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other phrases
===other phrases===
What are you doing?
''Anya ubram?''/ "ania ti ar aramidem?"
I can speak ilocano.
''Ammoc ag'ilocano.''/ "makasao ak iti Ilocano"
You can talk to me.
What do you want?
 ''Anya ti kayat mo?''
I'm avoiding you
''Ako likliklikanen sikaLikliklikan ka''
He/she lives <name of place>
I Forgot
''NalipatakonNalipatak'' I Forgot already "Nalipatakon"
I want to see you
''Kayat ka nga makita''
My Head Hurts
''Nagsakit itoy ulookdaytuy ulok''
Let's Go to Town
What about you? (singular) ''Sika ngay?'' What about you? (plural) ''Sikayo ngay?'' Your house is beautiful. ''Napintas ti balaymo'' I am <insert name>'s friend ''Siak ti gayyem ni <insert name>'' Have you found your <insert object name>? ''Nabirukam 'tay <insert object name>?'' How sweet! ''Anian a dungngo!'' What an awful thing to think about! ''Anian a nagkasang a panunoten!'' Can you understand <name of language>? ''Makataros ka ti <name of language>?'' Can I ask some questions? ''Mabalin ti agsaludsod?'' But ''Ngem'' Where are you going to? Which way are you going? ''Agpaanoka?''  Where are they from? ''Tagatnu da? '' Please help me ''Pangaasim, tulongan nak'' Please wait ''Agurayka man bassit'' Good Luck ''Naimbag nga gasatmo'' I will come let you know the news ''Umaykonto ipakaammo ti damag'' I didn't mean to hurt your feelings ''Diak inggagara nga mapasakitak ta riknam'' I'll do it ''Aramidekto'' Because ''Agsipud ta'' I know that you won't be able to forgive me ''Ammok a saannakto a mapakawan'' You're crazy ''Bagtit ka'' Occasionally ''No maminsan'' Hurry Up! ''Darasem! (Darasenyo)'' I have stomach problems ''Madi ti tianko'' I have diarrhea ''Agburburisak'' Do you know the way to <name of place>? ''Ammom ti dalan idiay <name of place>?'' X is Generous Naparabur ni X Thanks For Understanding ''Agyamanak iti Kinamannakaawatyo'' Revenge is sweet ''Nasamit Ti Agibales'' Once In a While ''No Dadduma'' The smells from the dining room give stomach pains ''Makapabisaleg dagiti angot ti taraon iti panganan'' I devote all my time to X ''Ibukbok amin nga orasko iti X'' Where do you live? ''Pagawidam?'' [[User:|]] 1916:2010, 10 14 January 2009 (EST)
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