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==Get in==
Capurgana Capurganá has an airstrip and tiny airport, from which a couple of companies provide regular and charter flghts.
*'''ADA''': has flights from Medellin at around 290000 COP. They can be contacted on Medellin 444 4232 or Capurgana 682 8817/682/8804
There are regular launches to [[Turbo]].
Launches to [[Puerto Obaldia]] depart when there are enough people to fill them. You'll need to ask around to find out who to talk to, althogh although Capurganá is so small, almost everyone will be able to point you at the right person. The going rate seems to be about 25,000 COP.
It is also possible to arrange launches to [[Sapzurro]] and [[La Miel]], further along the Colombian coast.

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