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== General information Everybody listen all over the world! ==
Mark is a 22 24 yo master political science and bachelor law student at respectivily the Radboud University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit. He's interested in communist states and rough regimes around the world.
== Visited ==
[[RussiaUK]], The [[Netherlands]], [[Austria]], [[Switzerland]], [[Belgium]], [[Germany]], [[UKFrance]], [[Spain]], [[Turkey]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Denmark]], [[FranceSweden]], [[SpainItaly]], [[TurkeyUkraine]]
[[China]], [[North Korea]], [[Russia]], [[Cambodia]], [[Vietnam]], [[Laos]], [[Thailand]]
== Going out ==
Mark recommendsthe following clubs:
*[[Beijing]] ([[China]]): 'Houhai park', 'Maggies' and 'The World of Suzy Wong'
*[[Istanbul]] ([[Turkey]]): Shakin', The Otherside (both LGBT)
*[[Havana]] ([[Cuba]]): take a mojito in the 'Capitolio' and the Casa della Musica (almost in every city)
*[[Berlin]] ([[Germany]]): Matrix, Narva Lounge, Das Hafen (LGBT), Das Haus B (LGBT), 90grad, Barbie Deinhoff's (LGBT),
*[[Tel Aviv]] ([[Israel]]): Lima Lima
*[[Moscow]] ([[Russia]]): B52, Propaganda, The Three Monkeys (LGBT)
*[[London]] ([[UK]]): Ruby Blue, Ghetto (LGBT)
*[[Copenhagen]] ([[Denmark]]): Wallstreet, LA-bar
*[[Göteborg]] ([[Sweden]]): Babar, Klubb Svanen, O'Leary's
*[[Prague]] ([[Czech Republic]]): Friends (LGBT), Valentino (LGBT), Radost FX
*[[Chiang Mai]] ([[Thailand]]): Boost-Up, Warm-Up
*[[Bangkok]] ([[Thailand]]): DJ Station (LGBT), Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy (Sukhomvit Road)
*[[Vientiane]] ([[Laos]]): Bor Penn Yang, GQ (LGBT)
*[[Hanoi]] ([[Vietnam]]): Tunnelbar, Hair of the Dog
*[[Saigon]] ([[Vietnam]]): Apocalypse Now, Vile, Allez Boo
*[[Phnom Penh]] ([[Cambodia]]): Bleu Chilli, Salt (both LGBT)
== What's next? ==
[[Iran]], [[Italy]], [[Greece]], [[Belarus]], [[Iraq]]

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