Maseru, just off Kingsway, this is a nice colonial style hotel, reasonable rooms, and also self-catered rondavels available. Lancer's tends to be used by business travellers, although King Letsie occasionally dines in the restaurant. </sleep> 
* <sleep name="Lesotho Sun" alt="" address="" directions="20min uphill walk from the centre." phone="22313111" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Double rooms from M862, singles from M762.00." lat="" long="">Perched up high on a hill overlooking the city. Not one of the Sun hotel chain's flagship hotels but it is the most 'luxurious' hotel in the city, with a very nice swimming pool. As Lesotho's classiest hotel it hosts endless government workshops and is where foreign dignitaries stay when visiting for regional conferences. Refurbishment has been on the drawing board for ages but is always set to commence 'next year'. There is a casino on site, gym, small cinema and business facilities.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Maseru Sun Cabanas" alt="" address="Old Europa" directions="" phone="22312434" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Double rooms from M862, singles from M762.00" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Much the same as the Lesotho Sun but has a larger pool. No need to go anywhere to get food because there is a resturant by the pool site that serves delicious food[both western and traditional food]</sleep>
* <sleep name="Maseru Sun CabanasQueen Proteas" alt="" address="Old EuropaNew Parliament Drive" directions="At the east end of the Kingsway bypass, near the turn off for the new Parliament building" phone="22312434+266-22315215, 58079472" email="" urlfax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Double rooms from M862, singles from M762.00M450" lat="" long="" email="" faxurl="">Much the same as the Lesotho Sun but has Opened in late 2009. Luxury hotel a larger pool. No need to go anywhere to get food because there little way out-of-town hence this is a resturant by the pool site that serves delicious food[both western better option if you have a car. All rooms are en suite and traditional food]have wifi access.</sleep>
There is a large Post Office on Kingsway. Post is unreliable and can take up to a month to reach its destination, but usually more likely to take a fortnight. Sending a letter by airmail will cost you approx 2.40LSL.
===Embassies and Consulates and Embassies===* [[Image:ca-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Consulate of Canada" address="3 Orpen RoadRd
Old Europa Maseru" phone="+266 22 315365" fax="+266 22 315366" email="[email protected]"
 * [[Image:us-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="United States Embassy" address="254 Kingsway Ave" phone="+266 2231-2666 ext 4124" email="[email protected]" url="" hours="Tu 8AM-noon, 2PM-4PM, F 8AM-noon"></listing>
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