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* '''Takarazuka Revue''' (宝塚歌劇団 ''takarazuka kagekidan'')The most famous and popular attraction in the city, this theater features all-female casts. The most famous actresses are the women who play males roles (男役 ''otoko-yaku''), and it is for them that the theater is so popular. They make it quite easy to get lost in the story, forgetting that the none of the men on stage are actually men.
* '''Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum''' (手塚治虫記念館 ''tezuka osamu kinenkan'')This museum features the works of the famous mana artist, Tezuka Osamu, often nicknamed the "Father of Anime", with works such as '''Astro Boy''' and '''Kimba the White Lion''' being some of his most famous. The museum features information about his works, screenings, artwork, and information about the personal life of Tezuka Osamu.
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