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'''Abydos''' is the name commonly given to a significant archaeological locality in [[Middle Egypt]], a collection of temples, sites and ancient cemeteries located close to the town of ''al-Balyana'' in the [[Egypt|Egyptian]] province of , some km north of [[Luxor]].


==Get in==

===By train===

Most travellers arrive at Abydos by train north from [[Luxor]], alighting at the station for the town of ''al-Balyana''. The fare is approximately LE 52, first class. FRom the station, either the tourist police or a police-escorted taxi will take you to the site of the Ramesside temples. Depeding on lccal conditions and police levels of business, you should be able to get ''at least'' a couple of hours visiting the site.

===By road===

You can go by taxi in the police-escorted convoy to Abydos in one day, often including [[Dendera]] as a stop-off point. Negotiated prices should be in the range of LE 200-300 for the hire of the taxi, with maybe 2-3 passengers. This manner of visiting, however, normally results in'''very''' restricted time at the sites and visiting the temples (usually less than an hour).


*the '''Temple of Seti I''' - magnificent temple reliefs and the King List

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