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=About me=
I currently live in [[Boston]], [[Massachusetts]], and have lived in [[San Francisco]], [[California]], as well as West Springfield, Mass. If you have any questions about those places, I can try to help you out. The best way to contact me is by e-mail, since I don't check my messages here very often. (Use the "E-mail this user" link, above left.)
=Places I've Been=
East Coast
* [[New England]]
** [[Provincetown]]
** [[Ogunquit, Maine]]
* [[New York (state)|New York]]
** [[New York City]]
** [[Niagra Falls]]
** [[Ithaca, New York]]
** [[Rochester, New York]]
* [[Washington, DC]]
* [[Cocoa Beach, Florida]]
* [[Orlando, Florida]]
* [[Atlanta, Georgia]]
West Coast
* [[Sacramento, California]]
* [[Lake Tahoe]]
* [[Las Vegas]]
* [[Los Angeles]]
* [[San Diego]]
* [[Cambridge]]
* [[London]]
* [[Toronto]]
==Locally recommended==
[[San Francisco]]
SF Mission:
* Where are the malls in Boston, San Francisco, San Diego?
Places recently visited: * ==[[Somerville]]==
==Inman Square, Cambridge, MA==

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