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{{otheruses}}'''Hershey''' [] is a city in the [[Harrisburg area]] of [[Alleghenies and Susquehanna ValleyPennsylvania]]. It has a rich history and cultural significance being the birthplace of Hershey's Chocolate. It features Hershey Park One of the city's most well known attractions is '''Hersheypark''', a theme park that provides fun for the family.
Best known for world famous HERSHEY’S Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Hershey thrives today on what began as a vision of Milton S. Hershey to build a model town to meet the basic, recreational, and cultural needs of the factory workers. Hershey is not incorporated as a town or city, but is actually a munincipality municipality known as Derry Township. []
==Get in==
*'''===By Planeplane=== ''' Harrisburg International Airport ''' [] is a short 15 minutes away from Hershey, Pennsylvania. 7 major airlines operate out of HIA. Guests staying at a Hershey Resort resort can arrange for transportation pickup service for a small nominal fee.
*===By train==='''By Harrisburg TrainStation''' Harrisburg Train Station is a short 15 minutes away from Hershey, Pennsylvania. You can take AMTRAK from major cities such as [[Philadelphia ]] and [[New York City ]] to get to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Guests staying at a Hershey Resort resort can arrange for transportation pickup service for a small nominal fee.
*'''===By Bus''' bus===Greyhound Bus Lines drop drops off passengers at the Harrisburg Train Station. Guests staying at a Hershey Resort resort can arrange for transportation pickup service for a small nominal fee.
*'''===By Car''' car===Hershey is about 10 miles east of Harrisburg, Pa. From Harrisburg, travel East on PA-322. Alternatively, from I-81, take exit 77 and travel South on PA-39.
==Get around==
*<do name="Hershey Country Club" alt="" address="1000 E. Derry Road" directions="" phone="717-533-2360" url="" hours="" price="prices vary" lat="" long="">Includes golf, tennis, swimming and other fun family activities in a beautiful scenery. Also provides fine dining for an affordable cost.</do>
*'''<do name="Cocoa Castle''' " alt="" address="605 Cocoa Ave"> A large wooden jungle gym built for children to run around and play. Located off of main strip in Hershey, near public library.'''</do>
*<do name="Hershey Public Pool" alt="" address="605 Cocoa Ave" directions="" phone="(717) 533-7138" url="" hours="" price="~$9" lat="" long="">A public pool, portions open year round. Bring your own towel.</do>
*'''Milton Hershey School'''[]. Milton Hersey Hershey gave his whole fortune to this school after his wife Catherine died in 1918. Mr. Hershey and his wife could not have children, so they wanted to build a school for orphan boys; Hershey Industrial School. The school was then built in 1909. Its mission was to nurture and educate children with social and financial needs to lead fulfilling and productive lives. The school is a cost-free, private, coeducational home and school for children of low income, limited, or social need. It offers a positive, structured home life year around, ranging from Pre Kindergarden to 12th grade education. The campus has 1,364 students from Pre-K to 12th grade, 660 are male, and 704 are female. 47% of the students are Caucasian, 47% being African American, 11% Hispanic, 1% Asian, and 9% being Native American or other. The school provides housing, which includes all meals, uniformed and leisure clothing, free educations, and leisure activities, including varsity sports, intramurals, and clubs. At the end, or term of each students schooling, trade, military, or college is partially piad for with the Continuing Education Scholarship. Each student must meet certain standards to receive this scholarship. He dedicated his entire fortune to these students at the Milton Hershey School, and when you buy a Hershey product, you are contributing to the bettering of each one of these less fortunate student
*<see name="Hershey Theatre" alt="" address="15 E. Caracas Ave, 17033" directions="" phone="(717) 534-3405" url="" hours="" price="Prices Vary" lat="" long="">Opened in 1933, Hershey Theatre often hosts off-Broadway shows, concerts, and other entertainment.</see>
* '''Hampton Inn & Suites''', 749 East Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA 17033 Tel: +1-717-533-8400 Fax: +1-717-520-1892 , []
* '''Rodeway Inn & SuitesRodeway Inn & Suites''' 43 W. Areba Ave., (717) 533-7054‎, (717) 533-3405‎ - Fax []
*<sleep name="Comfort Inn" alt="" address="1200 Mae St., 17036" directions="" phone="(717) 566-2050" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long=""></sleep>
==Campground== * <listing sleep name="Hershey High Meadow Campground" alt="" directions="" address="1200 Matlack Road , Hummelstown" phone="717 534-8999" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="~$50">A Campground equipped for campers sleeping in cabins, tents, or RVs. Enjoy the natural outdoors of Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Campground features swimming pools, a gym, horseshoes, arts and crafts,basketball and volleyball courts and a gift shop. Bathrooms and showers are available. Open year round.</listingsleep>
==Stay Safe==
==Get out==
Nearby destinations suitable for day trips include:
* '''[[Gettysburg]]''' &mdash; Explore Civil War country.
* '''[[Harrisburg]]''' &mdash; Explore the Capital of Pennsylvania.
* '''[[Lancaster (Pennsylvania)]]''' &mdash; Explore Amish country.
* '''[[York (Pennsylvania)]]''' &mdash; Explore Central PA country.
* '''{{routebox| image1=US-322.png| imagesize1=22| directionl1=W| majorl1=[[Harrisburg]]| minorl1=[[Hummelstown]]| directionr1=E| majorr1=[[York Chester (Pennsylvania)|Chester]]''' &mdash; Explore Central PA country.| minorr1=[[Honey Brook]]}}
{{isInisPartOf|Alleghenies and Susquehanna ValleyHarrisburg area}}
[[Wikipedia:Hershey, Pennsylvania]]

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