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Angeles National Forest

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The Angeles National Forest is in [[Southern California]], and the weather acts accordingly. For much of the year the forest has warnings posted regarding fires. Even at some of the higher elevations it can stay a bit warm. During the winter, however, it can get cold. From the months of December through March there is often snow on the ground go to be enjoyed by those up for some skiing, innertubing, or general snowplay.
==Get in==
Exit Campus Ave., in [[Upland]]. Make a right at the light and a left at the stop sign shortly ahead. This road will take you passed the rock quarry and curve up to being northbound. A right at the first stop will lead you to Euclid Ave. Make a right and head North on Euclid to the firestation. Follow directions for "From I-10" from this point.<br>
'''Heading East on the 210 Freeway'''<br>
Exit Monte Vista/Padua/Baseline on the eastern border of [[Claremont (California)|Claremont]]. This exit has been known to change names at times. When you exit you will end up at a stoplight facing north towards the mountains. A Left turn here will take you West where you will see the light for Monte Vista to the south and Padua to the north. Turn right up Padua and continue all the way up to the light at Mt Baldy Rd. Take a right at the light and follow it all the way up.<br>
'''From I-10'''<br>
On Euclid Ave in Upland, head north, towards the mountains. Follow Euclid all the way to the top. When you reach the firestation at the top of Euclid the street will no longer be divided. You will need to make a left at the stop sign and then a right at a split stop sign in order to continue up Euclid on the left side of the firestation. Continue following the road up the mountain. The road will come to a T at Baldy Road. A left will head you down to Padua Hills. There are some hiking trails at the turnouts on the way down the hill in this direction. Continuing to head this way can lead you straight down Padua and Monte Vista to the [[Montclair]] Plaza. A right at the stop will take you up to Baldy Village, Manker Flats, Icehouse, or the Mount Baldy skiing area.
Parking permits can be purchased at the ranger's station in Mount Baldy Village. On some days permits are not required. If you are cited the fee is usually just the amount of a parking pass.
Generally, most areas of the Angeles National Forest will require parked vehicles to show either a $5 day pass, or an Adventure Pass ($30; valid for one year). The latter, which is also valid at three other National Forests in Southern California, can be purchased at local sporting goods stores. The ANF website provides a list of local vendors. []
==Get around==
Take the 210 Interstate and exit on Mountain Avenue heading North into the Angeles National Forest. Follow Mountain Avenue until the intersection with Shinn Road and turn left. Follow Shinn Road until Mt. Baldy Road and turn right. Follow this road through two tunnels, Mt. Baldy village and finally up to Manker Flats. After the road becomes dual carriage way, look out on the left for sign to the San Antonio Falls Road. Park here but don't block the gate.
Follow the track after the first switch back when you are over the trailhead. A single-track path veers up to the left. Follow this one. The light-green ski hut is approximately at 8200 feet. Please take a break there! After that it is a fairly rapid climb to the 10064 feet of Mount Baldy (San Antonio) summit. There are hazardous drops along the trail, although it doesn't get much worse than the Devil's Backbone section, which you will see immediately. Not recommended with young children or during precipitation (which is unusual during most of the year anyway).
Descend eastwards along the Devil's Backbone ridge and watch out especially in snowy/icy/rainy conditions, as the path has partially been covered by landslides in some spots. Back at the Baldy Notch Skihut at 7800 feet, take the ski lift down for $8 15 or if you haven't had enough walking for one day descend by the dirt track back to Manker Flats (approximately 1 hour).
*'''Icehouse Canyon'''
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