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South-central China

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{{warningbox|The province '''Southern Central Region of [[SichuanChina]] suffered a catastrophic earthquake on May 12''', 2008, centered is largely an agricultural area but is home to considerable industry as well. This area is generally poorer than the coastal provinces on Wenchuan County, about 100km north the east and southern coasts and is the main source of [[Chengdu]] citymigrant laborers for those provinces. Many cities, especially The regions of Sichuan and Chongqing are classified and referred to as West China on the mainland because of its location at the extremity of China proper even though they geographically lie in central China. West Sichuan, remain in a state with its historic links to Tibet lies at edge of destruction. There has the region, and is also been ethnic violence in areas in the gateway to the frontier/minority regions of Tibet (TAR) and areas bordering [[Tibet]]Xinjiang. Chongqing is historically and culturally part of Sichuan, due to the tensions between China but is now administratively a separate municipality and the Tibetan peoplea mega-city in its own right.}}
'''==Regions== {{Regionlist| regionmap=SouthCentralChina.png| regionmaptext=Provinces of Southern Central Region of -central China| regionmapsize=500px | region1name=[[Anhui]] Province| region1color=#4ed084| region1items=| region1description= | region2name=[[Chongqing]] Municipality| region2color=c1e25c| region2items=| region2description= | region3name=[[Hubei]] Province| region3color=#e7ef5d| region3items=| region3description= | region4name=[[ChinaHunan]]'''.Province| region4color=#cfcf94| region4items=| region4description=
| region5name=[[Jiangxi]] Province| region5color=Regions#b69eb3| region5items=| region5description= | region6name=[[Sichuan]] Province| region6color=#c9bd79| region6items=| region6description=
* [[Anhui]] Province* [[Chongqing]] Municipality* [[Hubei]] Province* [[Hunan]] Province* [[Jiangxi]] Province* [[Sichuan]] Province}}
* [[Changsha]], Hunan
* [[Chengdu]], Sichuan
* [[Chongqing]], Chongqing Municipality, one of China's largest cities
* [[Hefei]], Anhui
* [[Jingdezhen]], Jiangxi, a center of pottery
* [[Leshan]], Sichuan
* [[Nanchang]], Jiangxi
*[[Mount Emei]], Sichuan Province (3099 meters)
* [[Wudang Mountains]] The birthplace of TaichiTai chi
==Get around==
As elsewhere in China, there is an extensive rail network. Rail is the main means of inter-city travel for the Chinese themselves, and many visitors travel that way as well. The system now includes [[High-speed rail in China|fast bullet trains]] on most major routes; unless your budget is very tight, these are the best way to go — fast, clean and comfortable.
All the major cities have airports with good domestic connections; some have international connections as well. See the individual city articles for details.
There is also an extensive highway network, much of it very good. Buses go almost anywhere, somewhat cheaper than the trains. See the [[China#By_bus|China article]] for more. Driving yourself is also a possibility, but often problematic do to the dangerous driving habits and lack of law enforcement; see [[Driving in China]].
* The impressive '''Leshan Buddha''' rock carving in [[Leshan]]
* The beautiful '''Yellow Crane Tower''' in [[Wuhan]]
* Visit the '''Panda Research Base''' in [[Chengdu]]
* Historic sites from the 1911 Wuchang Uprising in [[Wuhan]]
==Stay safe==
As with most mainland China your only risk is being pick pocketed provided you use common sense. Driving can be very dangerous, in particular in places with mountainous roads and during heavy down pours. Some people recommend sitting at the back of the bus in case of a crash. On occasion foreigners are banned from minority regions (Tibetan) during political sensitive times without warning and you will be sent back and fined if you are discovered. More likely you will not even be able to buy a ticket. Check out beforehand if traveling into these areas to make sure they are open! (West Sichuan)
==Get out==
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