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Carbon County

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'''Carbon County''' is in [[Pennsylvania]]. ==Regions== ==Cities==*[[Jim Thorpe]] ==Other destinations== ==Understand== ==Talk== ==Get in== ==Get around== ==See== ===Itineraries=== ==Do==* '''Lehigh Valley IronPigs'''. The AAA-level minor league team of the World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies plays their home games at Coca-Cola Park in [[Allentown]] from early April through early October. Tickets: (610) 841-PIGS.[].*[ '''Penn’s Peak'''] 325 Maury Road, Jim Thorpe PA 18229 Toll Free 1-866-605-7325 Local 610-826-9000 & 570-325-0371 Fax 610-826-9648 is an entertainment venue located in Penn Forest Township, Pennsylvania. It can comfortably host 1,800 concertgoers with its spacious dance floor, lofty ceilings, twin bars and a restaurant. A broad open-air deck offers a breathtaking view of Beltzville Lake and a picturesque 50-mile panoramic view of northeastern Pennsylvania. It is the perfect location to host weddings, trade shows, conferences, seminars and private parties. Penn’s Peak is a Wi-Fi Hot Spot location.* '''Philadelphia Eagles'''. The Philadelphia Eagles hold their twice-a-day summer training camp practices each July and August at Lehigh University in [[Bethlehem, Pennsylvania|Bethlehem]]. Attendance is free.[]. ==Eat== ==Drink== ==Stay safe== ==Get out== {{isIn|Coal_Region}}{{outline}} [[WikiPedia:Carbon County, Pennsylvania]]<big><big><big><big><big><big><big><big>MASTURBATE!!!!
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