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Getting to Prescott-Russell by car is easy. Trans-Canada Highway 417 travels right across the county, with easy access to the South and Northeast from Highway 417.
Also, County Road 17 crosses the northern part of the county, which provides easy access to both the Northwest and the Northeast. County Road 17 continues off of County Road 174 in Ottawa and merges with Highway 417 about 6 kilometres 6km east of Hawkesbury.
===By train===
==Get around==
Getting around Prescott-Russell is easy by car. Refer to [] for a road map.
If you're traveling across the South, Highway 417 is an easy way to get around. All towns in the South are within 15 kilometres 15km of Highway 417. Russell can be accessed by Exits 96 or 88, Embrun can be accessed by Exit 88 or 79, Limoges can be accessed by Exit 79, Casselman can be accessed by Exit 66, and St. Isidore can be accessed by Exit 51.
If you're traveling across the Northwest, Highway 17 connects Rockland, Wendover, Plantagenet and Alfred. To get to Bourget, get to Caron Road, in Rockland, which ends at Baseline Road. From there, turn left on Baseline Road, then turn right on Champlain Road North, which leads into Bourget. Highway 17 continues eastward to the Northeast.

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