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[[Image:MiningMuseumGrants.jpg|thumb|300px|The Grants New Mexico Mining Museum, next to [[Route 66]].]] 
'''Grants''' [] is a small town in western [[New Mexico]], [[United States]]. It was established by three Canadian brothers who had the contract to build a section of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad through the area in the 1880's. It is one of the stops along the historic [[Route 66]] highway west of [[Albuquerque]], New Mexico's largest city. After the construction of the railroad, Grants survived as a rail and lumber town, serving as a section point on the Santa Fe Railroad and terminus for short line logging railroads that operated in the Zuni Mountains. The Mormon farmers up the road at Bluewater helped it gain prominence as the "carrot capital" of the US. Grants expanded dramatically during the 1950s as a result of the discovery of rich uranium ore in the area. A crash in the uranium market around 1980 seriously damaged the town's economy, but in recent years it has recovered somewhat.
* It's rare for a scenic turnout/rest area along an Interstate to be worth mentioning in a "See" entry, but two exceptions are nearby. A viewpoint between Albuquerque and Grants gives a striking view of the "Sky City" at Acoma Pueblo. Further west, another scenic turnout offers views into one of the continental United States' most recent volcanic basalt flows, erupted from a vent a few miles south of the highway some time in the last 2000 years (estimates for the age vary).
* Grants is a good base for visiting the western [[New Mexico Pueblos|pueblos]] of New Mexico. Acoma, Laguna, and Zuni are all nearby, and offer much to the visitor interested in the Pueblo Nations. Acoma recently opened a fabulous new cultural center at the base of Sky City; visitors seeking to tour the pueblo must check in here for their tour. Feast days, pow-wows, and various events throughout the year keep things interesting at all three pueblos.
*<see name="Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary " alt="" address="HC 61 Box 28, Ramah, NM 87321" directions="Take 1-40 to Grants from Albuquerque going west, get off on Exit 81, past El Morro, turn left on BIA 125 then head up BIA 120." phone="505-775-3804" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">A non-profit shelter for wolves and wolf dogs, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is located to the northwest of Grants along Highway 53. Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a place that's not only designed to provide shelter and refuge for wolves and wolf dogs, but seeks to educate the public at large about the true nature of wolves. Beautifully set in an area known as Candy Kitchen, Wild Spirit has guided tours from 11:00 AM, 12:30 AM, 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM and takes you along specially built enclosures that house the animals. A guide is there to explain about the sanctuary and facts about the wolves.</see>
==Get out==
[[Image:Elmalpais_arch_laventana.jpg|thumb|250px|La Ventana arch in El Malpais National Monument]]
* '''[[El Malpais National Monument]]''' is a rugged national park that offers hiking and a chance to explore lava flows, lava-tube caves, volcanoes, the famous La Ventana Arch, and volcanosmany cliffs and canyons. The famous Bandera Volcano and Ice Cave attraction is also within the park, offering two trails that lead into the Ice Cave and into the crater of Bandera Volcano.* Just beyond El Malpais is the '''El Morro National Monument''' [], which features historic inscriptions and petroglyphs along with a nice 2 mile hike over the mesa past ancient ruins.
* The area is surrounded by the Cibola National Forest, Mount Taylor Ranger District. This district includes the Zuni Mountains to the southwest of Grants, and Mount Taylor and the San Mateo Mountains to the northeast of Grants. Gooseberry Springs Trail provides hikers with access to the summit of Mount Taylor, the region's highest peak at 11,301 feet. Many forest roads allow mountain bikers, jeepers, and hikers to easily access the forest lands.
* Nearby '''El Morro National Monument''' [] features historic inscriptions and petroglyphs along with a nice 2 mile hike over the mesa past ancient ruins.
* The El Malpais National Conservation Area features the famous La Ventana Arch, just 18 miles south of I-40, along with lava flows, cliffs and canyons, two designated wilderness areas, and the Chain of Craters Backcountry Byway.
* The famous Bandera Volcano and Ice Cave attraction is along New Mexico Highway 53 near the continental divide, and offers two trails that lead into the Ice Cave and into the crater of Bandera Volcano.
* The '''[[Navajo Nation]]''' covers much of northwestern New Mexico and offers various points of interest. If interested in Navajo rugs, be sure to check out a rug auction [] at the tiny town of '''Crownpoint''', an hour north of Grants. Auctions are held on Friday nights every month or two, "usually ... but not always" on the third Friday of the month (see site below for schedule), and are both an opportunity to acquire some quality folk art at excellent prices and a fascinating cultural study.
* '''[[Chaco Culture National Historical Park]]''' is 90 miles north of town; Grants is a good place to find lodging if you're bound for Chaco, there being no lodging in the park other than a very basic campground.
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