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Tottori (prefecture)

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[[Kyoto Prefecture(prefecture)]] lies to the east. Although [[Kyoto]] City is rather far, [[Amanohashidate]] is quite close and easy to access from Tottori Prefecture. This city is famous as the site of one of [[Japan's Top 3]]. It is the view from [[Amanohashidate]] that is considered to be one of the top 3 views in Japan.
[[Okayama Prefecture]] holds Tottori up from the south. [[Tsuyama]] with the famous '''Kakuzan Park''', '''Shurakuen Garden''', and '''Joto Street''' is near the eastern region, while [[Niimi]], famous for the '''Ikura Ravine''' and '''Maki Cave''' is near Western Tottori. Further south, you'll find the [[Kurashiki]] with its well-preserved historic district, [[Okayama]] which has one of [[Japan's Top 3]], '''Korakuen Garden''', and [[Takahashi]], home to '''Bitchu Takamatsu Castle''', Japan's highest castle, as well as one of it's only remaining original castles.
[[Shimane Prefecture]] Prefecture stands beside Tottori on the Western border. The most famous sites are close to Tottori, so accessing them is quite convenient. [[Matsue]] is famous for '''Matsue Castle''', one of Japan's few remaining original castles, and the '''Lafcadio Hearn Residence'''. The city of [[Izumo]] is home to the spectacular '''Izumo Shrine''', the second most holy Shinto shrine in Japan. The '''Hinomisaki Lighthouse''' is also a famous icon of the city. Further out in the prefecture you'll find [[Tsuwano]], where the last Christian martyrs were killed before ending the ban on Christianity and [[Iwami]] Ginzan, a World Heritage Site.
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