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By ferry
==Get in==
===By Railtrain===The train station is located in the town center centre and this connects you to pretty all of Denmark and beyond.
===By Planeplane===*Esbjerg Airport [ Esbjerg Airport] is located in the eastern part of the city, with local bus connections. There are flight connections to [[London]] (Stanstead Airport), [[Aberdeen]] and [[Stavanger]]-[[Bergen]], [[Norway]]
*Billund Airport [ Billund Airport] is western Denmark's biggest and more well connected. It is conveniently located about an hour's drive from Esbjerg.
The low-fare airline Ryan Air serves Esbjerg with flights from London Stansted Airport.
Esbjerg is the terminal for the DFDS [] overnight ships to England. Billund Airport, an hour away, is served by bus.
===By Busferry===Getting to Esbjerg from the UK is simple. With a regular ferry from Harwich [], you arrive in Esbjerg around midday. This service is due to end on 29 September 2014 but a new ferry company is due to restart the service in April 2015. You can get the number 5 bus, just outside the terminal from Esbjerg port to the railway station in the centre of town. ===By bus===
Express busses connect Esbjerg to [[Aalborg]], [[Aarhus]] and [[Sønderborg]] as well as other towns in Denmark.
==Get around==
The town is centered around the harbour and shopping area (Skolegade, Kongensgade). As the town area is rather small, it is possible to get most places by walking. However, you might consider using the public bus for the more far sights as Fisheries- and Maritime Museum in Hjerting.
(See Map of Esbjerg [ Map of Esbjerg])
*''' Man meets the sea''', [] sculpture
*Visit the cinema Biocity Esbjerg (right next to Svømmestadion Danmark)
*Stroll around in one of the parks in Esbjerg. In a protected area, you can see wildlife animals such as deer and roe
*Sail the 10 minutes to the little island [[Fanø]] that has great beaches and the village Sønderho [ Sønderho] (link to ferry [ link to ferry])
'''Esbjerg has some great options for shopping centered around the two main shopping streets. '''Kongensgade''' is a pedestrianized shopping street and has some 150 specialty shops and eateries. '''Torvegade''', partly pedestrianized, is also worth a visit. The two converge right around the main square in town.
Shopping hours are on weekdays from 9-10 am10AM. to 5:30-6:00 pm00PM. On Saturday, most shops close down at 2 pm2PM. while Sunday nearly all shops remain closed.
*Industrien - also serves a really good reasonably priced meal. The burgers are recommended. Occasionally live music.
*Dronning Louise [ Dronning Louise] Good looking place right on the town square. Has got “English pub” style live music and a good selection of beer.
*Paddy Go Easy - Irish Pub
Sands Restaurant is very good for Danish food.
* '''Rent a holiday home''', []
* '''Cab Inn''', []
* <sleep name="Hotel Britannia" alt="" address="Torvegade 24" directions="Close to Torvet (the Square)" phone="''+45'' 7513 0111" email="[email protected] " fax="" url="" checkin="2am" checkout="11pm" price="from 1400 (700 weekend)">Free wireless internet</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hotel Ansgar" alt="" address="Skolegade 36" directions="at Torvet" phone="75128244" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="from DKK 800"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Hotel Britannia" alt="" address="Torvegade 24" directions="Close to Torvet (the Square)" phone="''+45'' 7513 0111" email="[email protected] " fax="" url="" checkin="2AM" checkout="11PM" price="from 1400 (700 weekend)">Free wireless internet</sleep>
* '''Hotel Scandic Olympic''', []
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