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Channel Islands

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The [[United Kingdom|British]] '''Channel Islands''' [] are located just off the coast of [[France]] mainly in the Bay of St Malo but are not part of either. Formally they are Crown Dependencies, and are self-governing in all respects except for Defence and Foreign Affairs. {{otheruses}}
The '''Channel Islands''' [] are located just off the coast of [[France]] mainly in the Bay of St Malo. Formally they are '''Crown Dependencies''', which means in simple terms they are self-governing in all respects except for Defence and Foreign Affairs, which is the responsibility of the [[United Kingdom]]. ==RegionsIslands==
The Islands fall into two separate '''Bailiwicks''' (historic feudal divisions), each of which has its own separate government. Guernsey, Alderney and Sark (comprising the Bailiwick of Guernsey) is effectively a Customs Union with no customs controls between them (despite the fact that Sark levies taxes on alcohol and tobacco at a much reduced rate to the rest of the Bailiwick!)
===Bailiwick of Jersey==={{Regionlist
* | region1name=[[JerseyGuernsey|Bailiwick of Guernsey]] - largest| region1color=#80afdc| region1items=| region1description=Smaller than Jersey, ugliest and most developed of pretty, with a smaller town but less open countryside than Jersey. It also includes the islandsof [[Alderney]], with the most to do.* [[Les EcrehousSark]] - uninhabited islet.* , [[Les MinquiersHerm]] ("The Minkies") - uninhabited islet, and many smaller offshore islands.
| region2name===[[Jersey|Bailiwick of GuernseyJersey]]| region2color=#94e38f| region2items=| region2description=The largest and most developed of the islands, with the most to do.
* [[Guernsey]] - smaller than Jersey and pretty, with a smaller town but less open countryside than Jersey.* [[Alderney]] - highest number of pubs per head of population in the Islands, and with a lot of accessible open countryside. A centre for e-gambling.* [[Sark]] - the last feudal society in Europe.* [[Herm]] - a tiny, lovely island off Guernsey where Guernsey people go for a day out.* [[Jethou]] a tiny island off Guernsey with a handful of houses on it.* [[Lihou]] - a tiny island off Guernsey reachable by a tidal causeway where there are interesting monastic ruins.* [[Burhou]] - a tiny island off Alderney. A bird sanctuary where the former farmer's cottage can be rented from the Alderney Government.* [[Brecquou]] - a privately owned island owned by two brothers (the Barclays) who are reclusive billionaires.* [[Les Casquettes]] ("The Caskets") - small group of rocky islets formerly inhabited by a lighthouse keeper, now uninhabited and the site of an automatic light.}}
The larger islands are divided into Parishes. (Alderney is one parish, the Parish of St Anne).
* St [[Saint Helier ]] - capital of Jersey.* St [[Saint Peter-Port ]] - capital of Guernsey.* Town (La Ville) - main urban area on Alderney.[[Saint Peter]]* [[Saint Saviour]]
==Other destinations==
The Channel Islands have been inhabited for over 5,000 years and have a long and colourful history. During WWII they were the only part of the British Isles to be occupied and retain many military structures, both from this period and from the time of the Napoleonic Wars.
They count their independence of any ties to France from the year 1204.
Today, the Islands ' Head of State is Her Majesty the Queen of England United Kingdom who is represented in the Islands by her Lieutenant-Governors. Her role derives from Her status as the successor to the now-defunct Dukedom of Normandy (the Islanders' version of the Loyal Toast, is "The Queen, our Duke". The Islands laws are a mixture of local legislation, customary law (heavily influenced by the English Common Law), Acts of the UK Parliament which have been extended to the Islands and (some) European Union Law in respect of (e.g.) the free movement of people and of goods. The Islands have their own tax systems, currencies (at par with the GBP), banknotes, and individual Parliaments. The relationship with the EU is complex and little understood (they are in the European Community Union Customs Area, Union but outside the ambit of fiscal and social legislation , for example).
English is spoken throughout the islands , but there remain are still remnants of the old norman Norman patois.
==Get in==
A lot of sheep farming happens around the islands so ask about sheep.
Due to their quasi independent status, taxes on drink are lower than in the United Kingdom, and so prices can be lower.
==Stay safe==
==Get out==
It is possible to take day trips to ports in [[France]], such as [[St Malo]].
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