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'''Oita''' (大分市 ''Oita-shi'') is the capital city of [[Oita (prefecture)|Oita]] prefecture.
==UnderstandIntroduction==This article is about Oita City, the capital of Oita Prefecture. Oita City Hall, the management center for Oita City, can be found next to the old castle ruins. The old castle ruins now consist of the old moat which surrounds a modern building called Oita Cultural Hall(Bunkakaikan). With Oita Cultural Hall and the Grand Theater and Otonoizumi Hall in the Iichiko Culture Center, Oita City is also the center of activity for events such as musical concerts and other stage events. The area near Oita Station is has many shops, restaurants, and bars.
==Get in==
Located approximately 25 miles northeast of Beppu, Oita Airport is the main commercial airport in Oita Prefecture and has daily services to and from Tokyo, Osaka (both Kansai and Itami) and Nagoya by both JAL[] and ANA[] as well as a single international flight to Seoul, Korea with Korean Air[]
Travel between the airport and surrounding cities and towns are handled by bus and hovercraft(suspended operations in September 2009), unfortunately lacking any train access as of yet. The bus has an approximate travel time of 45 and 60 minutes to Beppu and Oita, respectively. The hovercraft trip is significantly faster, only taking 25 minutes, and deposits passengers at a landing in Oita just east of the Oita River. Access between this landing and the city's downtown takes approximately 10 minutes via taxi or bus and about 1 hour on foot.
===By train===
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