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'''Flensburg''' [] (danish: '''Flensborg''') is a city in [[Schleswig-Holstein]] located on the east coast. The 85000 89.000 inhabitants live around the Flensburger Förde (Flensburg Flensborg fjord).
[[Image:Flensburg church.jpgJPG|thumb|200px|St.Nikolaikiche]]
==Get inthere==
[[Image:Flensburg Bus Station.jpg|thumb|The bus station]]
Most people arrive here with by car. Flensburg is situated at the border of Germany and [[Denmark]], beside the motorway A7 [[Image:Autobahn7.png|22px]] (danish[[Image: E45.png|22px]] in Denmark) leading to [[Hamburg]] in the south and to [[Kolding]] and further north in Denmark. There are bus and train connections both from Denmark and Hamburg.
==Get around==
Walking is the best way to get around in the city centercentre.
Flensburg offers a nice shopping district with old houses and backyards gardens as well as a variety of museums and churches. The habour harbour is the hosting place for sailing regatta and events.
*Musuemsberg [ Museumsberg Flensburg] -a museum on a hill in the center of Flensburg exhibiting local history artefacts and art by not only local artists. On friday – Entry: 6,- €, Children under 18 years: entry is for free otherwise varying between 4€ and 0<small>(2011)</small>.5€. Monday On Mondays it is closed , otherwise open from 10-4(November to March) or 10-5(May to October).
*[ Naturwissenschaftliches Muesum Museum und Eiszeit-Haus] ''(Science museum Museum and iceIce-age houseAge House)'' - located on the muesum museum hill next to the other museum, same opening times. – Entry: 6,- €, Children under 18 years: entry is free. Museumsberg 1, Tel.: +49 (0)461 / 85 - 25 04.** Eiszeit-Haus – Open: Mittwoch and Sonntag 10.30 - 16.00 h, entry is free.Mühlenstraße 5 - 7
*Phänomenta- an interactive science museum, where you can try experiments on you own, especially interesting for families and children and anybody interested in science. Prices vary from 9,50€ for adults to 7€ for youth and 2€ for children. Opening times on weekdays are 9-5(October to May) and 10-6(July to September) and 11-6 on weekends.
*Museumswerft(shipyard Shipyard museum)-this musuem museum shows and builds old ships and boats and offers courses for children, youth teenagers and adults. Free entry, open from 8-5(weekdays) and 10-5(weekends), tours can be given when informed in advance. It is located directly on the harbour.
The following churches have an interesting architecuture architecture and a are located in the center centre of Flensburg. Klick Click for an (almost) complete list of churches in Flensburg.
*St. Nikolai(lutheranLutheran)*St. Marien(lutheranLutheran)*St. Johannis(lutheranLutheran)*St. Marien, schmerzhafte Mutter(romanRoman-catholicCatholic)*HelligåndskirkeHelligåndskirken (Church of the Holy Spirit, Danisch Danish church, lutheranLutheran)
* <listing name="Tourism Center" alt="" directions="near the main bus station in the city center" address="Rathausstr. 1" phone="+49 461/9090920" email=" [email protected]" fax="+49 461/9090936" url=""></listing>
A nice way to enjoy the maritime feeling atmosphere of Flensburg is to make take a shiptour with tour on one of the 5 different ferries.
* <do name="Alexandra" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+49 461-212 32" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">The Alexandra just celebrated her 100th birthday and is so the oldest passenger stream boat which is still in use in whole Germany.</do>
* <do name="MS Viking" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+49 174 - 15 85 555" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></do>
[[Image:FlensburgPedestrianSt.jpg|thumb|Shopping and eating pedestrian street Holm]]
Lots of people arrive to in Flensburg from Denmark and the other nordic Nordic countries for shopping. In addition to the numerous small shops along the pedestrian street ''Holm'' (danishDanish: ''Holmen'') and ''Große Straße'' and the new shopping mall '''Flensburg Galerie''' []with 80 shops in the city there's a shopping center centre some 2 kilometers km south from of the city, ''' Fördepark''' [] as well as '''Poetsch''' [] at Kupfermühle near the Danish border. Other shopping centers centres are '''Scandinavien Park''' [] and '''Citti Park''' [].The Scandinavian Park is conveniently located right off the northernmost exit of A7 motorway in Germany. Due to its location and tourists visiting it is allowed to open all week long and attracts locals from both sides of the board border, who go there for a Sunday grocery run. Price differences between Denmark and Germany may make a certain item a bargain for Danish people but it might be expensive for Germans.
* <eat name="Marien-Café" alt="" address="Norderstrasse 13" directions="" phone="+49 461 500 9711" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></eat>
* <eat name="Goldene Lilie" alt="" address="Angelburger Straße 10-16" directions="opposite of the side entrance of the Fensburg Galerie" phone="+49 461/26294" url="" hours="11:30am-3pm and 5:30pm-11pm" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="(o461/1505443)">A Chinese restaurant offering a tasty buffet and a good menu.</eat>
* <eat name="Pazific" alt="" address="Ochsenweg 39" directions="located in Weiche, a district in Flensburg" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Another Chinese restaurant offering a menu and a 'normal' buffet as well as a Mongolian buffet where you can compose your own meal out of different kinds of rare meat, fish, clams, vegetables and sauces. Your compostion choice is then fried before your eyes by a cook. Very friendly service.</eat>* <eat name="Galerie" alt="" address="Holm 66" directions="located in a backyardgarden, opposite of the Holm" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">A restaurant offering a variety of pizza and pasta, non-vegetarian and vegatarian vegetarian food.</eat>
* <sleep name="Landhaus Eric" alt="" address="Glücksburger Stasse Straße 177" directions="The hotel is situated about 2 km northeast from of the city centercentre. There are signs showing the way to the hotel." phone="+49 461 64895" email="[email protected]" fax="+49 461 63000" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url=""></sleep>
*<sleep name="Jugendherberge Flensburg" alt="" url=""></sleep>
* <sleep name="Backpacker's Inn" alt="" address="Schleswiger Straße 10" directions="" phone="+49 461 90 90 833" url="" checkin="4pm-9pm" checkout="till 12pm" price="between 16 and 30€ per person per night and p.p." lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+49 4619090834"></sleep>*<sleep name="Gästehaus Seewarte" alt="" address="Mürwikerstrasse 164, 24944 Flensburg " directions="" phone="0461 35 0 25" url="" checkin="14-21" checkout="7-12" price="€35-50" lat="" long="">Inexpensive hotel outside the city center. Not without reason sometimes compared to British comedy "Fawlty Towers", but the staff is very kind and helpful. No credit cards accepted</sleep>
 ==Get outOut and about=='''In Germany:'''
[[Image:100 1582.jpg|thumb|Inside Glucksburg Castle]]
[[Image:GlucksburgCastle.jpg|thumb|Glücksburg Castle]]
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