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by bus
'''Keşan''' is a city in [[Eastern Thrace]], NW of [[Turkey]]. It’s located on a junction on which roads from four cardinal directions intersect (west from [[Greece]], east from [[Istanbul]], south from [[CanakkaleÇanakkale]]/[[Aegean_Turkey|Aegean coasts]], and north from [[Edirne]]).
==Get in==
===by bus===
There are lots of buses (about once every 30 minutes) from [[Istanbul]] and [[Edirne]] during daytime. Keşan’s main bus station (''otogar'') is located in the outskirts of the city, near a highway, but there are free courtesy minibuses (which your bus company provides) and public minibuses to take you from there to city centre.
Most buses between the main European side bus station in Istanbul (Esenler Otogar) and Canakkale on the Dardanelles Straights stop here. A major bus company on this route is Truva Turizm. Buses go each direction frequently and it is possible to buy a ticket with Kesan as your destination. Updated 21 April 2012.
==Get around==
If you are in for a quick bite while on the way, there is a '''Big Burger''' restaurant next to the large supermarket on the side of the big crossroad.
==Get out==
* [[Enez]] {{-}} town on the Aegean coast about 60 km to southwest, with long sandy beaches and a Byzantine citadel
| minorl1=[[Kirklareli]]
| directionr1=S
| majorr1=[[CanakkaleÇanakkale]] ([[Image:Ferry.png|18px]])| minorr1=[[GallipoliGelibolu]]
| image2=E84.PNG
| directionl3=W
| majorl3=[[Thessaloniki]]
| minorl3=[[AlexandropolisAlexandroupolis]] {{lfarrow}} [[Image:Tu-flag.png|14px]]Turkish-[[Image:Gr-flag.png|14px]]Greek border
| directionr3=S
| majorr3=Merges with [[Image:E87.PNG|22px]]
{{IsPartOf|Edirne_ProvinceEastern Thrace}}
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