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No.2: Have you actually seen my edits? You would be hard pressed to see a simpler structure in some of them. I would be hurt. Every Korean local I have explained this bizarre argument I'm having with y'all would be hurt. And most importantly, anyone trying to get to the beaches and markets on Yongyu Island would be hurt. The official Incheon tourist map lists it as an island [], Wikipedia describes the map as Yeongjong Island and Yongyu Island [], the description on the link YOU listed also describes it as Yeongjong and Yongyu Island [], the airport PR Centre confirms that distinction as well. I mean WTF? Even information you and Jani have listed say exactly what I'm saying. I mean which part is difficult to understand? Every official body acknowledges this. There are 2 islands and the airport is on reclaimed land between them. That's it. [[User:Paula|Paula]] 00:42, 5 February 2009 (EST)
== Letter to Evan (SysOp) ==
January 13, 2009
Dear Evan Prodromou,
This letter is in regards to an ongoing issue with one of the other bureaucrats on the site, Jani Patokaillo. I have been working on the South Korean pages for about 9 months now.
I first discovered Wikitravel by accident when I was researching some information on some of my future travels. I was really happy to read about your goals and general principles. They were basically saying that “it’s all free and we are all equal in the eyes of the Wiki.” However, I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to maintain these objectives.
When I wandered into the South Korean page I found there were many areas in which I could contribute some insights and updates. I not only speak the language but have grown up with the Korean culture and have been living/working here for over 6 years.
Right from the beginning my edits were being reverted by the person whose work I changed somehow. However with a little discussion on the “talk” pages we would come to a compromise and work it out like adults. The system works…at least that’s what I thought.
At first, Jani Patokaillo was quite helpful when I would ask questions on the site’s mechanics or when he would direct me to relevant guidelines. Although his tone could get caustic at times, I made the assumption his ultimate goal was the same as mine, to make the site better. However, progressively, his actions were running contrary to the site’s principles. He would reword sentences unnecessarily then explain his edits were better somehow or more correct. If it was a matter of factual information and I would challenge him with objective sources he would dismiss them and base his whole argument on a Wikipedia entry.
This started with the Dokdo page. He disputed a few lines in the intro which was referenced from historical sources recognized by both sides (Korea and Japan). He rewrote it so it would sound ambiguous regardless if it had any basis in fact or not. He had nothing to back up his statement other than one Wikipedia page which was being hotly disputed and was itself blocked from more edits. To try to reason with him I had asked him to refer to sources outside of Wikipedia but he refused. He argued that the readers did not need to know anything more than what he had written. I was flabbergasted and moved on. It seemed he did not respond to reason.
As I moved on to other pages, he followed me and made similar objections with subsequent pages but when I would ask for help he would be no where to be found. Lately, I was working on the Incheon and Yeongjong Island pages. I transferred the airport information from the Seoul page to Yeongjeong which JP had created but had neglected to put the airport information there. Ironically he had instructed me to do exactly that way back when I was working on the national page. But when I did, of course he was unhappy with that. He kept changing any updates I made on the page. It seemed senseless. He was basically saying the same thing but God forbid someone else should write over his article. Correct me if I’m wrong. Aren’t we supposed to edit work that’s out of date or incorrect regardless if it’s an administrator, bureaucrat or the King of the Wikitravel and not get hassled about it needlessly? In addition he is never interested in compromising unless it’s his last word on it. I really did not expect this exceedingly proprietary attitude from a system’s operator on the Wiki.
Every official island, city and tourism website recognizes 2 islands as having been connected by the airport even Wikipedia does, as I have stated and referenced in the Yeongjong page. Refer to the map. When he didn’t get his way he asked his buddy Colin (administrator) to block the page, who then sent me a reproaching message similar to the one he (Colin) coincidently, sent me on the Dokdo page.
He is insistent on pointless arguing on the Talk pages. When I find myself repeating myself I desist from the petty squabbling. I could reference sources written on stone tablets to him but with no effect. He doesn’t want to listen.
It looks to me decisions are not being made by fair consensus but by a popularity contest. JP is a bureaucrat. He knows all the sysops, the admins and many of the contributors and he’s probably a good friend of yours. Hopefully writing to you will not meet with the same result as writing to him.
Ultimately, if this is allowed to continue, the views permitted to be shown on the site will only echo those of the chosen few. As far as I remember, this is the exact opposite of what the site was meant to be.
Apparently the system does not work very well. I am disappointed that I have to resort to writing to you about this. But this has been an ongoing thing and if every time I challenge JP on something he blocks the page, this will be a very slow progress. Like I told JP on his talk page, it is really unfortunate how he has turned something that was initially admirable and fun into something laborious and irritating.
One way or the other this needs to be resolved. I am asking for suggestions. Perhaps a reasonable outcome will come out of this mess.
Sincerely yours,

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