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By air: Riga airport is not here
==Get in==
===By air===
'''Starptautiskā lidosta Rīga''' (Riga International Airport) (+371) 67207009, Fax: (+371) 67211767, [mailto:[email protected]], [].
'''Daugavpils Lisdosta''' (Daugavpils Airport) (+371) 65475306
Soon one will be able to get to Daugavpils via air, as the airport located in [[Lociki]] (located 12 km northeast of Daugavpils) is being renovated and rebuild to become one of the major airports in [[Latvia]]. It is planed that by 2013 the airport will be open for regional and international air traffic, both passenger and cargo.
===By train===
'''Valsts akciju sabiedrība “Latvijas dzelzceļš”''' (Latvian Train Service), []. [[Riga]]-Daugavpils trains operate four times a day; Riga-[[Gomel]], and [[Russia]] trains also operate. Daugavpils is also accessable by train going from [[Vilnius]] to [[Saint Petersburg]].
===By bus===
===By car===
The drive from [[Riga]] takes 3-3 1/2 hours. There is an international highway named E262 from [[Kaunas]], [[Lithuania]] that crosses Daugavpils and goes to [[Russia]].
==Get around==
===By tram===
Daugavpils has three tram routes operating in the city centre. Tickets are 0,30 LVL, 0,15 LVL on Sundays. Tickets are sold in the tram by a conductor (usually a woman). Exact change appreciated. When the tram is empty, best is to go to the conductor, hand her the fare, and she will give you a ticket. Otherwise she may walk around the tram collecting fares from passengers who have just got on.
*'''''AKCIJU SABIEDRĪBA ”TRAMVAJU UZŅĒMUMS”''''' (Daugavpils tram) 18.novembra ielā 183, Daugavpils, LV-5417, Tel.: 65433632, 65434614, Fax: 65434203 Information Tel.: 65446705 [mailto:[email protected]]
'''Daugavpils novada tūrisma informācijas centrs''', Rīgas 22a, Tel.: (+371) 65422818, Fax: (+371) 65422818, (E-mail: [email protected]).
Rigas ielā is the main pedestrian mall which starts directly across the street from the main entrance of the railway station.
*'''19th century architecture''' in the center between the Daugava River and the railway station.
*The '''historical center of the city''' consisted of 80 cultural-historical objects presents itself a specific monument of urban construction. One may be amazed by variety of architecture styles of the buildings, the red clay bricked facades of peculiar form recognized as Latgale baroque.
*The '''church ensemble Jaunbūve''', the Church Hill included churches of four confessions, contributes a lot to the very special panorama of the city of Daugavpils.
*Daugavpils may also be proud of its '''sport complex'''. Ice Hall and the open-air swimming pool, one of the biggest open-air swimming pools in the Baltic countries, are the real pride of the city.
==Get out==
From Daugavpils one can travel to [[Lithuania]], [[Belarus]], and/or [[Russia]] because the city is located close to the boarders borders of these countries.
Or go anywhere else in [[Latvia]].
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