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Sights in the City.
There are several casinos, shopping malls, and exciting night life. There is no beach near the city, even though you are looking at the sea. Cultural and historic sites like Panama Viejo (the ruins), Casco Viejo (Old Town), Amador Causeway (shops, places to eat, walk, cafes), the Panama Canal of course. Dinner at Las Tinajas and breakfast at El Trapiche are almost required for typical food, and if you're into desserts, visit Manolo's Churros, for some good, fresh, hot churros. Experience dim sum (chinese breakfast) at Palacio Lung Fung.
== Some sections need change... ==
Hi guys, since i'm new at wikitravel i didn't want to edit the page right away. Also, my first language is spanish (i'm from Panama/Chile) so my edits will probably need some editing too. Anyway, i believe a few sections need editing:
''Talk ... Spanish dialect:'' i'm not sure it is necessary to stress in this way the really minor differences between the spoken spanish in latin american countries. The differences are mostly in accent and a few slangs, if you learned spanish somewhere you will be understood in every country that speaks spanish, including panama. I just don't think it's relevant: if you travel to Boston making a stop in Dallas, you don't really need advise about the different dialects of english that you will encounter.
''Eat:'' i may be nitpicking but ... culantro tastes nothing like cilantro! at all. And you can most definitely NOT sum up panamenian cuisine in that word. Actually, i would like to rewrite this section.
''Drink:'' Again minor: it's misleading to describe Seco as a very raw rum (which it might be, i dont know). Seco smells different and you drink it differently, too (think vodka). Right now in Panama seco with cranberries juice is a big favorite.
''Stay Safe:'' it's important to stress that, right now, Panama city is not a safe place (it was, but not anymore). There are more dangerous countries, for sure, but you shouldnt walk around as a tourist thinking that you are in a safe environment. Please, dont go to Colon (the city) unless you know what you are doing or you go with someone who does.
''Get around ... by taxi:'' Sadly this is no longer correct. It might change again later this year when a few highways are finished, but right now it is almost impossible to move around the city by taxi: taxis don't stop, or won't take you where you want to go ("no voy pa'lla"). Taxis are still the best way to go anywhere but they can be a hassle, and relatively expensive (but still cheap if compared to major cities).

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