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Expanded in 1999 to allow jets to land, tiny '''Yonaguni Airport''' ('''OGN''') fields 1-2 flights daily from [[Ishigaki]] on Japan Transocean Air and Ryukyu Air Commuter (30 minutes, ¥10000/17000 one-way/return), and RAC flights 3 times a week from [[Naha]].
HoweverIn addition, there are some TransAsia Airways [] operates irregular charter flights from [[Hualien]] , Taiwan (Taiwan40 min, around ¥5000 one-way) as well. Inquiries can be made Check with the airline or call 0980-87-2241 in HualienYonaguni for more information.
===By ship===
==Get out==
You're at the end of the earth now — unless you can score a seat to Taiwan, the only way out is back where you came from (or onward to [[Hualien]] if the flight is available-call 0980-87-2241 in Yonaguni for more information).

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