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Sosnowiec (pronounced: [sɔs:nɔvȋεʦ]) is a city located in the south of Poland in the Slaskie voidship. A county capital neighbouring Katowice, and a mining and industrial region, it was one of the largest cities in the Silesian Voivodeship and Upper Silesian Industry Area.


Sosnowiec is hometown of Wladyslaw Szpilman who was a Polish pianist and classical composer. Szpilman is widely known as the protagonist of the 2002 Roman Polanski movie "The Pianist". The film based on the novel of the same name which talks about 2nd world war and Holocaust. Sosnowiec is also a hometown of the world famous singer (tenor) and actor - Jan Kiepura.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

The Katowice-Pyrzowice airport in Pyrzowice (24 km from Sosnowiec) is an airport for domestic and European flights to many cities:

By train[edit]

Sosnowiec Main (Głowny) Railway Station is located in the city center. Trains from all parts of Poland and other countries arrive at Central Station. There are about 12 trains per day between Warsaw and Sosnowiec, and many more between: Katowice and Sosnowiec.

By car[edit]

The main approaches to Sosnowiec are:

  • from Cracow on the A-4 motorway; Sosnowiec is about 60 km westward of Cracow
  • from Wroclaw on the A-4 motorway; Sosnowiec is about 180 km eastward of Wroclaw
  • from Warsaw on the E-67 European main road; Sosnowiec is about 300 km south of Warsaw
  • from Cieszyn (on the southern border) on the E-75 European main road; Sosnowiec is about 70 km north of Cieszyn

Sosnowiec has no big car parks system but there are many small car parks along the roads in the city center.

Get around[edit]

See[edit][add listing]

City highlights[edit]

  • Three Emperors' Corner. Place where borders of Russia, Germany and Austria crossed during partition on Poland.
  • Modrzejowska street. Main city center street with many shops and restuarants, next to the railway station.
  • Małachowski street. A parallel street to Małachowski street. There're many restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs. It makes it the main entertainment place in the city.
  • Shoen familly palaces. Schoen familly was a German industrialists familly. They came to Sosnowiec in its XIX century prosperity period. They bulit two palaces- first located on Chemiczna streats heads a city museum, second- fairytalne-like one is currently a court building and it's located near the city center.
  • Sielecki castle [11] Bulit in 1620 and restored in XIX century by Renard industrialist familly. Nowaday it heads art gallery and culture house. There's a restaurant in the back of it. The castle is surrounded by big park.
  • Dietel Palace [12]. Lovely XIX century palace built by German industrialist Heinrich Dietel. There're classical music concerts organised in the palace. It's surrounded by small park and located only about 10 minutes on foot from Sielecki Castle .
  • Christian Orthodox church . Located on Kiliński street, not far from the city center.
  • Lutheran church. XIX century church bulit by Heinrich Dietel, located next to his palace.
  • Cathedral. Neoromanesque on Kościelna street in the city center, bulit in the end of XIX century. There're beautiful polychromies by famous Polish art nouveau artists- Włodzimierz Tetmajer and Henryk Uziembło. The most interesting one is a polychromy of Adoration of Three Magi portrayed as Polish Kings-Casimir the Great, Stephen Bathory and John III Sobieski. Nearby Catholic House Dom Katolicki heads many events and conferences ( mostly in Polish).
  • Novemeber Uprising insurgents' monument. Monument's located on Bryniczna street.
  • Multireligious graveyard. Located between Mirecki and Smutna street, it heads Christian Orthodox, Lutheran, Jewish and Roman Catholic graves.
  • Egzotarium. Buliding located next to Stawiki lake. It contains middle-sized exotic plants, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians collection.
  • Leśna Park. Big park in Kazimierz Górniczy district . There're two fishing lakes, mini zoo, amphitheatre and many small bars and cafe.
  • Ostrowy Górnicze. District not far from Kazimierz Górniczy with many old villas, tenement houses and workers' colonies. It's main attraction is Miners' Club Klub Górniczy bulit in Zakopane style with art nouveau interior. Nowaday it heads a hotel and restaurant.
  • Balaton lake. Located near Kazimierz Górniczy. There's a restaurant and small hotel near the lake.
  • Floriańska street. Street full of old tenement houses.
  • Maczki railway station. 19 century railway station and place of one of the biggest victories in January Uprising, located in district of Maczki.

Churches and religious places[edit]

  • Saint Joachim Church complex. Located in Zagórze district. It's composed by neogothic church with art deco polychromies, mysterious Dark Chapel and remains of medieval castle. There're also springs of Potok Zagórski stream. Church heads many concerts and different events.
  • Kolejowy church. Small XIX century church in the city center built by railway workers.
  • St.Thomas church. Neoegothic church in Pogoń district, about 10 minutes by foot from the city center.
  • John the Baptist church kościół św. Jana Chrzciciela. Neogothic church in Niwka district, only 15 minutes from city center by car or bus. There're beautiful polychromies.
  • Saint Peter and Paul church. Tiny, neogothic church located in Maczki district, not far from Kazimierz Górniczy. There're nice polychromies inside and small chapel in nearby.
  • Our Lady of Częstochowa church. Small church in Juliusz district ( close to Kazimierz Górniczy) adapted from coal mine pithead. There're mining-theme decorations inside.
  • Immaculate Conception church. Big, neogothic church near Sielecki Castle. There're big stained glass windows.
  • Saint Barbara church. Tiny, neogothic church located on Wawel street ( about 20 minutes from the city center or Sielecki castle on foot or 5 minutes by car or bus) with beautiful art deco polychromies inside.
  • Sacred Body and Blood church. Contemporary church located about 15 minutes on foot from Leśna Park in Kazimierz Górniczy. There're a big mosaic by Zdravko Kamenarov, professor of Fine Arts Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Christ the King of the Universe church (Kraszewskiego 25). Tiny church located in Klimontów district built in 50s. There's a beautiful interior.
  • Our Lady of Relentless Help church. Church in Ostrowy Górnicze with a beautiful altar decoration.
  • Saint Brother Albert church Chabrów street 2. Contemporary church located not far from Stawiki. There're big lace-like tabernacle, blue painted ceiling with the stars and Holy Spirit scultpure. There're also a big Christ figurine outside highlighted after dark.
  • Our Lady of Scapular church (Baczyńskiego street 27). Contemporary church located in district of Milowice. There's a beautiful interior and stain glasses.
  • Plac Papieski. Big place located between apartmenent bulidings in Zagórze district where pope John Paul II celebrated the holy mass . There's a big cross and Pope statue. It heads many religious events and masses.

Jewish heritage[edit]

  • Jewish orphanage and hospital Odrodzenia street 9. Place which headed Jewish orphanage between 1920 and 1942 and hospital established in 1912 by dr Abraham Periman
  • Jewish high school Sadowa 10. Place which headed Jewish coeducational high school in 1933-39.
  • Jewish graveyards. There're two separate ones in Sosnowiec, one located on Stalowa street and other on Pastewna street.
  • Modrzejów. Old district historically inhabited by Jewish people.

Off the beaten paths places[edit]

  • Katarzyna. District near Sielec composed by Katarzyna Steel Works' workers colony
  • Zagórski Forest (Las Zagórski). Big forest area in Zagórze region. There's a pond inside.
  • Porąbka. Old mining district with some workers' house and interwar period villas located on Ligonia street. There're also some lovely tenement houses on Łukasiewicza street.
  • Mine's chief house (Czołgistów). Lovely interwar period villa in district of Juliusz, not far from Porąbka district.
  • Finnish Houses (Domki Fińskie). Group of wooden, Scandinavian-like houses in districts of Klimontów and Juliusz
  • Flooded Forest. The flooded forest is locazted in swamp area between Maczki and Bór. The pond's divided by railway. The pond's inhabited by many protected bird species.
  • Świniarnia.Lovely green place in Zagórze, its inhabited by swans. Its popular among fishers.
  • Tzar Border Guard Post (Naftowa 65). Tiny brick-made building ruins
  • Czerpaki. Post-excavation fields in Juliusz and Maczki, true Well to Hell
  • Wilcza Góra (Wolf Mountain). Hill located between three cities- Sosnowiec, Będzin and Dąbrowa Górnicza. According to the legend a girl was murdered here by her jealous boyfriend after seeing her dancing with a devil who appeared as handsome man. Then the guy tried to attack the devil who wounded him and abducted underground. The boy, in his old age, came back to the hill to die and regret his crime. The hill gained its name after the wolf the devil was riding on. The place's said to be haunted. It's said 30th of October night skeleton-like ghosts appear on their skeleton horses. The hill's a great view point. You can reach it from Kaczeńców street in Środula district.
  • Piątkowski Family Villa (Mireckiego 27). Beautiful villa from beginning of 20 century which belonged to Piątkowski family, owners of one of Sosnowiec factories.
  • Barani Kopiec (Ram Mound). Place connected with a legend about mysterious rams which appeard when Zagórze owner- Józef Mieroszewski wanted to built a current St. Joachim church. The rams were said to disperse all the stones in the night time. Finally he built the St. Joachim church in a current place. Nowaday's there's a stone mound with a cross. The object's located in St.Joachim church complex, not far from mysterious Wilcza Góra. It's said mysterious rams also appear in recent times. Other legends says that count Mieroszewski was a passionate sheep breeder and built a mound as a thanksgiving for saving his herd from outbreak.
  • Woźniak Family Villa (Mireckiego 22). Lovely villa from interwar period built for Andrzej Woźniak, owner of one of Sosnowiec factories
  • Stara Dorota Well (located in Ostrowy Górnicze), place where anti-German Nazi movement members were executed.
  • Wet Forest (Mokry Las). Swamp area in Ostrowy Górnicze, not far from Stara Dorota well.
  • Brickyard (Niwecka). Old brickyard from mid of 19 century
  • Groty Mieroszewskich {(-}} Artificial caves constructed for Mieroszewski family. First one's located in park near Sosnowiec (district of Zagórze) hospital.
  • Groty Schoenów — Artificial caves built for Schoen family. They're located in the forest, not far from Gustaw palace in Środula, Sosnowiec, they're quite tiny.
  • Katowice Tunnel. The railway tunnel from 30s located on Piłsudskiego street, there's an undergournd pass covered by street art.

Workers' Colonies[edit]

As Sosnowiec has an industrial past, it also has some workers' colonies, the most interesting ones are:

  • Druciarnia (Niwecka street)
  • Focha (Orla street) It gained it name after Marshal Ferdinand Foch
  • Renardowska (Staszica street)
  • Ludmiła (Mikołajczyka street 62-68)
  • Kazimierz-Juliusz colony (Główna and Ogrodowa streets). Beautiful villa colonies in Kazimierz Górniczy district, not far from Leśna Park
  • Shoena (Będzińska street 45-47 and Chemiczna street)
  • Kamienice (Kraszewskiego and Dobrzańskiego-Hubala streets)
  • Ludwik (Witosa street)
  • Walcownia (Maliny and Niwecka streets)


  • Milowice cemetery. Cemetery with columbaries covered by beautiful art.
  • Stare Maczki cemetery. Ex-Orthodox cemetery, nowadays a Roman Catholic one, there're some Orthodox graves preserved. Cemetery's located in the woods.
  • Środula cemetery. Cemetery located near Saint Joachim church. There're many old graves. The most characteristic part's lovely and tiny neogothic cemetery. We can also find here mass graves of January Uprising members.
  • Beijing cemetery (Cmentarz Pekiński). Cemetery located in district of Zagórze, it gained its name after a district called Beijing (Pekin). There're many old graves. You can also find here a mass grave of city dwellers killed by German Nazi.
  • Kazimierz Cemetery. Cemetery composed by old and new parts. There're many old graves. It's located not far from Leśna Park.
  • Niwka cemetery. The city's oldest one, there're many old graves, near John the Baptist church.

Famous people in Sosnowiec[edit]

There were many famous people living in the city :

  • Majowa street 5 - house were Jan Kiepura ( famous Polish opera singer ) was born.
  • Mariacka street 1- house where Polish writer Emil Zegadłowicz used to live.
  • Andersa street 87 - place where famous Polish painter Marian Malina used to live.
  • Kołłątaja street 6- place where Pola Negri used to live between 1919 and 1920.
  • Targowa street 18- place where Władysław Szpilman used to live

Wooden architecture[edit]

There're wooden houses on Leśna, Wielka, Piaskowa, Floriańska, Kraszewskiego, Maczkowska, Feliks, Boczna and Janke street.


  • Chapel on Wiejska street (Porąbka district) was built in 1934. The chapel is painted in white. You have to climb the stairs to get there.
  • Neogothic was built in 1857. In the past it was located in Niwka district nowadays, their localisation is changed due to road construction.
  • Chapel between Szewczyka and Staszica street was built on January Uprising participant mass grave
  • Brick-made chapel located between Popiełuszki and Długosza street (Zagórze district) was built in the beginning of 19 century. Aftyer big rains it's surrounded by the water and called Chapel on the Water (Kapliczka na Wodzie)
  • The chapel on Piotrkowska street (Środula district) is enlightened after dark. There're regular prayers served. There's located not far from Schoen Family Palace.
  • There's a stylized on gothic style chapel from interwar period located on Spadochroniarzy street (Juliusz district)
  • There's a chapel in Milowice district on Satunrowska street, it was built in 1927. There's a beautiful interior
  • There's a colorful chapel on Korczaka street.
  • There's a tiny chapel on the tree on Składowa street (Stary Sosnowiec district)
  • There's a tiny chapel on the house on Wiejska 97 street (Porąbka district)
  • There're wooden cross and chapel on Okulickiego street (Dańdówka district)
  • There's a navy blue chapel on Wojska Polskiego streets (Niwka district) built in 1932
  • There's a characteristic, neogothic chapel on Piłsudskiego street. (Stary Sosnowiec district). It remains a little church.
  • There's a blue-color tree chapel and nearby cross in Kolonia Cieśle (close to border with Sławków town)

Do[edit][add listing]

Activities for children[edit]

  • Stawiki (all ages). An artificial lake with a beach, there're sport areas and so. There's a Wake Zone Stawiki.
  • City swimming pools (all ages). There're two open-air swimming pools located in 3 Maja street (near Środula castle) and Wojska Polskiego street (district of Niwka).
  • Środula Ski Slope (all ages). In winter time, skiing area, in summer time- great view point.
  • Balaton lake (6 years old and more). Semi-wild lake, popular in the past, now more wild and calmy, There's a resort with a restaurant . You can also take a walk around the lake.
  • There're many cultural events in the city, you can check them on culture houses websites or fanpages.
  • Kayaking. Sosnowiec's an ideal place for kayak lovers. You can try Biała Przemsza river water trails (16 years and up) or Czarna Przemsza river water trails (14 years old and up). There're no kayak rentals, so you're obliged to take your own.


  • Cinema City - Sosnowiec Plaza [13], 2 Sienkiewicza Street modern multiplex type cinema with 6 screens.
  • Helios [14], 32b Modrzejowska Street modern multiplex type cinema with approx 4 screens.


  • Theatre of Zaglebie [15], 4 Teatralna Street.


  • Museum in Sosnowiec [16]
  • Medicine and Pharmacy Museum (Ostrogórska 30). Museum dedicated to medicine and pharmacy history.
  • Natural History Museum (Będzińska 60). Small museum located in Earth Science Department.


  • Sosnowiec Center of Art [17], 2 Zamkowa Street; Placed in Sielecki Castel.

Music / Events[edit]

  • Miejski Klub im. Jana Kiepury [18], 65 Będzińska Street.
  • MDK Kazimierz [19], 19 Główna street
  • MDK Maczki [20], 26 Krakowska street
  • City Library [21]
  • There're sporadic live concerts head in Immaculate Conception or St Joachim churches, you can check them on their social media.


  • WakeZone Stawiki [22], Szlak Dawnego Pogranicza.
  • Ski slope Środula [23],
  • Poziom 450 climbing wall [24]
  • Open air ice rink's open on Zwycięstwa street in winter season.
  • There're indoor swimming pools on Bohaterów Monte Cassino, Hubala-Dobrzańskiego and Żeromskiego streets.


There're two open air swimming pools on 3 Maja and Wojska Polskiego streets. There're public beaches in Stawiki. You can also go fishing on Rybaczówka pond and ponds on Mikołajczyka street or take a walk there. There're wild beaches in Balaton lake. Sosnowiec's many rivers which are good for canoeing (see Czarna Przemsza river water trails, Zagłębie Dąbrowskie rivers water trails or Biała Przemsza river water trails ). Unfortunately there aren't any kayak rentals. Wilcza Góra's also a great view point and a place you can rest or do the barbecue. There're many weekend house places, the best ones are located near DK 94 way (first one with a view on Wilcza Góra and second one near Jan Kiepura Culture center), on Bobrek river (and street in Ostrowy Górnicze), several ones are located in Klimontów (two near S1 motorway, one on Aleja Wolności avenue, on Zaruskiego street near the nice pond and close proximity to Środulski Park, they're also located on nearby Kombajnistów street.

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Plejada. Shopping center in Środula district,international and local brands, supermarket
  • Plaza. Shopping center in the city center, international and local brands
  • Fashion House. Outlet center with well-known and local brands
  • Plaster Miodu. A kind of commercial center, mostly with home things

Eat[edit][add listing]


  • Bistro na Wspólnej, Wspólna 26, +48 511 232 545, [1].  edit
  • Pizzeria Pezzo, Kościelna 48, +48 505 543 020, [2]. 14:00 - 22:00.  edit
  • Pizzeria u Francesco, Rysia 8, +48 32 785 41 41, [3].  edit
  • La Brusketta Trattoria & Pizzeria, Modrzejowska 6, +48 667 942 419.  edit


  • Restauracja Kaprys
  • Restauracja Warszawska
  • Magiel Kulinarny
  • Pizzeria Stonehenge
  • Czarci Mlyn, gen. Władysława Andersa 76, +48 601 533 070.  edit
  • Cogut and Wino, Małachowskiego 9, +48 32 297 95 95.  edit
  • Bombaj Tandoori, Partyzantów 5, Sosnowiec, +48 32 266 83 48. Indian style restaurant  edit


Drink[edit][add listing]

Stulecia Square - the main square in the strict city center.

  • Abadaba'
  • Manufaktura
  • Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa"

Małachowskiego Street -the main entertaiment street near Sosnowiec Main railway station (Sosnowiec Glowny), is full of bars, pubs, restaurants.

  • Księgarnia, +48.  edit
  • VHS, +48.  edit
  • Kashmir Club, +48.  edit
  • Ministry of herring and vodka, +48.  edit
  • Pub No Name, +48.  edit
  • Pub Meduza, +48.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


  • Hotel Centrum, ul. Modrzejowska 3 (strict center, near rails station Sosnowiec Główny), +48 (0/32) 266 97 23 (), [4]. In historical building, three-star hotel located in the centre. It features 28 comfortable rooms and 3 conference rooms. From €30. (50.276484,19.130219) edit
  • Botique Hotel, ul. Partyzantów 11, +48 32 266 11 22, [5]. 3 stars, near city center, in a silent area  edit
  • Hotel Orion, ul. Przyjaciół Żołnierza 5A, +48 32 266 18 97, [6]. 2 stars From €27.  edit
  • euroHotel Sosnowiec, Broniewskiego 30.  edit Hotel in Kazimierz Górniczy district,
  • M Hotel, Wojska Polskiego 199, +48 32 363 63 00, [7].  edit
  • Art Hotel's Sosnowiec, Partyzantów 11.  edit Hotel near the city center, free car park

Apartments, hostels and guest rooms[edit]

  • Hostel Sosnowiec, ul. Orląt Lwowskich 38, +48 791 934 974, [9]. From €9.  edit
  • Hostel Mikolajczyka 59, Mikołajczyka 59 (1.5 from city center), +48 509 760 509. From €6.  edit
  • Apartamenty Europa, Henryka Sienkiewicza 3.  edit Apartments not far from Środula Ski Center,free WiFI, breakfast included . They also have localisation on 11 Listopada street
  • Kamionki, Teofila Lenartowicza 43.  edit accommodation with restaurant
  • Zajazd Irys, Małobądzka 1.  edit An object near the expressway, free WIFI and car park
  • Alicja, Klubowa 2.  edit Guest rooms in old Miner's Club in Ostrowy Górnicze district.
  • Tymianek, Bolesława Prusa 62.  edit Guest rooms and restaurant in Środula district, not far from city center.
  • Apartamenty Nova, Piłsudskiego 8.  edit Apartments located not far from Stawiki lake, WiFi. They also have location on Targowa street.
  • Euphoria Residence, Partyzantów 5.  edit Apartments not far from city center
  • Dom Górnika, Wojska Polskiego 100.  edit Budget accommodation in Niwka district.
  • Agnieszka, Łukasiewicza 33.  edit Guest rooms in Porąbka district, garden, barbecue place, rooms with WiFI
  • OW Balaton, Wileńska 1.  edit Resort on Balaton lake with restaurant
  • Noclegi Jagiellońska, Jagiellońska 11C.  edit Apartments close to Stawiki lake, free WiFi
  • Noclegi Sosnowiec, Czeladzka.  edit Guest rooms in Pogoń district, summer terrace, garden, barbecue facilities , shared bathrooms
  • hostel Brooklyn, Plonów 5.  edit Hostel in Pogoń district, not far from S86 way, Internet
  • ApartHouse Apartamenty Centrum, Stanisława Małachowskiego 38, +48 509 989 299, [10]. In the strict city center, on the main entertaiment street  edit
  • Noclegi Angel, Rzeczna.  edit Guest rooms in district of Pogoń, shared bathrooms, garden
  • Noclegi Niwka, Wojska Polskiego 44.  edit Guest rooms in Niwka district, WIFI,
  • hostel, al.Mireckiego 22.  editHostel located not far from city center, WiFi
  • hostel, Orląt Lwowskich 23.  edit The hostel is a branch of hostel Drzemka, free WiFi
  • hostel Północna 61, Północna 61.  edit Hostel located near 94 way, in district of Środula, free WiFi, lounge, private bathrooms
  • hostel Dekerta 7, Dekerta 7.  edit Hostel in the close city center, bar, free WiFi
  • Exclusive Villa Yvonne, Juliuszowska 1 D.  editSplurge villa located not far from Leśna Park and Balaton Lake. There's open air swimming pool, terrace, garden, free WiFi.


  • Guest Rooms, Ściegiennego 12.  edit Guest rooms located in district of Pogoń, dedicated mostly for workers, WiFi, garden
  • Guest Rooms, Wapienna 56.  edit Guest rooms in Środula district, mostly dedicated for workers
  • Guest Rooms, Kościuszkowców 16 C.  edit Guest rooms in Kazimierz Górniczy, dedicated mostly for workers, garden, green area
  • Guest Rooms for workers, Szymanowskiego.  edit Located near Leśna Park, WiFi

Stay Safe[edit]

In general city center is very safe although some districts like Pogoń, Klimontów, Niwka and Modrzejów are less safe. Try to avoid them if you travel alone. LGBT people can feel safe and won't catch anyone's attention in public places although showing it in less safe and big blocks of flats districts can be risky.

Get out[edit]

Sosnowiec' s an ideal place to see other Zagłębie Dąbrowskie cities as Będzin, Jaworzno, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Czeladź or Będzin Region. You can also see places in Lesser Poland Voivodeship as Oświęcim, Auschwitz, Chrzanów, Trzebinia, Kęty, Libiąż or Zator. If you have more time, you can see places in Świętokrzyskie as Kazimierza Wielka, Busko-Zdrój, Jędrzejów, Pińczów or Wiślica.



  • There is company-organizer of numerous tradeshows and fair in Sosnowiec:



Sosnowiec's well-known student city. There're Silesian University Philology, Computer Science and Earth Science departments, Silesian Medical University Pharmacy Department and private universities- Humanitas and Medical Higher School. Student's life's very diverse here. There're students clubs as well as students' religious services (duszpasterstwo akademickie).

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