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'''Norilsk''' ([[Russian phrasebook|Russian]]: Нори́льск ''nah-REEL'SK'') is a large city in [[Taymyria]]. Because of its strategic importance, Norilsk is a closed city and special permission is needed for travel (which will likely be denied unless you have a really good reason). Norilsk is the second largest city above the Arctic Circle, [[Murmansk]] is the first.
==Get in==
There The only resonable way of reaching Norilsk is by plane as there are direct no all-weather roads connecting the city with the rest of Russia. '''Alykel Airport''' ({{IATA|NSK}}) [] is situated 35 kilometers west of town. Direct flights are available from [[Krasnoyarsk]], [[Moscow]], [[Saint Petersburg]], and [[Yekaterinburg]] amongst others. Opportunites to arrive in Norilsk by other means then a plane are few. There are buses from the nearby port-city of [[MoscowDudinka]] and from [[KrasnoyarskTalnakh]]. However, the passanger train linking all three cities is gone, nowadays the world's northenmost railroad only serves freight trains.
==Get around==
[[Image:Forest tundra near norilsk,russia.jpeg|thumb|250px|Landscape near Norilsk]]
Norilsk is not blessed with many sights but one building that is worth seeing is the wodden cottage built by an geological expedition in 1921, it's the first house in what was to become Norilsk. Nowadays it's a museum of the expedition.
Visit the worlds northenmost theater, the '''Norilsk Polar Drama Theatre''' []
* <eat name="Ararat Hall" alt="АрАрАт-Холл" address="st. Kirova 15a" directions="" phone="+7(3919)-38-66-20" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Open until 2AM" price="">European kitchen, mainly grilled dishes. Table reservation is recomended.</eat>
* <eat name="Café Zanzibar" alt="Занзибар" address="st. Leningrad 3b" directions="" phone="+7(3919)-49-39-09" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Serves lunch from 150 RUB, live music on weekend evenings.</eat>
* <drink name="Constellation" alt="Созвездие" address="st. Dzerzhinsky 5a" directions="" phone="+7(3919)-42-54-78" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Popular nightclub with DJs, cocktail bar and even a pool.</drink>
* <sleep name="Hotel North Star" alt="Гостиница "Полярная звезда"" address="Leninsky prospect 2" directions="" phone="+7(3919)-47-28-00" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">One of the better hotels in town, located on the main street. Includes own resturant and bar. No WiFi but there is an internet café.</sleep>
== Stay Safe ==
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