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Other destinations
--'''Northumberland''' is a rural county in [[North East (England)|North East]] [[England]], on the [[England]]-[[Scotland]] border. It contains one of the most picturesque and untouched stretches of coastline in the United Kingdom and contains rolling hills and low mountains in the sparsely populated interior. Northumberland feels a world away from London and the south of England in terms of its ruggedness, sense of remoteness, its culture and its geography. It has a distinctly more Scottish feel to it than English and at its closest point is a mere one hour from the Scottish capital.
[[Image:Northumberland map.png|thumb|200px|Map of Northumberland]] ===Towns=== * [[Alnwick]]* [[Amble]]* [[Ashington]]*[[Berwick-upon-Tweed]]*[[Blyth]]* [[Bedlington]]* [[Cramlington]]* [[Hexham]]* [[Morpeth (England)|Morpeth]]*[[HousesteadRothbury]]* [[Seahouses]] ===Villages=== * [[Alnmouth]]* [[Beadnell]]* [[Bellingham (Northumberland)|Bellingham]]*[[HexhamFord]]* [[Heatherslaw]]* [[Norham]]
==Other destinations==
*[[Lindisfarne]] - the "Holy Island"
*[[Northumberland National Park]]
*[[The Farne Islands]]
*Bamburgh Castle - a large castle nestled between the ocean and the affluent and picturesque village of Bamburgh
*Northumberland has many castles, some of which have a history of hauntings , such as [[Chillingham castle]] [].
Northumberland is England's most northerly northern and sparesly sparsely populated county. , Northumberland means "land north is a remnant of the Humber" and ancient kingdom of Northumbria which once covered an area stretching from Dumfries Edinburgh to South YorkshireSheffield and the river Mersey. The area has a very long and bloody history due to its proximity to Scotland and has fallen into Scottish hands at least once as the border has shifted over time. The more populous towns are either market towns (Amble, Hexham, Morpeth) and others are former mining communities (Prudhoe, Ashington). Northumberland has its own dialect, different from the famous Geordie of Newcastle.
The area has Northumbrian Pipes are a very long and bloody historylocal folk instrument, due similar to its proximity to Scotland and has fallen under the Scottish hands at least once as the border shifted over time. The more populous towns are either market towns (Amble, Hexham, Alston) and others are mining communities (Prudhoe, Ashington) before the collapse of the industrybagpipe.
Ethnically Northumberland is the only county with overwhelmingly white and British. While racism against ethnic minorities is not a particular kilt style and dance (due recorded issue, do be aware that it is very unusual to see a person of a black or Asian background in the Scottish roots?) county and has its own dialect, different from the famous Geordie of [[Newcastle upon Tyne|Newcastle]]that people might take a second glance.
==Get in==
===By Planeplane===[[Newcastle upon Tyne|Newcastle]] International Airport [] is the nearest airport to Northumberland. ===By train=== The principle London-Edinburgh rail line runs through the county and Berwick-upon-Tweed, to the north, is served frquently by both East Coast [] and Cross Country Trains []. These operators also serve Morpeth and Alnmouth (for Alnwick), though less frequently.  In most cases it is genrally more convenient to connect with the local rail network at Newcastle Central, which is served by regular trains to Edinburgh, London, the Midlands and South West. From Newcastle, Northern Rail [] operate frequent services along the Tyne Valley Line towards Hexham and Carlisle, as well as serving local stations along the East Coast Main Line towards Morpeth, Alnmouth and Chathill.
==Get around==
You generally need a car to get about in Northumberland as it is a rural county. There are some regular bus services on the main routes mainly served by Arriva Northumbria. Bus timetables can be found at Nexus' website [ wps/wcm/connect/Nexus/Bus/Bus+timetables/] for services to and from Tyne and Wear and clicking on Nexus icon traveline [] can help you with other routes.There is a cross-county train service from [[Newcastle upon Tyne]] to [[Carlisle]], stopping at towns in the bottom of the page'''Tyne Valley''', including [[Prudhoe]], [[Corbridge]], [[Hexham]] and [[Haltwhistle]].
There is a cross-county train service Trains from [[Newcastle upon Tyne|Newcastle]] tostop at [[CarlisleMorpeth]], stopping at towns in the Northumberland'''Tyne Valley''', including Prudhoe, Corbridge, Hexham and Haltwhistles county-town.
Trains from Newcastle stop at [[Morpeth]], Northumberland's capital.==See==
==See==*'''[[Hadrian's Wall]]''' is a World Heritage Site stretching across 80 miles of Northumberland on the Scottish border. Housesteads, Vindolanda, Chesters and Corstopitum are all worth visiting.
*'''Hadrian's WallNorham Castle''' (located in the village of Norham, about 8 miles from Berwick) is a World Heritage site stretching across 80 miles of Northumberland on romantically ruined castle, immortalised by Turner and Sir Walter Scott (in the Scottish border. The main visitorspoem ' center is in [[Housestead]]Marmion') alike.
*[[Northumberland National Park]] and the [[Cheviot hills]].
Newcastle Brown Ale from the local city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
==Stay safe==
As is the case for most of Britain's rural counties, Northumberland is an extremely safe county with very low crime levels. The main problems will be in the towns of Morpeth, Alnwick and Berwick on Friday and Saturday nights when alcohol fuelled youths spill into the town's streets.
Keep your wits about you as anywhere, but you really would be the most unlucky tourist if a crime was to be committed against you.
==Get out==
==External links==
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