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User talk:Peterfitzgerald/Archives 2008

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Hi Peter
:So willl there even be a CotM next month, I mean if it is coming up next week, it is a short voting time for one next month and you should know at least a day in advance. [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 10:38, 19 December 2008 (EST).
Lookiing at that Cotm page and your formula for Mexico City, I can honestly say that three nominations have been made already that look similar to that format for noms: [[Copenhagen]], [[Calgary]], and [[Edmonton]]. Although, quite honestly I see where you are changing things, I mean the current format only requires a basic list. It will be also good because the people nominating will have to put work into noms which make it not get spammed as easily and shows the people really care, good work. [[User:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#339989">'''edmontonenthusiast [ee]'''</font>]] <sup><small>[[User talk:Edmontonenthusiast|<font color="#8848d7">'''.T.A.L.K.'''</font>]]</small></sup> 15:08, 19 December 2008 (EST).
== Thanks ==

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