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Silicon Valley

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Because the electronics industry is considered somewhat prestigious, nearby communities often redefine the term ''Silicon Valley'' to include themselves. Some of these communities were mostly farmland when the term was invented, so it was pretty natural that the term didn't originally include them, but they might reasonably be considered part of the Silicon Valley now. On the other hand, the Mercury News's ''Silicon Valley 100 Index'' extends the term to such fabulous lengths that even [[Watsonville]] — a small coastal community on the other side of the Santa Cruz mountains — is included.
So if you're looking to visit the Silicon Valley as a tourist, look to [[Palo Alto]], [[Santa Clara (California)|Santa Clara]], and the museums of [[San Jose (California)|San Jose]]. But if you're visiting a company which is "in the Silicon Valley," you may have to look farther afield around the [[South Bay (Bay Area)|South Bay]], [[Peninsula (Bay Area)|Peninsula]], and [[East Bay (Bay Area)|East Bay]] regions.

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