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Get around
Enterprising (and free) locals drive to the airport at flight times, so you can haggle with them to get you to your hotel and arrange the rest of the transportation from there. Or ask your hotel to pick you up from the airport (which the upscale ones will do anyway).
Belitung is one of the nicest islands in Southeast Asia. Pristine white sand beaches look out on a turquoise sea filled with great snorkelling and a fantastic display of off shore islands. Check out Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Tinggi beaches for World Class beaches with out the hustle and bustle now found at beaches of this caliber anywhere else. The small uninhabited off shore islands range from white sand fringed coconut plantations to elaborate granite rock formations to long tempory sand bars of sand the quality of powdered sugar. Some are long swim distance from the beach but colourful local fishing boats will take you on an island tour. There is a 100+ year lighthouse on one island that was cast in England then shipped to Indonesia and assembled by the Dutch in 1889. Each peice has a number stamped on it and they were bolted together. No big resort areas are built there but it will not remain the sleepy paradise it is now long. There are already cool places to stay backside in Tanjung Kelayang beach and Tanjung Tinggi. Snorkelling and diving is quite good with lots of still untouched and living reef waiting to be explored. A interesting new run through indonesia could take you From (1) Jakarta to Belitung by air then (2) ferry to Banka past a bunch of small islands then the (3) Pelni boat to Batam (4) Renew my Visa in Singaore (5) Back on the Pelni boat evetually ending up in Kalimantan or (5) going into Sumatra from Batam. I haven't done it yet but it looks fun and relatively unknown for the intrepid traveller ===Itineraries===
Besides the obvious beach activeties, like swimming in the crystal clear seas and laying around on the white sand beaches, Belitung has plenty more to offer. Snorkeling is great. The coral right offshore in many places is still in fantastic shape. Island hopping is another fun activity. Belitung has many smaller largly uninhabited islands surronding it, one island has a 100 year+ old 18 story lighthouse waiting to be climbed. Other islands look like abstract sculptures consisting entirely of granite rock. Local fishing boats will be glad to take you out for a fair fee. Beachcombing and long beach walks discovering hidden coves and secret beaches are another healthy activity.
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