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Peggys Cove

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[[Image:PeggyCove.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Peggy's Cove lighthouse]]
'''Peggy's Cove''' is a hamlet and popular tourist spot in [[Nova Scotia]]. It is both bleak and picturesque with its historic and still-used lighthouse standing watch over the village and the granite rocks and cliffs.
* Take in the '''views''' -- the lighthouse, the ocean, the fishing village. The sunsets are gorgeous and peaceful on clear summer evenings, but the best times to see Peggy's Peggys Cove are the stormy days, when the waves crash against the cliffs sending salt spray high into the air. * The '''Swissair Flight 111 Memorial''' is about one km north of the village. It commemorates the victims of the flight which crashed into the ocean just off the coast of Peggys Cove.
* <eat name="Sou'wester Restaurant" alt="" address="178 Peggy's Point Road" directions="at the end of the road by the lighthouse" phone="902 823-2561" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-Sa 10AM-7PM, Su 9AM-7PM" price="">Lots of fish on the menu here. The chowder is good.</eat>
'''Peggy's Cove Big Lake Lodge (MOTEL)-''' A beautiful 7 room motel, located on "Big Lake", just 10 minutes from Peggy's Cove.
5849 Prospect RD. (HWY 333 "The Lighthouse Route"), BOZ-3T8 Nova Scotia.
Tel (year round): (902)982 1296
Tel (seasonal): (902)852 2048
Fax (seasonal): (902)852 2862
Continue down the [[South Shore (Nova Scotia)|South Shore]] to [[Chester (Nova Scotia)|Chester]] and historic [[Lunenburg]].
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