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Jom Jang

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'''Jom Jang ''' (in thai''Thai'': จอมเเจ้ง) is a village 18 kilometers east of the provincial capital of [[Nong Khai ]] in [[Nong Khai (province)|Nong Khai Province]], [[Thailand]].  ==Understand==Jom Jang enjoys a certain amount of popularity due to two local income-generating groups consisting mostly of local women farmers who decided to put their minds and skills together to form OTOP (One Tambon One Product) and Home Stay groups.  The village also recently received local and national television coverage regarding a local project to plant sunflowers along the Mekong river.
==Get in==
Jom Jang is located 18 kilometers east of Nong Khai city. To reach Jom Jang by public transport, take bus number 4537 (direction [[Phon Phisai]]).[[httpImage://|thumb]] ==Get around==
*''Mekong river'' - The village is located on the banks of the Mekong river, right across from [[Laos]]. [[httpImage://|thumb]]
*''Women's group'' - Visit the local women's group to sample local homemade snacks.
*''Sunflowers'' - During the cold season, take a look at sunflowers along the Mekong river. ==Do==
The village has a noodle shop. In addition, you may arrange meals with the Home Stay and women's groups.
==Get out==
To reach [[Nong Khai ]] city or [[Phon Phisai]], take bus number 4537 in front of the village. {{Outline}}{{IsIn|Nong_Khai_(province)}}

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