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[[Image:OrebroCastle_night.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Örebro Castle in evening]]
'''Örebro''' [] is a modern city located in the small province of [[Närke]] in [[Svealand]] in south central [[Sweden]]. It's located on the flat [[Närke]] plains, surrounded by vast forest areas. It's Sweden's 7th largest municipality with a population of about 129,000 (2006).
* The '''city park''' has been voted Sweden's most beautiful, and a visit is recommended in the summertime.
* '''Wadköping''' [] is an open-air museum with lots of old cottages.
* '''Nature Reserve Oset''' just a power walk along the river Svartån down to the lake Hjälmaren you will find the lush and green open space nature reserve Oset. Here you will find cows, birds and the best jogging track near Örebro.
==Getting Online==
* The '''Krämaren''' shopping mall has an Internet cafe at the top floor.
Most of the Cafés in the city offers free Wifi, just ask the staff for the password.
* '''Sallad Inn''', Järnvägsgatan 10. No-nonsense place that serves pizza, salads and meat dishes and does it well. Mains 50-89 SEK.
* '''Rosali's Deli''', Storgatan 5 and Drottninggatan 38, []. Serves pasta, sublime pasta salads and submarine sandwiches. Mains 54-59 SEK.
* '''Asian Wok - Sushi bar''', Köpmangatan 27. Mains 50-160 SEK.* '''Sub City PubSaigon''', Köpmangatan 10City/Rubecksgatan 18, Rosta/Västra Vintergatan 9, Almby/Almbyplan []. Serves tasty submarine sandwiches for 35Asian food to-go or to stay from three locations in Town. 55-59 120 SEK.
* '''Drängen''', Oskarstorget 9, []. Cozy concept restaurant with old farmer's tools on the walls, but the food has a more modern touch to it. Mains 95-208 SEK.
* '''BGrekiska kolgrillsbaren''', Klostergatan 17, [] Greek restaurant serving souvlaki as their specialty.C RestaurangBig size servings! 100-220SEK* '''East West - Sushi, Grill, Lounge''', Engelbrektsgatan 3 (at Örebro läns museum)8, []Japanese fusion sushi restaurant located opposite to Örebro castle. Mains 120150-160 SEK.300SEK
* '''a-mano''', Kungsgatan 1/Stallbacken, [] Food produced by local ecological producers and suppliers. A fusion of Scandinavian and Italian flavors educed cocking. Make sure to reserve a table in advance. 130-600SEK * '''Ågatan 3''', Ågatan 3, [] Food produced by local producers and suppliers. Provides a very cozy atmosphere with highly skilled staff and chefs supporting you though your dining experience. Classic Swedish Cuisine done really well. 150-600SEK ==Drink/Dance==
Best days out are generally Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
* '''Frimis Nattklubb''', Frimurareholmen, +46 19 14 05 00, [].
* '''KlarasSatin''', Trädgårdsgatan 5, +46 19 18 78 00Stortoget 14, [].
You can pick up the free Nollnitton magazine in various stores to read more about Örebro's nightlife. It is only available in Swedish though.
* '''Stallyktan''', Södra Strandgatan 3, []. A small pub with a good assortment of Beer and Ale, cozy atmosphere with horse stable theme.
All the "bigger chains" of pubs are represented in Örebro such as Harry´s, Bishops Arms, O´Learys and Pitchers. The O´Learys bar/pub/restaurant in Örebro is one of the biggest in Sweden. They can all be found near the Castle in the centre of the city.
* '''STF Vandrarhem GrenadjärenLivin'''[], Järnvägsgatan 22. Completely renewed youth hostel, Kaptensgatan 1look for the sign of the Ramada Hotel. Make sure you have a HIHostel card or you'll pay a 50SEK surcharge. Other than that, very good facilities and fantastic common kitchen. Dorm-Bed: 250 SEK.* '''Örebro City Vandrarhem''' [], Tunnelgatan 3. Nice, clean little Hostel. Free WLAN & Bicycles. Youth hostelDorm-Bed: 170 SEK.
* '''Hotell Göta''', Olaigatan 11, [].
* '''Hotell Storgården''', Fredsgatan 11, [].
* '''Clarion Hotel Orebro''', Kungsgatan 17, [].
* '''Best Western City Hotel''', Kungsgatan 24, [].
* '''Hotell Örebro''', Kungsgatan 2, [].
* '''Elite Stora Hotellet''', Drottninggatan 1, [].
==Get out==
* '''Nora''' - a historical city with many beautiful wooden buildings. It is an easy daytrip from Örebro with the help of public transportation. In the summer time, it is very pleasant to take a boat trip on Norasjön (Nora lake).
* '''Karlskoga''' - Alfred Nobel moved to this town after he moved back from his adventures on the European continent.
* '''Arboga''' [] - A medieval town situated just a 30 minutes train ride from Örebro.
* '''Kvarntorpshögen''' []- Situated 20km south of Örebro this industrial man made mountain of slag shooting up 157 meters from the otherwise flat landscape. Artists has created art work on top of mountain. The most strange one is one artist recreating the Hollywood sign writing his own sir name "Johansson" on the north slope of the mountain. You can drive up on top of the mountain during summer (please pay attention to opening hours). Or convince your self to take the stairs. Kvarntorpshögen is open 24/7. To get there you can go by bus, how ever the bus does not stop next to the slug mountain. You´d rather go by car or if you are brave by bicycle.
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