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One week in Eastern Tasmania

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Havng rounded the top of north-eastern Tasmania, the entire eastern coast offer beautiful white beaches and crystal blue seas to relax on. Depending on the time of year, the water can be very cold to swim in and can therefore be quite deceptive, as the beaches look tropical. Due to Tasmania's small population and it's isolated position, it is highly likely that you could have a beach to yourself or be sharing it with very few other people. The main beach areas are the Bay of Fires, Binalong Bay and Wineglass Bay (accessible only by footpath and not suitable for the less able).
Also down the eastern coast, there is the small town of [[Bicheno]]. The beach here is surrounded by rocky outcrops and gorse-like bushes. However, the real attraction is at just after sundown as the bushes contain nests of fairy penguins and it is at this time that they return from a day in the see. Guided tours are available to view these (at around $18 per person) although with a torch and a bit of patience it is possible to find them for yourself{be kind to them and cover your torch with a red filter and DON'T use flash photography). The freely available local map has icons identifying the main areas where the penguins congregate.
'''Day seven - Port Arthur penal settlement:'''

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