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Skåneleden (the Skåne trail) is a marked hiking trail that goes all around the region of Skåne, the southernmost region in Sweden. It is divided into 5 sub-trails, 106 sections and has a total length of 1250 kilometers.

The five Skåneleden (SL) sub-trails are:

  • SL1 Kust till Kust (Coast to Coast)
  • SL2 Nord till Syd (North to South)
  • SL3 Ås till Ås (Ridge to Ridge)
  • SL4 Österlen
  • SL5 Öresund

SL1 Kust till Kust[edit]

The SL1 Kust till kust (coast to coast) sub-trail is divided into 26 sections. The first section starts in the city of Sölvesborg, and the last section ends in the city of Ängelholm. This sub-trail has a total length of 370 kilometers.

SL2 Nord till Syd[edit]

The Nord till syd (north to south) sub-trail is divided into 33 sections. The first section begins at Hårsjö in the north, and the last section ends in the coastal city of Trelleborg in the south. This sub-trail has a total length of 325 kilometers.

SL3 Ås till Ås leden[edit]

The SL3 Ås till Ås (ridge to ridge) sub-trail is divided into 14 sections. The first section starts in Åstorp at the foot of Söderåsen and goes to the Brösarp hills in Østerlen, where the last section ends. This sub-trail has a total length of 162 kilometers.

Weekend hikes

  • Röstånga - Åstorp

Fantastic trip that goes through one of Skåne's most beautiful national parks called Söderåsen ( known as Skåne's Grand Canyon ). A lenghty hike but not too hard if you are in OK shape. About 45 kilometers.
Day one: Take the bus to Röstånga on friday afternoon, hike to Liagården and camp there. 6 km
Day two: Hike from Liagården to Krika skog ( Krika forest ) and camp there. 17 km
Day three: From Kirka skog hike to Åstorp and take the train back. 23 km
Trains leave to Malmö/Lund/Helsingborg every hour. Change trains in Helsingborg or Ramlösa if you are going to Malmö/Lund.

SL4 Österlen[edit]

The Österlen sub-trail is circular, and the first section starts in the city of Ystad, going counterclockwise. This sub-trail has a total length of 188 kilometers, divided into 14 sections.

SL5 Öresund[edit]

The Øresund sub-trail is divided into 19 sections. Section 1 to 14 is a countinuous trail, with section 1 starting in Utvälinge and section 14 ending at Bulltofta in Malmö. Section 9a is a 12 km coastal trail around the island of Ven, and two of the 19 sections, called section 20 and section 21 is a circular trail around the Falsterbonäset peninsula. This sub-trail has a total length of 172 kilometers.

Practical information[edit]


There are established campsites with windshelters at either end of almost every section of the trail. Info of every campsite can be found at the official Skåneleden website.


It is possible to buy official maps[1] made for each of the subtrails. The maps are printed on waterproof paper(tyvek) and are marked with accommodation, restaurants, attractions, wind shelters, restrooms, food and other things that may be useful for a hiker.

Getting there[edit]

Plan your trips on Skånetrafiken.

Routes through Skåneleden
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