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Kaesong is a small city and former capital of Koryo Dynasty (918 A.D. - 1392 A.D.). It is the only major city that changed hands between North and South Korea as a result of the Korean War. It is becoming increasingly well-known for the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a "special economic zone", developed by Hyundai Asan with the North KoreasKorea. This zone now has over 10,000 North Korean workers in over a dozen brand-new factories owned by South Korean companies.
==Get in==
Kaesong is connected to [[Pyongyang ]] by highway, about two and a half hours away. It is now (2007) connected There are road and rail links that connect Kaesong to South Korea via road and rail through , however, as of April, 2013, these links have been closed by the North Korean government as part of an increase in tensions surrounding both South Korean/US joint military exercises as well as UN sanctions applied due to the DMZnorth's nuclear test in February 2013. While open, although these routes are not were only open freely but only to business, diplomatic and group tour traffic, and not for general traffic use.
Formerly group tour buses running daily from Seoul were available through Hyundai-Asan, however this seems to have been stopped by North Korea in recent months, and it is unclear when/if they will become available again. As of August 2012, the tour is still unavailable. North Korea has been pushing for the tours to resume, but the current South Korean administration under Lee Myung-bak is holding back, hoping to get concessions from the North.
==Get around==
You can go It is forbidden to Kaesong from [[Seoul]], [[South Korea]] on travel around the city without a group tour bus ride lasting approximately 2 hoursguide.
For more informationBefore tours were halted, contact the official travel agencyyou could get to Kaesong from [[Seoul]], gonseekorea[[South Korea]] on a group tour bus ride lasting approximately 2 hours.
* On a small hill near Nam Gate is the '''Students and Childrens’ Palace''', a lesser version of the Children's Palace in [[Pyongyang]].
* '''Sonjuk Bridge''' is a small stone bridge dating back to 1216. It is only 7 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. Lee, Bang Won, a son of first the third king of the Chosun Dynasty and himself was the third son of first king of the Chosun Dynastythat dynasty, had his opponent Jong Mong Ju executed on this bridge in 1392. It is named after a bamboo that grew up beside the bridge.
* On a hill 13km outside Kaesong are the tombs of King Kongmin and his queen; from the tombs there is a nice view of the surrounding scenery.
* The '''old town''' is one of the best preserved in all of Korea, and traditional Korean-style buildings dating back from the Joseon period can still be seen. However, it is typically not included on most tours, though tour guides who trust their groups enough are known to take tourists for a short walk through the old town.
Souvenirs such as ginseng, DPRK stamps, books written by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il, and Korean handicrafts are available, and not expensive. Such stores Stores selling souvenirs accept US dollardollars, Euro euros and Chinese Yuanyuan.
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