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Greater Poland Voivodship

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:''For the historical region, see [[Greater Poland]].''
 '''Greater Poland Voivodship''' (Polish: ''Wielkopolskie''' ) [ ], also '''Wielkopolskie Voivodship''', '''Greater Poland''' or '''Greater Poland Voivodship''', is a [ voivodship], also written voivodeship, in Central region of [[Poland]].==Regions==
* [[Poznan|Poznań]]
===Little Pearls===* [[Poznań]] {{-}} capital of the voivodship* [[Dziekanowice]]* [[Gołuchów]] {{-}} with a beautiful renessaince castle and the aurochs stockyard
* [[Gniezno]]
* [[Kalisz]]
* [[Ostrow Wielkopolski|Kłodawa]] {{-}} with the biggest operating salt mine in Poland* [[Kórnik]]* [[Leszno]] {{-}} baroque town in [[Greater_Poland]]* [[Lichen]] {{-}} with the largest church in Poland, the Sanctuary of Our Lady* [[Mogilno]]* [[Ostrów Lednicki]] {{-}} remnants of the Duke’s palace (palatium) and a fortress from the early history of Poland together with 2 preserved baptism bowls from 960s* [[Ostrów Wielkopolski]]* [[Owińska]] {{-}} a small village close to Poznan * [[Puszczykowo]]* [[Rogalin]]* [[Swarzedz]] {{-}} with the only bee-keeping museum in Poland* [[Szamotuły]]* [[Wągrowiec]]* [[Wolsztyn]] {{-}} world-famous for its working steam trains depot, the only opened one in Europe; also offers wonderful lakes, an open-air museum and the Robert Koch Museum* [[Żnin]]
==Other destinations==
* [[Wielkopolski National Park]] – {{-}} national park in [[Wielkopolskie]] protecting the wildlife of the Wielkopolskie Lakes.
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