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'''Prescott-Russell''' [] is a county in [[Eastern Ontario]], [[Canada]]. It has a population of about 80,000. It is just east of the national capital city of [[Ottawa]], and south (across the Ottawa River) from the province of [[Quebec]]. The Saint Lawrence Seaway (and the state of [[New York (state)|New York]]) are a short distance to the south.
==Towns and Villages==
Prescott-Russell has no true cities. Instead, there are several towns and villages.
==Towns and Villages==
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The southern portion of Prescott-Russell has many towns, the largest of which is Embrun. Many of the towns in this area are boomtowns.
 * [[Embrun (Ontario)|Embrun]] -- some libteran dude lives hereA vibrant boomtown* [[Russell (Ontario)|Russell]] -- pepole on the radio wont shut the hell up about this placeA quaint little town with a village flair* [[Limoges (Ontario)|Limoges]] -- A town at the edge of the forest with a weird placehamlet atmosphere* [[Saint Isidore|St. Isidore]] -- some chick lives hereSmall village with the feel of an agricultural community* [[Casselman (Ontario)|Casselman]] -- stoners pardiseLittle village with a unique atmosphere
The Northwest has several towns and villages, the largest of which is Rockland.
* [[Rockland (Ontario)|Rockland]] -- rocklands Large town "on the edge and its goan jump so you better back off".* [[Bourget]] -- the Quaint town band is gayjust right for birdwatching* [[Alfred (Ontario)|Alfred]] -- or alferdGrowing village with a unique flair* [[Plantagenet]] -- who knowsAtmospheric village filled with wonder* [[Wendover]] -- smells funny Riverside village with a wonderful feel
The Northeast is a beautiful place near the Quebec border. The largest town is Hawkesbury.
* [[Vankleek Hill]] -- this shit is a lie theres no hills hereQuaint town with small shops* [[L'Orignal]] -- what Town by the hell coast* [[Hawkesbury]] -- not larger then rocklandThe largest town in Prescott-Russell still has a rural feel* [[East Hawkesbury]] -- doesnt exist is a mythA township in action consisting of such beautiful places as St. Eugene
==Other Destinations==
* [[Larose Forest]] -- has a ranger stationA beautiful plantation forest just waiting to be discovered.* [[Voyageur Provincial Park]] -- only has a info station Breathtaking park by the shore
that we are on the moon Prescott-Russell is a county in [[Eastern Ontario]], a region of [[Ontario]], a province in [[Canada]].
Prescott-Russell is sometimes called "Prescott and Russell".
Prescott-Russell is officially called "Prescott and Russell United Counties" or "United Counties of Prescott and Russell" due to the fact that the county was once two separate counties: Russell County and Prescott County.
While First Nations tribes lived here thousands of years ago, the first European settlements in the area didn't arise until the 1700s, when the village of L'Orignal was built. However, many other villages weren't built up until the 1800s. For example, Embrun, Casselman and Russell were built in the mid-19th century.
only french dudesAcross the river from French-speaking [[Quebec]], the majority of the people in Prescott-Russell as a whole are francophone, but there are many anglophones, and many francophones have a good knowledge of English and vice versa. Most towns are predominantly francophone and a few are majority anglophone.
==Get in==
===By car===
take Getting to Prescott-Russell by car is easy. Trans-Canada Highway 417 travels right across the old highways county, with easy access to the South and Northeast from Highway 417. Also, County Road 17 crosses the northern part of the county, which provides easy access to both the Northwest and the Northeast. County Road 17 continues off of County Road 174 in Ottawa and merges with Highway 417 about 6 kilometres east of Hawkesbury.
===By train===
hahah what While less convenient, one can enter the hell are you a hobocounty by train. There is only one train station in the county, at Casselman. However, getting from Casselman to the rest of the county is difficult. The nearest car rental store to the train station is Thrifty Car Rental at 821 Notre-Dame Street in Embrun. However, the taxi fare between Casselman and Embrun is about $35, so entering the county by train is not very convenient.
==Get around==
Getting around Prescott-Russell is easy by car. Refer to [] for a road map. If you're traveling across the South, Highway 417 is an easy way to get around. All towns in the South are within 15 kilometres of Highway 417. Russell can be accessed by Exits 96 or 88, Embrun can be accessed by Exit 88 or 79, Limoges can be accessed by Exit 79, Casselman can be accessed by Exit 66, and St. Isidore can be accessed by Exit 51. If you're traveling across the Northwest, Highway 17 connects Rockland, Wendover, Plantagenet and Alfred. To get to Bourget, get to Caron Road, in Rockland, which ends at Baseline Road. From there, turn left on Baseline Road, then turn right on Champlain Road North, which leads into Bourget. Highway 17 continues eastward to the Northeast. If you're traveling across the Northeast, then three Highways help you navigate around. Highway 417 connects Highway 34, Highway 17, and Prescott and Russell Road, which leads to East Hawkesbury (St. Eugene). Highway 34 connects Highway 417 with Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill. Highway 17 connects Highway 417, Hawkesbury and L'Orignal. Highway 17 also continues westward to the Northwest. Highway 417 continues Southeast towards the South.
*farmsThe Embrun Recreational Bike Trail in Embrun -- Beautiful recreational trail. Refer to [[Embrun (Ontario)|Embrun]] for more info.
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==Stay safe==
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==Get out==
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