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Shopping Areas
===Shopping Areas===
* '''Robson Street''' downtown is the main high end shopping district.
* '''Yaletown''' is the newest Urban Residential area of Vancouver. Rather yuppie, you will find many beauty shops and self-improvement facilities (such as cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery). Start your tour at Davie & Hamilton, walk along Mainland St, Pacific, Homer and finish at the spectacular Marinaside Crescent. This was formerly a warehouse district that is now a high end residential area with many upscale and mid-range stores. As an illustration of the neighbourhood's character, one cosmetic surgery office has valet parking in front. * '''Gastown''' is the area along Cordova street east of the Seabus terminal. This is a tourist area that has numerous souvenir shops. Some of the shops have nice first nations carvings. If you want a snow globe of Canada Place or a "My grandma went to Vancouver..." t-shirt this is the place to get it.*'''Chinatown''' is centered on Pender Street around Main. This is the second largest Chinatown in North America. Many Chinese import shops here.*'''Chinatown Night Market''' 100 & 200 Block Keefer Street, F-Su in the summer 6:30PM-11PM. Styled after Asian marketplaces these very popular nights have all kinds of stuff for sale. Watch out for the cheap imitation knock-offs that are commonly available.
* <buy name="BCMP Bookstore" alt="BCMP" address="307 West Hastings St" directions="" phone="604-682-1172" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="usually open to 9:00 pm" price="$5 per hour (lounge only)">The BCMP "Bookstore" is arguably the center of the marijuana subculture of Vancouver. It is the party headquarters for the provincial marijuana party as well as a store and lounge. Proceeds from the BCMP go towards the party and the legal battle against the extradition of the party leader who faces life in prison in the USA. The front half of the store is taken up by display shelves of bongs, pipes, rolling papers and pretty much anything you could imagine. The New Amsterdam Cafe next door, which is owned by the same people, permits the smoking of marijuana on its premises.</buy>

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