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Tweed Heads

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'''Tweed Heads''' and '''Coolangatta''' are twin towns located on the border between north-eastern [[New South Wales]] and south-eastern [[Queensland]]. Coolangatta is in Queensland and a suburb of the [[Gold Coast]]. Tweed Heads is not administratively part of the city, but is it effectively forms its southern suburb, although part of the Tweed Shire, the offices of which are in Murwillumbah.
== Understand ==
When you cross the wide Tweed River from the south, you remain in New South Wales for around a kilometre of so, 5 kilometres before passing into Queensland. The border is in the built up retail area near the mouth of the river.
{{infobox|Where is the border?|The border between New South Wales and Queensland winds its way through the towns of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta. With buildings, roads, and other structures spanning the border it is often not obvious which state you are in. This can be important in summer months, when New South Wales operates on daylight savings time, and Queensland does not. If you land at Coolangatta airport from the south, you will touch down in New South Wales, and taxi to the terminal in Queensland. The border is actually the 19th Century survey line of the watershed. When surveyor Evans followed the MacPherson range eastwards he was directed to mark the border and terminate it at the incorrectly named Point Danger, but in fact the watershed hit the coast at Currumbin headland. He then drew a direct line from the hill behind Currumbin to what was thought to be Point Danger, thus the border runs parallel to the beach for some kms before terminating at the headland north of the Tweed River mouth. The real Point Danger is at Fingal Head some kms south, a fact now recognised, but not so much as to allow the name to be changed.}}
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