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Monticello (Minnesota)

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'''WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWMonticello'''is a city in [[Minnesota]].
Lots of bloods and crips do not wear red or blue if not a member of the gang or you will problaly be shot, other than that a great vacationing spot.==Get in==
'''FUN FACTS'''*Do not wear a blue hanky out of your left side or a red hanky out your right, most likely be shot*On average 1 murder a month at local McDonalds*One of top 10 ten cities for gang and murder activities*Highest murder spot in minnesota*Lots of 2 star hotels*A fun spot for all types of friends & families==Get around==
'''WHAT TO DO'''==See==
==Do== ==Buy== ==Eat== ==Drink== ==Sleep== *Home of large skateboarding park (don't wear red or blue while skating)*McDonalds (don't wear red or blue while ordering or eating)*Phenominal 2 star hotels (needle free ball park at 'Best Western!)*Basketball in downtown monticello (donChelsea Inn & Suites''', 89 Chelsea Road, ''+1 763'' 271-8880, Fax: ''+1 763''t wear red or blue271-3050, will be shot if you [].*Volunteer police work, they need as much help as possible, plus fun for kids of all ages==Get out== {{IsPartOf|Minnesota}}{{outline}}{{cityguide}}

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