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Siem Reap

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The town of Siem Reap in northern Cambodia is the primary gateway for the Angkor Archaeological Park.


French colonial architecture still dominates the streetscape.
Khmer wooden houses are still preserved around town and in the countryside, but the number is decreasing.

The name Siem Reap literally means "Siam Defeated". These days, however, the only rampaging hordes are the tourists heading to the Angkor Archaeological Park. This once quaint village has become the largest boom town and construction site in Cambodia. It's quite laid-back and a pleasant place to stay while touring the temples and a nice compromise between observing Cambodian life and enjoying the amenities of modern services and entertainment, thanks to a large expatriate community.

Since Siem Reap is a major tourist destination, prices in many instances are higher than elsewhere in Cambodia. Expect to receive almost constant offers for motodop and tuk-tuk rides, along with everything else which drivers may be able to offer to you.

Be sure to pick up your free Siem Reap Angkor Visitors Guide and the equally free and useful Siem Reap Pocket Guide from your hotel/guesthouse. It contains lots of info on Siem Reap and the Angkor Archaeological Park, including hotel/bar/restaurant/shop info, travel info, and maps. For the eco-sensitive tourist, check out "Stay Another Day: Cambodia," a detailed guide with local spots that support the environment and community. Another address is the ConCERT tourist office, a local NGO committed to raising the standards of responsible tourism and ecotourism activities and providing information on the causes and effects of poverty in Cambodia, volunteering opportunities and ecotours.

APSARA (the acronym is based on the French for the "Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap" and also the Sanskrit for a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist mythology) has a very informative website detailing the history and architecture (in 6 languages) and endorsed by the recently deceased King of Cambodia.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

Departure Tax
The International departure tax of US$25 fee is included in the ticket price. The $6 Domestic departure tax fee is also included in the ticket price.

Siem Reap International Airport (IATA: REP, ICAO: VDSR) is the second largest airport in Cambodia. Its modern architecture is based on the traditional Khmer style. Its facilities are limited. There are separate terminals for international and domestic flights.

The airport is served by:

You can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport. Bring US dollars to pay for it, as proffering other currencies will result in a large "conversion fee". Bring a passport-sized photo also. Immigration and Customs staff are possibly the unfriendliest Cambodians you will meet on your trip: grin and bear it, as entry procedures don't take long. You may be asked for a "tip" by Immigration staff. Politely decline: you will be allowed in regardless. Fingerprinting is now in operation at the airport for International visitors arriving from outside of Cambodia.

During festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, immigration officers may demand for 'red packet' money when they stamp your passport. This may be meant as a joke and they may point to a pile of USD on their counter. However, politely decline and do not give in.

The airport is around 7 km from the town centre. Prepaid taxis cost US$12, see the prepaid booth just outside the terminal. Prepaid tuktuk rides are also available for $9. Thrill seeking solo travellers without much baggage can save a few dollars by opting for back of a motodop for US$5. Most hotels offer a free airport pick-up if you've booked in advance.

By bus[edit]

Major companies include Phnom Penh Sorya Transport, Capitol Tours, Giant Ibis and GST Express. Mekong Express comes highly recommended for its safety record and because the staff checks your ticket before giving you your luggage back (preventing theft).

Beware of "direct" buses from Bangkok to Siem Reap. They are part of a multi-stage scam, where visitors are tricked into paying extra for the visa, and exchanging their money at a poor rate. They contain many delays, making the trip last for as much as fifteen hours. If you find yourself in one of these scams, cut your losses and find your own way throught the border and Siem Reap via minibus. The shuttle bus from right after the border, and even the bus station it leads to, is all a part of the scam. Part of the scam is the stop before the border at a restaurant, where they bring people to an office individually, asking for 1600 THB to process the Cambodian tourist visa. Be assertive and tell them you will get it yourself at the border. They won't be happy, but will take you early ahead of the others. Visa was $30 USD, plus 100 THB if you don't have 2 passport photos. Very painless, only took us an extra 10-15 minutes. But beware, the biggest loss isn't the extra price for the visa but the extremely poor exchange rate for the following currency exchange. Do not to believe the stories about the ATM fees for USD withdrawals and not being able to exchange THB anywhere else except near the border. They will do everything to make you withdraw as much as you can in THB and make you exchange everything at the place they take you to!

However, a new company "NATTAKAN (Cambodia) CO., LTD" started operating a direct bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok for $28 including pick up from the hotel. You still need to get off the bus at the border, go through customs and get the visa but it is a lot smoother and scam-free as compared to the options in the past, you ride the same bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok. The bus departs from their office along Sivatha Road near KFC restaurant where tickets can be purchased.

Try to book at least the day before travel. Travel agents and guest houses will do this for a US$1-2 fee. Buses tend to leave in the morning or early afternoon. There are also night buses on some routes.

Now tickets can also be purchased online via direct websites of some of the bus companies and also from BookMeBus and, online bus ticketing portals. Payment can be made securely via credit/debit cards (MasterCard/Visa), WING money transfer and also Cash on delivery (within Phnom Penh).

Most buses terminate at an out of town bus station to the east of Siem Reap, from where tuk-tuks are needed to get into the town. Mekong Express also drops you at an out of town bus depot but, if there are local Cambodians on your bus, they will provide a shuttle bus into town which drops you direct at your hotel and only costs $1. They will try to dissuade foreigners from using this by saying the bus ticket is $5. However, it is only $1. A tuk tuk into town costs about $3 to $4.

If arriving from the west, your bus will probably by-pass Siem Reap and still drop you off at the bus station to the east of town.

Domestic services[edit]

  • Phnom Penh ($7-$15 taking 7-8 hours - Jan 2014; long stretches of the highway are being repaired or widened as it's a slow journey at present)
  • Kompong Thom ($7 taking 3.5 hours - Jan 2014; buses to Phnom Penh will drop you off in Kompong Thom, but you have to pay the full fare to Phnom Penh)
  • Kampong Cham ($9 taking 7 hours - Oct 2013)
  • Soung
  • Battambang (US$3.75)
  • Sisophon (US$3.75)
  • Poipet (for Aranyaprathet, the main route into Thailand) (US$3.75)
  • Anlong Veng (for Ban Pakard in Thailand) (US$4)
  • Koh Kong (via Phnom Penh, a long journey)
  • Sihanoukville Direct Sleeper Bus (be aware of scam about Hotel Bus for US16$ as people said they not only weren't with WiFi and toilet, but with changes of bus from sleeper to regular seats). Should cost US13$ with free pickup from hostel/guesthouse.

International services[edit]


Be wary of the sleeper bus from Siem Reap to Vientiane. A second payment may be sought for travel onward after stopping for the border crossing. Unscheduled trip delays and an unexpected change to a different service may occur en-route. Be alert to issues of personal security and be watchful concerning your possessions and luggage, especially whilst sleeping.

  • To Bangkok: The ticket is valid for the whole journey but you will change buses in Poipet (US$8)
  • From Bangkok: Agents in Kao San Road offer tickets to Siem Reap from 300 THB. These are often part of a scam, and the journey can take more than twelve hours.
  • To/from Bangkok there is a direct bus run by Nattakarn Bus Company that leaves Mo Chit bus station at 8am. You do not change buses in Poipet, but must alight to go through border formalities. The cost is around 900฿ ($28) Arrival and departures in Siem Reap are from outside KFC on Sivatha Rd, where the company maintains an office.

If travelling independently to the Aranyaprathet/Poipet border, see those towns' articles for advice on how to reach the border, survive immigration and avoid the "Government" bus scam.


By boat[edit]

A more expensive and more time consuming option from Phnom Penh ($35, 6 hr) or Battambang (US$20-25, 5 hr) is to take a Soviet style Hydrofoil across the Tonle Sap lake. These can be fantastic trips giving you the opportunity to view life on the lake, floating houses, working fishermen, and to get a sun-tan if you choose to sit on the roof of the boat. However, the trip can be ruined due to bad weather. Remember to use sunscreen and take a waterproof jacket. You will not be always able to access your luggage during the journey (sometimes the baggage is available, sometimes it is not). If you have the time, it is better to visit the floating villages as day trips from Siem Reap than to see them from the boat.

By train[edit]

There is a railway line from Phnom Penh to Poipet (Sisophon being the nearest station to Siem Reap), but no trains currently run in Cambodia. The train to AranyaPrathet from Bangkok leaves twice a day and costs only 48฿ in 3rd class. As of April 2014, Thai citizens travel free which means the train is often crowded and sometimes late.

Once again, be aware of promised direct bus because some of them stop in Phnom Phen in the middle of the night where you have to change for another one.

By shared taxi[edit]

The quickest method of getting from the Poipet border to Siem Reap is a shared car. A four seater car costs US$25-45, depending on your bargaining prowess, and takes 2-3 hr. Even if you're travelling solo, it shouldn't be too hard to find others to share the expense.

By helicopter[edit]

Helicopters can be chartered to go nearly anywhere in the country. They seat 5-6 people. Prices start at US$1,000 for trips to some of the temples north of Angkor Wat. Companies include Helicopters Cambodia and Helistar Cambodia.

Get around[edit]

city map of Siem Reap
Roadside petrol Cambodia-style

Travel to and around the Angkor Archaeological Park is extensively covered in its own article. The following is a discussion of travel within Siem Reap.

On foot[edit]

The city centre is fairly compact and flat.

By bicycle[edit]

  • The White Bicycles, +855 92 332 730, [1]. Well maintained bicycles can be hired through various guest houses affiliated with this local charity that uses hire proceeds to fund youth education and clean drinking water projects in villages around Siem Reap. The website lists locations where the bikes are available. US$2/day.  edit

Many guest houses will lend you bicycles either for free or cheaply (US$1-3).

Mountain bikes start from US3$ (you need to look for a couple of renting shops before finding this price as many charge far more).

By E-bike[edit]

"Green E-bikes" can be found throughout the city. $10 per 24 hours, open 7-7. There are designated charge points within the small and big tour sections of Angkor. One hour charge gives you 5 km. Full charge is 42km. They will need your passport

By motorbike[edit]

Motodops (motorbike taxi) abound and will make sure you know where they are. Rides within town should only cost US$0.50 or 2,000 riel, although prices can double at night or during bad weather. Agree a price first. Full day can be arranged for ~US$10. Helmets for passengers are rare though may materialize if requested in advance.

Renting a motorbike was prohibited for foreign visitors to Siem Reap until recently, however since 2016 only few shops started renting them again (US$10). Motorbikes rented elsewhere are permitted, naturally (if you rent in Phnom Penh, you can even get the deal of US$3 per day).

Petrol stations vary from first world forecourts to roadside stalls selling fuel of dubious quality in old drinks bottles.

By tuk-tuk[edit]

Tuk-tuks, like motodops, will call to tourists from nearly any street corner. On your first few days, they will continually pester you to use them but after that they will recognise you and generally leave you alone.

A trip within Siem Reap should cost US$2-3 for up to four passengers. Most tuk-tuks can convey four people comfortably though the extra weight can make the low-powered bikes laboriously slow.

Ensure both you and the driver are in crystal clear agreement on the destination and total fare before departure. Payment is made on arrival and doesn't increase if the driver got lost or had to take a circuitous route. Many drivers are honest though a few do try to overcharge. Short trips; try to pay with $1 bills or a $5 bill. They rarely have change for anything larger. It is recommended to have a business card of your hotel / destination written in Khmer language as many drivers are lost with English street names. They work for little money so will appreciate any tip. Download Grab app, it saves time bartering the price and is much safer for you.

By car[edit]

Cars with drivers can be hired for single or multiple days. While all drivers are familiar with the area and happy to suggest good routes, most speak little English and are not actual tour guides. Licensed tour guides mosly in English charge US$40-US$50 per day and for English speaking driver with car charges $ 35 to $ 40 a day inner Angkor area . Drivers will likely ask for US$5-US$10 to $ 30 extra for trips to further temples such as the those of the Big Circuit, Banteay Srey and more for remote sites like Beng Mealea.

The taxis (US$9 fixed cost) from the airport to Siem Reap proper may provide a full day of touring for US$25-30. If you need to take the taxi around the grand circle tour, it will be costed 40$ and to Banteay Stei Temple is 50$.

Beware of airport taxi drivers talking you into a tour, as they tend to charge you a much higher price. Do not assume that the official counter at the airport makes them better as the quality of drivers varies a lot. Only book a driver and a car through your hotel to avoid scam.

PassApp and Grab are good alternative to book your car or tuk tuk with fair price. Local number is required for registration.

See[edit][add listing]

Most people come to visit Angkor Archaeological Park, which is thoroughly covered in its own article. The town itself has some worthwhile attractions and a number of beautiful modern Buddhist temples.

The reclining Buddha at Wat Preah Prom Rath
Piles of mines, Landmine Museum
  • Lotus Farm By Samatoa, Phnom Krom, Siem Reap, Cambodia, (South Town, Tonle Sap, 15 minutes from downtown), +85592529001, [2]. 08:00 Am to 05:00 PM. Visit the incredible workshop of Samatoa surrounded by multiple lotus farms. They manufacture the fiber of lotus to create a rare and luxury textile. $2.  edit
  • Angkor National Museum, 968 Charles de Gaulle Blvd, +855 63 966 601 (), [3]. Daily 8:30-18:00. While the website states that the museum opens at 8:30, it may actually open at 9:00 due to construction (May 2016). Exhibits covering the history of the Angkor complex as well as Khmer culture and clothing using high tech displays and video screens. Some say the 1,000 Buddhas room is as impressive as it sounds. Exhibits cover Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom rather well, however the museum does not function as primer to the whole Angkor Archaeological Park. US$12.  edit
  • Angkor Silk Farm (Artisans Angkor), Puok District (National Road 6 (20 minute drive from the centre)), (+855) 63 5555 768, [4]. 8am-5pm. Close to Siem Reap centre yet located in the lush and charming countryside, Angkor Silk Farm is a great place to go to when you want to take a break from visiting the Angkorian temples. Discover at Angkor Silk Farm how incredible the silk-making process is: from a silk worm to a cocoon, from a simple thread to a high-quality fabric, you will go through all those different stages by understanding the traditional Cambodian weaving techniques. Free shuttle buses depart at 09.30 and 13.30 from Artisans Angkor's main center in Thmey Street (2 minute walk from the Old Market). The visit is free. 0$. (,30-40minutes) edit
  • Angkor Handicraft Association, Road 60, Trang village, Sangkat Slorkram, +855 78 34 14 54, [5]. Workshops, demonstrations and a wide range of authentic handicraft products. AHA is an NGO working with the artisans from the rural areas of Siem Reap Province, promoting only authentic and certified handicrafts. Friendly staff and lots of interesting traditional items and activities to see.  edit
  • APOPO Visitor Center, North of street 30, tel:+855 8159 9237, [6]. 8am-5pm (closed on Sunday). An NGO with belgian origin is training rats to detect landmines to clear mine fields in Cambodia. After a short introduction about the landmine situation in Cambodia you can witness a training of the “heroRATS” and watch a short film about the success story of this organisation. There are several possibilities to support APOPO including donations, merchandise or even adopting a rat. The Wat Thmei temple next door is also worth a visit. 5$. (,Aprox 45 minutes) edit
  • McDermott Gallery, FCC Angkor, Pokambor Avenue (On the river next to the Royal Residence), +855 (0)12 274 274, [7]. 10am-10pm. The exhibition by legendary photographer John McDermott shows photographs of the temples of Angkor before crowds of tourists arrived. For those of us who came too late to see the temples in solitary splendor, this is a chance to go back in time. The New York Times calls them “the defining images of Angkor.” The visit is free and the staff is friendly and helpful. Gifts and cards also for sale. $0.  edit
  • Senteurs d'Angkor Workshop, Airport road (3km from Caltex Station, airport direction on the National 6), +855 (0)63 966 733, [8]. 7:30 am - 6:00 pm. This visit introduces the different workshops where around 100 artisans are working in the middle of a tropical garden. A provided guide will welcome you at the entrance, she will explain to you all the manufacturing steps of the Senteurs d’Angkor product range. From the eco friendly boxes made from palm tree leaves to handmade soaps, natural cosmetics, candles and incense. You will also discover how to mix local spices to obtain the traditional Curry or Amok. Do not leave without a free tasting of Rattanakiri coffee or flavored tea! There is also a shop there to buy the products. You can get a free tuk tuk from their shop opposite of the Old Market to take you there. $0.  edit

Pagodas Around Town[edit]

  • Wat Preah Prom Rath, Pokambor Ave. The glittering modern temple grounds gives a few hints to its 500 year history. Though the lotus themed architecture seem to emulate temples from over the border, the front gate integrates Bayon style heads and a scene in relief of the Buddha seated under a tree, while armies fire arrows on one side and others are eaten by crocodiles on his other, that looks like it could have been taken directly from Angkorian mural. Legend holds it that the site was established around 1500 when a famous monk landed ashore on a piece of his sinking boat. The boat wood was carved into the oddly foreshortened reclining Buddha installed in a swimming pool like pit behind the imposing, yet despondent looking, seated Buddha in the main hall. Perhaps mimicking the construction materials origins the reclining Buddha has taken on a sunken slant at the feet end. A pair of small weather worn cannons on either side of the hall are of unknown origin but their style, an embossed crown-like seal and mysterious numbers suggest a European origin.  edit
  • Wat Preah Enkosa - average little temple.
  • Wat Preah Enkosei - interesting little temple, painted orange.
  • Wat Po Lanka - little temple painted white.
  • Wat Bo - two large brand new temples and one old white one. The new ones, almost finished, have been under construction since 2011.
  • Wat Damnak located behind the market on the south-eastern side of the river. Also houses the Center for Khmer Studies, a library and a primary school.
  • Wat Kesararam located in central Siem Reap on National Road 6 towards the Airport, adjacent to Sokha Angkor Resort. The temple is known for its beautiful ceiling and wall murals.

Do[edit][add listing]

Alcoholic beverage tasting[edit]

  • Georges Rumerie, Next to quad adventure (Salakamroeuk police), 096 8617448 (), [9]. 10:30AM to 11:00PM. Georges proposed you a great variety of free tasting of his own product. Starting with the local jams, chili's and chutneys, you will be able to drink his local infused rums too. Many craft packaging available, made by villager of Angkor Wat, available for free as well. An activity that takes 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your available time or if you decide to stay for eating .  edit
  • Sombai Cambodian Liqueur, 294 Salakamreuk Street (After Salakamreuk police station continue 1km until Suorkear Boutique Hotel. It is just after this hotel and before Le Jardin d'Angkor hotel.), 063 555 0280 (), [10]. 8am - 8pm. Sombai is made from local fruits and spices infused in alcohol. You can taste all the 8 different flavours: Ginger-Red Chilli, Mango-Green Chilli, Coconut-Pineapple, Anise-Coffee, Lemon-Lemongrass, Green Tea-Orange, Galangal-Tamarin, Banana-Cinnamon. 8 flavours. Additional products are offered like aromatised sea salts, alcoholic jams, spices as well. Also available at Made in Cambodia Market (King's Road). Sombai tasting  edit

Ceramic classes[edit]

  • Angkor Pottery Center (Traditional Khmer Pottery Workshop and Pottery School), Wat Atwear Village (3.5 km South of Old Market on Main Road 63), +855 12 755 286, [11]. 08:00-17:00. Daily pottery classes for beginners as well as professionals in pottery making, carving and glazing by Siem Reap’s most famous local potter, Mrs Paruth Hann. Make your own design and take your glazed pot home as a souvenir. Enjoy a truly khmer experience and support an enterprise creating fair wage jobs for the poor village women in Siem Reap. $7-20.  edit
  • Pottery Classes & Painting classes, +855 (0)63 210 004 (), [12]. Pottery class and clay class course, you can make your own ceramic artifact on the potter wheel. You can feel the potters sensation. After you finish your piece, you can add different designs on it with special tools.Paint your own Pottery course, you can draw and / or paint your own design on a pot. $20.  edit

Cooking Classes[edit]

  • Beyond Unique Cooking Class, cnr of Sivutha Bvld and Alley West, +855 77 562 565, [13]. Cambodian Cooking Classes in a village location 10 min from town. Classes include a visit to a local family and information on Cambodian cooking customs and beliefs. Hands on classes for a maximum of six people - unless you book for a private group. US$22.  edit
  • Lily's Secret Garden Cooking Class, Chreav village, Tolaka road, Krong Siem Reap 17259, Cambodia, +855 16 353 621, [14]. 8am to 8pm. Lily's Secret Garden cooking class takes place in Lily's family house twice a day (morning or afternoon class). Including an in-depth visit at a local market you will get to know some secrets of Khmer culture in an intimate class (up to 6 people). Afterwards, Darwin the Chef will welcome you to the Khmer family house in Siem Reap countryside, only 10 minutes from town for a relaxed introduction to home-style Cambodian Cuisine. There you will experience a 100% hands-on cooking class and be able to cook this way again back home with the Cookbook. And at last but not least, you will enjoy the delicious meal in the garden! US$25.  edit
  • Siem Reap Countryside Cooking Class, +85599266008 (), [15]. Start the morning with an interesting visit to Ben's local market, got a tour around and learned interesting facts e.g. about how different plants are used for medicinal purposes. Also got to taste lovely crunchy crickets and beetles. Moreover, some of the revenue is going to the orphanage around that area. $ 29.  edit

Cocktail classes[edit]

  • Asana Khmer Cocktail Class, Street 7 / The Lane, +855 12 508 248 (), [16]. Khmer cocktail principles and techniques taught by the Manager of Asana (Old Wooden House). Hands on classes for a maximum of six people - unless you book well in advance for a private group. Booking is required. US$15. (,1 hour) edit

Cultural performances[edit]

  • Apsara Theatre, Wat Bo Rd, +855 63 963561, [17]. 20:00-21:30. A flashy performance of traditional, popular and dances.  edit
  • Bambu Stage, Bamboo Street, Wat Damnark, Siem Reap (Open-air performance space set amid the lush and intimate garden of the former Tangram Garden), +855 97726 1110 (), [18]. Bambu Stage has two big green growing shoots. The first is to change perceptions about the history, cultures and issues that affect Cambodia. Having worked in museums and theatre all their lives gives them insight about people and how they really enjoy an authentic experience- something that comes from the heart of a culture. Something that lets those shoot grow with abundance. Bambu Stage is one of Siem Reap's unique artistic venue presenting unique contemporary performances by young Cambodian artists. A new generation of independent and incredible performers with classical backgrounds but professionally trained in modern dance. Their style is very now, but firmly rooted in Cambodian tradition.

    Current running show is Bambu Puppets. Starting August 1st 2017, Angkor Temples Decoded will run on Tuesdays and Saturdays while 150 Years Of Photography will run on Fridays. Ticket price and online booking available on their website


  • Cambodian Cultural Village, Airport Road # 6, Khum Svay Dang Kum, Krus Village (between Airport and Siem Reap city centre, along National Road 6, 3 km from Siem Reap Airport), +855 63 963098, [19]. 10:00-18:30 daily. Cambodian culture in a nutshell, miniatures of Cambodian landmarks and ethnic traditional houses together with cultural performances. US$15.  edit
  • Performances by Cambodian Living Arts (Cambodian Living Arts), Wat Bo Pagoda, +855 (0) 17 998 570 (), [20]. Show Time: 19:00 Monday (Sounds of Angkor) & Saturday (Wat Bo Shadow Puppet Troupe). New Performances by Cambodian Living Arts. Cambodian Living Arts will host weekly performances set in the heart of Siem Reap, at the Wat Bo Pagoda. Witness rare art forms revived from temple walls. During an hour, the artists will lead you through 15 centuries of Cambodian music and arts. This experience will allow you to reflect on your encounters with Cambodia's ancient wonders. Adults: $15, Children: $6 (Discounts available for large groups).  edit
  • Rosana Broadway, (Rosana Broadway), National Highway 6, + 855 63 769 991 (, fax: + 855 63 769 994), [21]. Show Time: 5:45 PM/7:30 PM Daily (The schedule may subject change). Famous Cambodian Traditional Dance and International Cabaret Show which provides a unique mix of entertainment on stage.The Stunning Performers are trained by a Professional Choreographer to bring you several varieties of dancing, with magnificent costumes to sweep you away on a magical and musical journey of song and dance. US$35-$45.  edit
  • Phare, The Cambodian Circus, Phare Circus Ring Road (just south of the intersection with Sok San Road, 2km from Old Market & Pub Street), +855 (), [22]. daily, 19.30, gates open at 19:00. "Unmissable" -Lonely Planet. Siem Reap's most unique, authentic, home-grown, top-rated (TripAdvisor) evening entertainment. Has Khmer essence, vibe, energy and emotion. An extension of the NGO school Phare Ponleu Selpak Artistic Center in Battambang, but here the show is different, professional and performed daily.The New York Times 36Hours in Siem Reap  edit
  • Smile of Angkor, Smile of Angkor Grand Theatre (Angkor COEX) (North east outskirts of Siem Reap, direction to Angkor turn right to Apsara Road), +855 97 595 0075 (), [23]. 19:15-20:25 nightly. Things to do in Siem Reap ? It is the first Grand Epic show that recreates the Angkor Civilization in all its glorious aspects.A production of Cambodian traditional dances equipped with multimedia large screen, featuring Angkor civilization. Grand epic show that revives the Angkor dynasty in all aspects; from foundation to prosperity, tale to folk customs, past to present. The performance expresses the traditional Cambodian culture with the latest technology. The performance contains traditional Cambodian dances such as Apsara Dance, Peacock Dance, Shiva Dance, Bokator (traditional Khmer martial art). You can dinner on place US$25-37 booking online.  edit
  • The Champions Performances by the Local Disabled Community, Night Market (back of Night Market adjacent to Island Bar), +855 12 676826. M-Sa 20:30-21:15. A two act play written and performed by participants who share with great feeling what it is like to be disabled in Cambodia and the challenges of their lives. As many of the performers are in pursuit of education to better their lives they appreciate donations of school materials such pens and writing books. Free, Donations encouraged.  edit


  • Angkor Cinema, Second Floor, Angkor Trade Center nearby Pubstreet, 017-799-809, [24]. It is private cinema for tourists.  edit
  • The Great Escape, Unit C-39, Angkor Shopping Arcade, National Highway 6 (Airport Road), 063 506 9777, [25]. 10am to 10pm. Spend an hour with your partner, friends or family trying to solve puzzles and riddles so you can escape a locked room. The key to success will be working together, thinking outside the box and most important of all – having fun! Three unique games - Lost Room, Prison Break and Crime Scene 86. $20pp per room, $10pp for second rooms - including free return transport.  edit


  • Angkor Photography Festival: Photography for Change, [26]. Annual festival that showcases outdoor projections and various exhibitions around Siem Reap of regional and international photographers. The festival is held during the last week of November every year, consisting of 7 evenings of outdoor projections and more than 10 gallery exhibitions across various venues in the city. It aims to highlight the work of Asian photographers and provides free workshops for 30 young photographers from the region every year which are showcased during the event. There is a full time office/gallery for the festival located on the East river road near the Bopha Angkor Hotel. As well as the festival, the organisers support a local NGO working with street children, that promotes the arts and runs a photography course with students. Photography from these students is also showcased as part of the festival programme.  edit
  • The Water Festival. This vast festival is probably the most extravagant festival in the calendar. Over three days starting with the last full moon day in October or the beginning of November up to a million people from all walks of life from all over the country flock to the banks of Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers in Phnom Penh to watch hundreds of brightly coloured boats with over 50 paddlers battle it out. The boat racing dates back to ancient times marking the strengths of the powerful Khmer marine forces during the Khmer empire. In the evening brightly decorated floats cruise along the river prior to and complimenting the fireworks displays. there is often a parallel festival at Angkor Wat and although it is smaller in scale it is just as impressive due to the backdrop of Angkor Wat. The festival marks the changing of the flow of the Tonle Sap and is also seen as thanksgiving to the Mekong River for providing the country with fertile land and abundant fish. It is at this time when the river flow reverts to its normal down stream direction. The remarkable phenomenon that is the Tonle Sap sees the river flowing upstream during the rainy season and then change direction as the rains cease and the swollen Tonle Sap Lake empties back into the Mekong River leaving behind vast quantities of fish.  edit
  • The Annual Street Puppet Festival. An exciting pageantry with the concept of sticks and stilts manipulated puppets much like those seen at the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and also at the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.  edit


The Khmers believe that Thai massage is derived from Khmer massage but is more relaxing as it requires less twisting and turning. The numerous Khmer style massage shops are mostly (and this means "mostly" as oil massages may lead their hands to wander...) genuine massage and not a front for sexual services. If you feel unsure what type they will give you, a safe bet is to opt for one of the blind massage services. The trained masseurs are the real deal. Some are inside the night market.

  • Fish Massage, (around the Pub St area). The Thai fad has swum over the border. Dip your feet in a tank of fish and wince as they eat the dead skin off your toes. Trying a tank with feet already inside it will tell you if the fish are hungry. Some claim to have No piranhas while others offer a free beer to subdue any doubts. There have been no documented cases of HIV transmission via environmental sources; however, hepatitis C is rarely acquired via environmental sources. $1-2 for 15 mins.  edit
  • BT Massage -The Family Massage-, (Wat Bo Rd, opposite of Soria Moria Hotel), +855 (0)12 419 008 (), [27]. 11:00 to 1:00. BT Massage offers reasonable priced traditional Khmer style massage for the whole family. from 6$.  edit
  • Bodia Spa, New Street A, Behind UCare Pharmacy, Old market area Siem Reap, Cambodia, +855 63 761 593 (), [28]. Great spa with a nice atmosphere, peaceful rooms, and experienced staff. It has been designed by Lisa Ros, a French-Cambodia Architects based in Siem Reap. Rotin furnitures are from Riem, a Cambodia Artist. There is no special services or hidden fees. It is a nice place to go as a couple or alone. $25-$50.  edit
  • Frangipani spa, no. 615/617 Hup Guan St, Siem Reap, Cambodia, +855 (0)63 964 391 (), [29]. Wonderful spa with a nice atmosphere, peaceful rooms, and experienced staff. The massages actually feel like trained people are giving them. No special services or hidden fees. It is a nice place to go as a couple or alone. They have massage tables and air conditioning. They are on a short side street behind Samdech Tep Vong St which isn't always shown on tourist maps. At the ANZ Royal bank on the corner go a few feet south to the next (small) street and turn right on Hup Guan St. The spa is near the end of the street with a tasteful exterior surrounded by frangipani plants (partly obscuring their tasteful green sign saying "frangipani"). $25-$50.  edit
  • Lemongrass Garden, 7 Sivatha Boulevard, Siem Reap, Cambodia, +855 12 387 385 (), [30]. Lovely little spa with a relaxing atmosphere and experienced staff. 60 minute Khmer massages are $US15, while 90 minute Khmer massages are $US22. They also offer oil massages, "spiritual massages," and manicures/pedicures. Treatment rooms have air conditioning, and they provide a cool drink before treatment and warm tea afterwards. They also claim to pay higher wages than most places in Siem Reap, as well as provide other benefits to their workers. $10-30.  edit
  • Kaya Spa, Pi Thnou Street, opposite Old market,Siem Reap, Cambodia, +855 (0)63 966 736, [31]. 10am-10:30pm. The spa’s range of massage therapy regimes are perfectfor releasing stress and muscle tension, and are given a distinctive Cambodian twist by the use of naturally sourced essential oils and local practices.Handmade oils, soaps, scrubs and other creations have been carefully formulated and blended at a nearby workshop from locally sourced ingredients, An unforgettable experience in a peaceful environment!  edit

Bike tours[edit]

  • KKO (Khmer for Khmer Organisation), Englisch/khmer: +85593303656 Englisch/German: +85593903024 (), [32]. KKO is a NGO that offers free education to young cambodians. To get some money for the schools they do halfday or fullday bike and mototours to Angkor and the Countryside with english, german and khmer speaking tourguides. Enjoy amazing landscapes and discover breathtaking untouristic places even in the Angkor Park. Prices starting from 20$ (halfday Tour).  edit

Motorbike tours[edit]

  • Sabai Adventures Cambodia, +855 (0)88 372 3121 (), [33]. Join the original moto tour operator in Siem Reap and enjoy a fun-filled day out. Drive your own moto on guided tours with Sabai Adventures. Discover ancient temples and hidden spots while exploring the countryside.  edit
  • Siem Reap Moto Tours, +855 (0)17-880102 (), [34]. Siem Reap Moto Tours offers guided moto scooter tours in the area around Siem Reap, Angkor. Prices starting from 16$ for Baray Rider Tour(1/4day,minimum 2 pax). Also offering tours to Kulen Mountain. Booking is required.  edit
  • Motorbike Tours Go on a trip with Ride Expeditions Motorbike Tours. Now based in Siem Reap, Ride Expeditions are available for open and private tours leaving from their headquarters or any main location in Cambodia. Fully maintained dirt bikes are available to hire as well as all safety gear. The company provides support vehicles as well as a fully trained medic on all tours. See the real Cambodia and have a great time doing it.</do>
  • Dirt Bike Tours ([Kickstart Dirt Bike Adventures], Psah Krom Street (From the river take the road towards BBU, Kickstart are half way down on the left), +85512703264 (), [35]. 07:00:00-18:00. Kickstart are based in Siem Reap and offer half day & day tours tours to multi-day customized tours around the whole of Cambodia. A great way to learn about this amazing country with a deep insight into the culture and the people. Spectacular riding that suits all levels from beginner to advanced on a well maintained fleet of Yamaha WRFs with all riding gear included. The owners are a Cambodian/English partnership and offer western quality with a unique Cambodian Flavour, and will ensure an experience of a lifetime. from $60.  edit
  • Siem Reap Motorbike Tours, +85578338770 / +85517431437 (), [36]. Siem Reap Motorbike Tours, Cambodian owned and operated (by tuk-tuk drivers!), offers guided motorbike tours in the countryside around Siem Reap and to a number of less-visited temples. The owner-guides are outstanding, and can provide a wealth of knowledge about the agricultural areas you'll visit and Cambodia in general. A great way to do something different and get to know the "real" Cambodia! <  edit
  • Sunsai Tours, +855 (0)975716146 (), [37]. Sunsai Tours offers a wide range of guided motorbike tours and day excursions in the countryside around Siem Reap.  edit

Quad tours[edit]

  • Quad Adventure Cambodia, [38]. bring you to places where life is still the same as it was before, where changes seem to have passed the people without touching their traditional way of living. Share their feeling and meet the friendly people. The quad bikes are specially designed off road vehicles that cope with all kind of terrain. After clear instructions and practice, you will go for an unforgettable off road experience amongst rice fields and traditional villages. Guides will show you the way..  edit

Sport activities[edit]

  • Angkor Wat Putt (Mini Golf Fun For Everyone), Veal Village, Chreav Commune (2 km from Old market vai Angkor High School road), 012 30 23 30, [39]. 08:30-23:00. 14 hole Miniature Golf Course with 9 replicas of the Angkor Temples, including Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon, Banteay Srei, Preah Vihear and the Terrace of the Elephants. The course is set in a large, well maintained garden with a bar and seating area. $4-7.  edit The New York Times 36Hours in Siem Reap
  • Shooting Range, (along Road 67 to Banteay Srey, 3kms north of the road to Phmon Bok, turn right down the large dirt road when you see a blue and red sign like their flag with '4th Troops Training Centre', past the school and take the left (1 km), look for the sign 'shooting range' at the 2nd base entrance on the right (720 m)). Armament and explosives availability apparently is only limited by how much you are willing to spend. Listening to the soldiers-turned-used car salesmen put the hard sell on a new machine gun is almost worth the trip. This is a game of Russian roulette - fancy pulling the pin of a 30+ year old grenade and possibly getting the faulty one? Make sure that whoever is supervising you is also willing to stand next to you. It can be a little bit difficult to find, and a tuk-tuk driver may know where it is. Its GPS location is 13°29'7.49"N 103°57'22.78"E. US$50 per AK-47 or M-16 magazine; US$80 per M-60 belt (50 rounds) (Nov 2011). Grenade throwing: US$30.  edit
  • Fishing Trip on the Tonle Sap (Middle Ways), +855 (0)86 717 751 (), [40]. October to December: Fish with the locals on the Tonle Sap lake. This tour involves fishing, by net or fishing rod, in a flooded forest west of the lake. You may be able catch-and-release or hold on to your catch and finish the day with a BBQ. January to February: As the water of the Tonle Sap recede, the flooded forest slowly become a network of muddy channels linked to one another by fish ponds surrounded by the green of the rice fields. There, for half a day you will team up with other people to experiment net fishing. A fun experience that will teach you skills that passed down from one generation to the next since the dawn of Cambodia.  edit
  • Spean Neak Club (Gym), Samdech Tep Vong (13.35674,103.860829). 2,000 riel per use.  edit
  • Microlight Cambodia, +855 (0)96-6203676 (), [41]. Fly around the temples of Angkor, lush jungles, floating villages, and flooded forests in a Microlight Deltawing Aircraft (trike).  edit
  •, Aerocambodia airfield, NR6, Siem Reap. (Near Apollo Plaza), +855 (0)68-704601 (), [42]. 7:00am-6:00pm. Sightseeing Flights on the light airplane (2 seats, 1 passenger) around the ancient temples in Siem Reap area, Angkor Wat, Roluos Group, Tonle Sap lake and much more. 69$ and more.  edit
  • Prek Toal Floating Village (Insight Tours), +855 (0)78 738 283 (), [43]. The village of Prek Toal is an adventurous trek by tuktuk and by longtail boat. Its remoteness means many residents never make it to Siem Reap, but spend their entire lives on the water. Meet with the principal of the floating school, and learn about life in a floating house. Learn how to weave baskets from the invasive water hyacinth that clogs up the waterways of the Tonle Sap, and try your hand at daily tasks alongside locals.  edit
  • ICF Wake Park, ICF Campus Road, close to ArtBox, +855 (0)95-882421 (), [44]. 11am-6pm, Mon-Sat. Wakeboarding and water skiing for young and old, a great experience for everyone - good coaching for beginners, fun obstacles to try out new tricks for those who dare, high-end equipment. There is also a beach with a second lake to swim (for free!) plus a restaurant serving yummy food. 100% of the profit supports the NGO ICF Cambodia. Free entry, ride from 19$ per hour and more deals.  edit

Swimming pools[edit]

  • Swim at Makan Makan restaurant (Infinity pool 17 meters), 137 BBU road same entrance as The Pool and Palm Villa (300 meters from BBU (Build Bright University), 077 35 96 77, [45]. 08:30-21:30. Pool is 17 meter by 7,5 meter and has a waterfall to sit under and relax. The pool is set in a large, tropical garden with a restaurant, bar and seating area. US $4,- plus a free soft drink or beer.  edit
  • Swim at Kanell restaurant (nice quite pool), 7 Makara Street (400 meters from the old market on High School road), 077 20 71 00, [46]. 10:00-22:00. The Pool is very private and the atmosphere in the garden is very pleasant. Best of all this is one of the top rated restaurants in Siem Reap based on Tripadvisor reviews and the staff is very friendly Free with a $5 Drink or Food purchase.  edit

Tattoo parlors[edit]

  • Lex Roulor Tattoo and Piercing Parlour, "No, +855 97 304 2827 (), [47]. 10:00-18:00. European hygiene standards. Air conditioned shop. Aussie piercer 10+ years experience, French, Russian, and Chinese tattoo artists. Dot work, line work, old school, new school, water colour, realism.  edit

Yoga classes[edit]

  • Yoga Classes and Retreats at Yoga Space Siem Reap, Sugar Spa, Siem Reap (Located inside the Made In Cambodia Market, above Atmosphere Restaurant.), +855 (0)10 588 005 (), [48]. "Yoga Space Siem Reap is a community yoga studio filled with heart. Located on the terrace of Sugar Spa Siem Reap, they provide daily movement, yoga and special interest classes.  edit
  • '''Angkor, "+855(0)12808916 (), [49]. "Angkor Zen Gardens Retreat Center is a meditation and yoga retreat center located 3 km from Siem Reap, Cambodia, not far from Angkor Wat temples. There is 7 bungalows and 1 AC unit in the middle of a huge 21,000 m2 garden. You can stay full time and participate to various activities like Yoga and meditation. Asian style vegetarian cuisine and a large swimming pool . Single bungalow package from $ 70 per night.  edit
  • '''Samadhi, "+855(0) (), [50]. "Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams is an onsite Siem Reap yoga studio by Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat, just few minutes away from Angkor Wat temples and a short tuk tuk drive from Siem Reap town. The yoga studio offers daily yoga classes led by experienced yoga and wellness instructors.The yoga pass is priced at US$8.00++ per class per person which includes use of three sparkling pools and resort's facilities. Acupuncture, cupping, detox programs and holistic healing are also on offer upon request.  edit

Orphanage visits[edit]

Some visitors naively think visiting an orphanage may help children in Cambodia, but most orphanage tours do more harm than good. Visit [171] to get informed before visiting. The largest child protection group in the country has asked that tourists not visit orphanages--the great majority of Cambodian children in orphanages have living parents, but the tourist demand for orphans results in these children being separated from their parents.[172] Orphanages and the aid organizations that support them are a significant feature of the Siem Reap economy. Many are scams, so it's worth doing a bit of research on them beforehand.

International ATMs in Siem Reap are plentiful and most banks will do cash advances from credit cards. Canadia Bank's ATMs are recommended as they have the lowest fee 4$. Other banks charge usually 5$ for withdrawals using foreign cards. Maybank is one of the only one, who charges no fee for a withdrawal. -

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Samatoa Tailor Shop, 11 Road 63, Kolkran, Siem Reap, Cambodia (Road to Phnom Krom and Chong Kneas), +855 92 52 9001, [51]. from 8 Am to 5 Pm. Lonely Planet 2019-2020 Top Choice for Fashion Shop in Siem Reap-Renowned tailor in Siem Reap, Samatoa manufacture its own fabrics made from local eco friendly fibers.  edit
  • Artisans d'Angkor, Stung Thmey St (2 minute walk from the Old Market), +855 63 963 330, [52]. 07:30-17:30. Artisans Angkor is a Cambodian social-enterprise showcasing impressive traditional Cambodian handicraft skills in wood and stone carving, lacquering, silver plating and silk painting. Visitors can enjoy a free guided tour around the different workshops of the main site located in the city. This inspiring visit will make you understand and appreciate the Khmer cultural heritage. Their boutique displays high quality items produced by the craftsmen and women, which makes Artisans Angkor a great place to buy souvenirs.  edit
  • The Heritage Watch, [53]. Non-profit organisation supports business that promote Cambodia's arts, culture, heritage and development. Certified businesses display either a gold or silver Heritage Friendly logo.  edit
  • T Galleria by DFS, Angkor, 968 Charles de Gaulle (Next to Angkor National Museum), +855 63 962 511. 9am-10pm. This is the perfect place to treat yourself and stay trendy on your travels, or get an unforgettable souvenir for someone special in your life.  edit

Art and craft[edit]

  • AHA Fair Trade Village (Angkor Handicraft Association), Road 60, Trang village, Sangkat Slorkram, +855 78 34 14 54, [54]. Around 80% of the souvenir products sold in Siem Reap town are fake, mass-produced or imported; this is a substantial barriers for local artisans who struggle to compete with foreign economies of scale in handicraft production. Angkor Handicraft Association is a non for profit business organisation that aims to strengthen the handicraft sector in Siem Reap province.  edit
  • Angkor Artwork, 0090 Salakamreuk village (After Angkor high school on the right to Thmor Meas Road, 500 meters down the road on the left, opposite a big blue hangar.), +855 12 327 680, [55]. 09:00-19:00. Lacquer and gilding workshop managed by Eric & Thierry Stocker. One of the most talented lacquer in France, Eric Stocker introduced lacquer works in Siem Reap through Les Chantiers Ecoles (Artisans d'Angkor) back in the late 90's.  edit
  • Bloom Bags, cnr Street 7 & Hospital St, [56]. Sturdily made totes, messenger and and laptop bags made from recycled fish feed sacks. Though you can buy cheaper knock offs from the market, these are genuine and you can be assured that your money is going to woman who made your bag.  edit
  • Friends 'n' Stuff, Between Wat (Pagoda) Polanka & Catholic Church, #8A,B Phum Slokram and Morning Market, [57]. Families and caregivers of the children and young people Friends-International NGO works with learn how to make products that are sold in the shop.  edit
  • Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre, Vithey Charles De Gaulle, Khum Slorkram (On the road to the temples; 30 m. after the traffic light when coming from Siem Reap), +855 1784 3014, [58]. 08:00-19:30. Glazed stoneware bowls, plates, teapots and decorative objects in made with traditional Khmer ceramic techniques.  edit
  • Kokoon boutique, Hospital Street (next to Blue Pumpkin), +855 (0) 63 963 830. 07:00 am - 10:00pm. This boutique displays high quality pieces of fashion & decorations from Cambodia: traditional kramas, bed covers, shawls and silk scarves,bags and jewellery from local designers and home decor items. The shop also provides a range of Senteurs d’Angkor products: handmade soaps, natural cosmetics, Cambodian spices, flavoured tea & coffee.  edit
  • McDermott Gallery, FCC Angkor, Pokambor Ave, +855 12 274 274, [59]. 10:00-22:00daily. Elegant, friendly gallery with photography of Angkor by John McDermott, called "the Ansel Adams of Angkor" by The New York Times. Also see the new McDermott Gallery at the Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor.  edit
  • Pages Café & Design, Street 24 (Wat Bo), 092 966 812, [60]. 6am to 10pm. Pages is a place where form and function meld, and where travelers, architects, engineers, teachers, students, neighbors, designers, artists and visitors may cohabit. You can pass by the café and have a look on the interior design furnitures. Recycled lamps, tables, seats, shirts and design magazines are available for sell. $$. (13.354709,103.8596) edit
  • Samatoa, 11 Road 63 Siem Reap (Tonle Sap Road), +85512285930 (), [61]. 8AM-5PM. Specialized in Cambodian natural silk products. Samatoa encourages fair-trade. From USD$50.  edit
  • Theam's House Gallery, Veal Village, Khum Kokchak, +855 78 20 81 61, [62]. 08:00-19:00 daily. The gallery exhibits paintings, designer-made artworks created by the artist-designer Theam Lim who has studied at Ecole Boulle and Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, together at Paris. Theam's House gallery and atelier are located in the house of the artist, built by himself inspired by the Khmer rural architecture surrounded by a luxurious and tropical garden.  edit
  • Old Forest Boutique and Tailors, Alley West (between Little Italy Restaurant and Smateria shop), +855 (0) 63 763 446. 01:00 pm - 9:30pm. Very unique high quality garment and production. Fashionable clothes, bags, scarves and jewellery. The shop also provides handmade massage oil and refreshment body mist.  edit

Alley West[edit]

Alley West is one of the most beautiful streets in Siem Reap, if not the most. You will find art galleries, restaurants, ice cream, fine shops, a hotel, hair dresser, and bars.


The easiest-to-access markets are in the centre of town in the streets coming off the main intersection. (Pub Street is one of its streets.) Generally, the further you get from that intersection, the better the goods, and the less you will be hassled by touts selling girls, drugs, etc. Go down little alleys! These also take you away from the deafening noise in the centre of town.

  • Angkor Trade Centre, Cnr Street 9 and Pokambor Ave. The mall, Cambodian style. A reasonably extensive selection of packaged food, drinks whitening deodorant, imported alcohol and the familiar feeling of shopping in air-conditioned comfort. Fixed US$ prices..  edit
  • Made in Cambodia Market (former Shinta Mani Market), @ King's Road River road / 7-Makara Street (From Old market, cross the bride, reach the turnabout, it is behind the Hard Rock Café), (), [63]. 12pm to 10pm. A daily market with ONLY Cambodian products, most of them being made in Siem Reap (whereas the other markets are full of products coming from Thailand, Vietnam or China). Free tastings of liqueur and free entertainment included (circus show, singers, marching bands,etc.).  edit The New York Times 36Hours in Siem Reap
  • Psar Chas (Old Market), Between Street 9 and Hospital Rd. A range of artifacts and tourist junk. Some items purport to be antique, but it probably isn't, and if it is, then most likely it has been stolen.  edit
  • Psar Leu (High Market), On National Highway 6, a bit south of the city. Not generally visited by foreigners, so prices are about half those of the Old Market. Doesn't have as many strictly tourist goods (souvenirs, Siem Reap bags and T-shirts), but has plenty of clothes shops that sell for example jeans, shirts, hats and socks.  edit


  • Kaya Spa & Boutique, Hospital St (opposite of Old Market, next to Kaya Spa), [64]. 10:00 to 10:30. This new boutique is dedicated of wellness products 100% natural, made in Cambodia, and based on 5 synergies of essential oils. Skin, Body and Home aromatherapy products to feel well and beautiful day after day.  edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Eating options span the full spectrum of tastes and budgets from the rudimentary Asian staples and pizza to authentic Khmer and sophisticated fine-dining featuring exotic local ingredients. The largest assortment of restaurants are a few blocks north of the Old Market but there are numerous appetizing alternatives along Wat Bo Road and hidden among the surrounding neighbourhoods.

  • For Muslim travelers, there is also a halal pizza restaurant in the vicinity of Public Bank. The food is delicious and the prices reasonable.
  • There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian option in Siem Reap including Cambodian places like Chamkar and also fusion places like Moringa Bar or Artillery Cafe.

Old Market area[edit]

Though Pub St is better known for its bars a handful of places are known for great food, many with seating upstairs so you can escape above the partying milieu on the street below. Crammed along The Alley is a wider selection of restaurants that offer a generally quieter and more intimate experience. The local restaurants lining Phsar Chas have extensive yet near identical menus of cheap fried rice and westernised approximations of Khmer dishes. At dusk the Kindergarten on the corner of Street 8 and 11 erupts into a a rabble of small BBQ stalls, billowing smoke, noise and the persistently entreating peddlers.


  • Chanrea Dom Makara, Sivatha Blvd (Close to, but opposite KFC), +855 12 212 138. Amazing local food for $2.50. Whether it is Amok, the traditional curry with fish or chicken or Prahok, a fermented type of fish, great soups or grilled fish with minced pork and ginger, this pretty non descript and local place will serve all your wishes for authentic Khmer cuisine  edit
  • Common Grounds Restaurant (American Coffee Shop & Cafe), #719, St. 14 / Mundol 1, Khum Svay Dangkum (- Behind Central Market & Across the street from U-Dara Guesthouse), +855 63 965 687. M-Sa 07:00-20:00. Serving western dishes; chicken tenders, grilled cheese, crispy chicken apple salad, german chocolate cake, seasonal muffins, cinnamon rolls and some Asian dishes. All profit goes to fund local humanitarian projects through NGO People for Care & Learning. Air-con & high speed internet $3-$7.  edit
  • Curry Walla, Two locations Sivatha Blvd & Night Market Road, +855 63 965 451. Authentic vegetarian & non-veg Indian food.  edit
  • Ecstatic Pizza, #072 2 Thnou St (across from the Provincial Hospital), +855 12 436 869, [65]. 07:00-midnight. Italian and Khmer food has been operating since 1994. Many kinds of pizza and Pasta dishes. You can request your own pizza with either thin or thick crust. Western & English style breakfasts any time. Fruit shakes, soft drinks, draught beer, wine. Free delivery available. US$3-7.  edit
  • New Delhi Indian Restaurant, #070 Mondol 1, Svaydangkum Commune (opposite the provincial hospital north of Pub St), +855 16 840 326, +855 92 510 779, [66]. Indian dishes on the menu with many Indian specialties. All their dishes are authentic and prepared to order. From US$4.  edit
  • Maharajah Restaurant (Royal Indian Cuisine Halal), Sivatha Rd (Old Market Area , Front Of Terrasse Des Elephants,), +855 92 506 622, [67]. 11AM-10PM. Fresh, hygienic and authentic preparation. They use real Indian spices and most of the food is Halal. Take-away or home delivery is available. US$2-7.  edit
  • McBuddha Restaurant, (Off Sivatha Blvd, on the road that goes to Artisans d'Angkor), +855 97 967 7223 (). Open seating, and the restaurant is run by a local Khmer family who serve everything with a warm smile. The owner used to be a tuk-tuk driver, he speaks English and can give you tips on places to see. The menu is extensive with Khmer and Western offerings, all cooked to order. 8/2014 was told closed for remodeling US$2-7.  edit
  • Taj Mahal, Street 7 (near Pub St). Classic Indian dishes. All the food is Halal.  edit
  • Tuchner's eatery, #075 Mondol 4, Svaydangkum Commune (beside the provincial hospital), +855 19 886 329, [68]. Savoury dishes on the menu including rice boxes, paninis, salad bar and fresh cut fries. From US$8.  edit


  • Moringa Bar & Restaurant (Craft Beer, pub-style baguette sandwiches, comfort food appetizers.), 136 Steung Thmei Road (Opposite Artisans D'Angkor on the same road as Platinum Cinema, behind Sok San Road.), +855(0)966838424 (), [69]. 11:00am - 11:00pm. A good-value place where you can try some new Cambodian craft beer (IPA/White Beer/Pilsener/Chocolate Stout), poured with imported Czech chilling equipment into a frosty glass with a yummy appetizer, a tasty pub style baguette made with fresh French bread or a healthy bowl. Half the menu is vegan. Moringa is a Mealshare restaurant, where if you buy one of several items on the menu, a second meal is bought by the restaurant for a Cambodian child in need. The atmosphere is very relaxed with a garden setting and there is an AC lounge to beat the heat.  edit
  • Maiya's Café and Inn (Contemporary Eating, Cambodian Charm.), 30 Street, #306 (Take 30 Street at Borey Promprey), +855 (0)88 372 3121 (), [70]. 07:00am - 9:00pm. A wholesome delight of healthy and fresh eating. A culinary and cafe experience in Siem Reap, Cambodia, home to the incredible Angkor Archaeological Park. A family run social enterprise cafe passionate about offering guests great food, quality coffee, lodging, and experienced tour services. The perfect mix for your trip to the Kingdom of Cambodia. Coffee, Eat, Sleep, Explore, Repeat. Located outside the tourist areas so you can experience the local ambiance of Cambodia.  edit
  • Kaya Café (Traditionnal Khmer food & drinks), Pi Thnou Street (Opposite Old Market), +855 (0)63 966 735, [71]. 09:00am - 10:00pm. In the heart of Siem Reap, it is the spot to taste some traditional Khmer dishes in a peaceful atmosphere. All the dishes are made with fresh and natural ingredients, also they are using recycled take-away boxes and bamboo straws! Try the desserts, they're delicious! Nice view: the balcony is surrounding the famous Old Market $2,50-$7.  edit
  • Bugs Cafe, 351 Steung Thmey Village, 017764560 (). from 5pm to midnight, closed on Tuesday. Bugs Cafe is the first ever insect tapas restaurant and cocktail bar in Cambodia! Have fun and make great pictures with your friends while discovering the hidden treasures of insect cooking. Insect free food and fresh fruit shakes also available 5 to 15$. (13.357972,103.852863) edit
  • The Hive Siem Reap, 631 Psar Kandal Street, Behind Riviera Hotel., Cambodia, 97 763 3484. 07:00 to 18:00, closed Tuesdays. Nice cafe in the middle of it all. Contains friendly expats and tourists. Free Wifi, very good coffee, generous portions and tasty eats. Great lunchtime hangout! $3 to $7. (13.356781,103.857504) edit
  • Father's Restaurant, Soksan Road, +855 92 963 242 (), [72]. 8AM-10PM. The menu diverges from the usual with fairly authentic Khmer and Chinese foods. The western menu is not nearly as intriguing. Free WiFi. Fried noodle: US$2; pure fruit shakes: US$1.  edit
  • Makan Makan, 137 Themey Village (Same entrance as The Pool and Palm Villa, 300 metres from BBU (Build Bright University), +855 77 359 677. Halal kitchen with Khmer and Western dishes. The name Makan Makan comes from the Malaysian/Indonesian word for eating. Fresh food and no MSG usage. Popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner in combination with swimming in the infinity pool with waterfall. Swimming and use of towel free if you spend $US6 per person in the restaurant. Pool open 07:00 until 21:00. Friendly staff. US$3-6.  edit
  • Marum, Between Wat (Pagoda) Polanka & Catholic Church, #8A,B Phum Slokram, +855 17 363 284 (), [73]. Open Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 10pm.. Marum is the latest addition to the Friends-International vocational training restaurants. Featuring a winning mix of creative local cuisine, Marum is named after the Moringa, or 'Tree of life' - very appropriate, as customers will be enjoying a fantastic dining experience that helps build a new life for the students in training there!.  edit
  • La Volpaia Pizzeria Restaurant, #20-22, St 13, +855 63 764 184, [74]. M-F 11:30-14:30 and 17:30-22:00PM, Sa-Su 11:30-22:00. Italian style cuisine specialising in pizzas, pastas and grilled steaks. Air-con dining room, VIP rooms, outdoor and garden seating. US$5-17.  edit
  • Sala Bai (hotel-restaurant school), 155 Phoum Tapoul St, +855 63 96 33 29 (), [75]. 7-9 & 12-14, mon-fr. The restaurant is part of a training school for 100 disadvantaged young people, the food is delicious, choice between Asian and Western. US$8 (daymenu 3 course).  edit
  • Sunflower Restaurant, 2 Thnou St (North of Street 7), +855 92 245 915, [76]. The restaurant looks simple but the Hong Kong dim sum, Vietnamese pho and Chinese wonton soup provide a welcome variation to what you find elsewhere. US$2-7.  edit
  • Viva, Cnr 2 Thnou St & Street 9, +855 17 838 854, [77]. A bright orange Mexican restaurant. Burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas are reasonably authentic considering the location. They have some Khmer dishes if you want to eat more local food while enjoying the view over the balcony. This restaurant usually has a fair number of people in it while most restaurants are empty. $2 for a margarita, $5 for what they call a 'bucket', which is a weiss beer glass filled with margarita and a much better value. Pizza here is only moderately tasty. US$2-8.  edit
  • Khmer Kitchen, Old Market, 85563964154. This restaurant is one good option to eat variety of Khmer food with a reasonable price. $4.5.  edit
  • New Leaf Book Cafe, A short walk East of Old Market, near Angkor Trade Centre, 855-63 76 60 16. 7.30am-9.30pm. Newly founded not-for-profit cafe/restaurant that serves traditional Khmer cuisine. Beautiful decor/ambiance and great food. $5-10.  edit
  • Sister Srey Cafe, 200 Pokambor Street (On the Siem Reap Riverfront). 7:00-18:00. Great little breakfast, coffee and lunch place with view of the Siem Reap river. Has good vegetarian and some vegan and gluten-free options. Free Wifi. USD 2-6. (13.35387,103.85609) edit


  • Aha, The Alley. Lunch 11:30AM-2:30PM, Dinner 6PM-10PM. The stylish interior with Khmer and international dishes. Some say the taste doesn't quite meet those standards but where else can you eat dried snake in such surroundings. US$7-18.  edit
  • The Red Piano, Pub St. 2 floors and serves a variety of Italian and other European food with Britney Spears music videos in the background. The Chicken Cordon Bleu (chicken filet with ham and cheese inside then deep fried) is their specialty. Best known as the favourite haunt for Angelina Jolie when filming Tomb Raider at Angkor  edit
  • L'Angelo, Le Meridien. Probably Siem Reap's most daring restaurant, serving fusionesque Italian cuisine like foie gras on a bed of white asparagus and balsamic vinegar ice cream in a setting so achingly modern that the only decoration is a cloud of black dots on the white wall. A full meal with a glass or two of wine on the side costs around US$100 for two.  edit
  • Le Malraux, Sivatha St. French cuisine and Khmer specialties, all made with local and fresh products. Central city location that opens early in the morning for breakfast.  edit

Sok San Road[edit]

Sok San Road is directly across Sivatha Blvd from Pub Street. Restaurants, hotels and massage parlors line the street. The second block of Sok San Road has been developed more recently and has many new establishments.

  • Coffee Break Cafe, (2nd block of Sok San Road, across from Karma Bar.), 097 999 5188 / 093 995 188. 6am-10pm. Delicious fresh ground and brewed imported gourmet coffee, espresso, cappuchino, latte. Breakfast and lunch menu available all day.  edit
  • Happy Angkor Pizza, Sok San Road (From Sivutha Blvd go West On Sok San to the second block. Its on the north side of the street), 012 356 044 / 011 414 276 (), [78]. 8am-10pm. Pizza and Calzone 20 toppings happy option, free delivery  edit
  • Happy Herb Pizza, Sok San Road, 070 777 472 / 012 838 134 (), [79]. Monday to Thurday 07:00 - 23:00, Friday to Saturday 07:00 - 24:00, Sunday 07:00 - 23:00. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, Khmer food, free delivery.  edit
  • Happy Dreamily Pizza, Sok San Road (Across from Tuk Tuk Bar), 092 229 259 / 069 366 369.  edit
  • Ecstatic Pizza, Sok San Road (Between Gunplay Tattoo and Karma Bar), 011 928 531 / 092 25 55 65 (), [80]. Large menu, pizzas, sandwiches, breakfast all day, Happy Shakes  edit

Wat Bo Road and surrounding areas[edit]

Outside of the main part of town in the sometimes dusty neighbourhood streets and area along Wat Bo Rd are some trendy restaurants and small local places serving the most authentic Khmer food.


  • Sambo Khmer and Thai restaurant, Wat Damnak (in the street behind night market, few minutes walk from the Wat Damnak pagoda). Local and Thai food made by a great host, Sokha. The chef is doing is best to make simple but delicious dishes for her guest. US$2,5 to US$4,5.
  • WILD Creative bar and eatery, Wat Damnak (in the street behind the Wat Damnak night market), [190]. WILD is a tropical cocktail bar and finger food restaurant. Set in an old Khmer house and garden, it is a lush and peaceful place. WILD has a unique menu of fresh and deep-fried spring rolls and extensive local cocktail list. Open from 5PM to 10PM, everyday bu Tuesdays. Cocktails are at US$4,5 and spring rolls between US$3 to US$3,5. Dinner about US$6.


  • The veg'G'table café, Wat Bo Rd (from the Wat Bo/Street 20 junction 2 min south, right hand, look for the giant carrot), 08864 23753, [81]. Run by a French chef. Has an inspiring and compact menu, mostly vegetarian/vegan with a Mediterranean base. If you like to eat something else than 'local' or 'western' this is your place. Get falafel and humus needs taken care of here. Open 11am-3pm and 6pm to 10pm US$5.  edit
  • Viroth's Restaurant, #246 Wat Bo Rd, +855 12 826 346, [82]. Stylish Khmer restaurant that is often so full you will have to wait for a table. The extensive menu is a mix of Khmer and Asian-esque dishes and with some vegetarian options. Some say the food is not spicy enough but the outdoor setting is nice if it is not raining. US$5-8.  edit
  • HAVEN Training Restaurant, Chocolate Road (West of Angkor High School, Wat Damnak area), +855 (0)78 34 24 04 (), [83]. Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm and 5.30pm-9.30pm. HAVEN is a training restaurant teaching disadvantaged young adults valuable work skills, while treating you with delicious, honest food that loves you right back. (Cambodian, Asian, Western Food, with many vegetarian/vegan options). US$5-9.  edit


  • Alliance Art Cafe, Wat Damnak Rd, [84]. In a French colonial building built in 1953, on the former grounds of the French Cultural Centre. The cafe offers both French and Cambodian dishes within an art exhibition space. US$6-18 but the food is good and it has a very stylish ambience. A good choice for a romantic meal or a business dinner. US$15-25.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

The distinction between eating and drinking establishments is fairly blurry as even the most humble of restaurants can have an extensive cocktail list on their menu. Nonetheless, a vibrant drinking scene concentrated along Street 8, aptly dubbed Pub St, is where serious drinkers head for cheap beer, loud music and the sweaty backpacking hubbub scene which some consider to be akin to Bangkok's Khao San Road. The reality is that it is much more relaxed and attracts wider age range and socio economic group than KSR. The biggest and most well known Pub St bars, Angkor What?, The Red Piano, Temple club and Le Tigre de Papier, are easy to find. Street entertainers in the evenings add to the fun.

Visitors looking for more subdued place to appreciate a quiet drink can seek out some of the smaller places along The Alley, The Lane and the adjoining streets.

Steung Thmei Road is a quiet and lesser-known street directly behind Sok San Road where the bars have a more chilled out vibe and don't have to compete with each other's music systems. This can be a welcome break from the deafening throb of pub street.

Most places have draft Angkor beer for US$0.50 and cans of other beers for US$1-2. Higher-quality, smaller-batch craft beer is now up and coming in Cambodia and offered at a few places in town, such as Moringa Bar or the Siem Reap Brew Pub. Cocktails and spirits go for as little as US$2. Imported red and white wine, generally from the less prestigious wine producing countries, is widely available and cheaper than you would expect. Better quality Australian and French wines are available in more upmarket establishments at a correspondingly premium price.

Bubble tea, also referred to as Boba tea, and real fruit smoothies are non-alcoholic options.

The Alley[edit]

  • Linga Bar, The Alley. A sophisticated gay bar that welcomes patrons of all preferences. A good list of classy cocktails and decent wine to enjoy on the big lounges.  edit

Pub Street[edit]

  • Soup Dragon, Pub St. A restaurant/bar on one of the corners of the "bar" street in the old part of town. Great sunset vista from their rooftop with the added bonus being it is the same time as happy hour - two for one cocktails, drinks range from US$2-4.  edit
  • Banana Leaf Cafe, Pub St. Small contemporary street side café, with week-end live music. Efficient and professional staff will entertain the crowd until late hours. Great cocktails.  edit
  • Xbar, Pub St, [85]. 3pm til sunrise. An open air rooftop bar featuring a 6ft skateboard halfpipe, jam sessions every wednesday evenings, live Djs and bands every week and a resident Tattoo shop with a French artist. Probably the best city views in town, and unusual sunset over the halfpipe. At the end of Pub Street, look up for the X.  edit

Sok San Road (Bar Street)[edit]

  • Little Mitchy's Lounge, Sok San Road | Siemreab-Otdar Meanchey, Cambodia, Siem Reap 0000, Cambodia (Sok San Road Beside Cowboy Hostel), +855(0)69220806 (), [86]. Enjoy the casual relaxed atmosphere of this fully serviced lounge, enjoy a cold beer, or sip on outstanding wine. Meet your friends, expats and like-minded adventurers, or simply chill!. Mitch is a film-maker, hotelier, community advocate, world traveler, public speaker and former politico in his home country Canada. Having a passion for Art, and Film-Making, some of Mitch’s film work can be seen on the television screen at Little Mitchys Lounge. Mitch who is in a wheelchair has advocated for the disabled community in Canada and Cambodia.  edit
  • Siem Reap Party House, Sok San Road | Siemreab-Otdar Meanchey, Cambodia, Siem Reap 0000, Cambodia (Sok San Road West of Night Market intersection on the right), +855 883724456 (), [87]. Beautiful Restaurant and Bar with American, Asian, Cambodian, Italian and Australian Cuisine. Sunday Brunch. Music venue.  edit
  • Tuk Tuk Bar, Sok San Road, Phumi Siem Reap, Takev, Cambodia (From Sivutha go West on Sok San 400 Meters, look for the Tuk Tuk Bar on the right), +855 (0) 88 355 6149, [88]. 24/7. A Tuk Tuk converted into a unique bar, comfortable seating, food and drink. Popular night spot for travellers, locals and expats. Mixed drinks start at $1.50.  edit
  • KARMA Café- Bar, Sok San Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia 17000 (Sok San Road West, Bar Street Area, between Ecstatic Pizza and Green Curry), 093 441 528, [89]. 12:00 until 04:00 or later. A mellow low vibes haven. Full Mental Jacket potatoes from open till late and relax with some cold drinks in a friendly ambiance in the evening.  edit

Steung Thmei Road[edit]

  • Moringa Bar, 136 Steung Thmei Road (Opposite Artisans D'Angkor on the same road as Platinum Cinema, behind Sok San Road), 0966838424, [90]. 11am until 11pm or sometimes later. A very chilled out vibe with good craft beer at reasonable prices, pub style vegetarian food, tasty sandwiches and appetizers that go very well with the beers.  edit

The Lane[edit]

  • Miss Wong Cocktail Bar, The Lane, behind Pub St. Tucked away from the rowdy chaos of pub street, this sophisticated bar serves up delightful refreshing cocktails in a sultry red lounge reminiscent of 1930s Shanghai.  edit
  • Asana Old Wooden House, The Lane, behind Pub St, +855 92 9987801 (). Food & cocktail Bar. Restored in 2012, Asana is the last wooden house in the city-old market area.  edit

  • Long's Bar, Doung Hem St, off The Lane, behind Pub St, +855 12 447363, [91]. 5pm - Late. Chilled out, air-conditioned bar hidden away from noisy Pub Street, in the laneways of Siem Reap. Comfy pallet furniture, unique house cocktails, and the only non-smoking bar in Siem Reap.  edit

Around town[edit]

  • FCC Angkor, Pokambor Ave (North of the Post office), [92]. A branch of the legendary Phnom Penh Foreign Correspondents' Club, the FCC is the hippest place for a drink. A blend of modern style and colonial architecture with fairly steeply priced drinks, at least by Cambodian standards.  edit
  • The Warehouse, corner Street 9 and 2 Thnou St (opposite the Old Market), [93]. 10:30AM-3AM. Three floors of different styles. The ground floor tends towards raucous times while the 1st floor offers free pool, Nintendo Wii, a large flat screen tv for sporting events and a table football table. The rooftop has a chic lounge atmosphere. Free draught beer offered at various times on Friday (with an Angkor Wat ticket), though courtesy dictates you have a drink or two before or afterwards or dine from the food menu.  edit
  • Chillax Lounge & Bar, Artisan Angkor Street (Opposite Golden Temple Villa Guest House), 078 710 225 (), [94]. 5pm -2am Sunday closed. Chillax Lounge – a designer choice bar – serving excellent signature cocktails, cold drinks and playing cool tunes every day from 5pm – 2 am except Sundays. Gayfriendly $4 Signature Cocktails and cold drinks.  edit.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget US$5-30
Mid-range US$30-100
Splurge US$100+

A seemingly inexhaustible range of sleeping options from upmarket hotels to grubby backpacker hostels, with a myriad of guest houses, boutique rooms, bungalows, concrete cells, wood huts and French villas in between, make finding a place to sleep one of the easiest things you will do on your trip.

Hotels are spread over the entire city but most larger hotels line the National Highway to the Airport, cheap backpacker hostels tend to surround the old market area and stylish boutique hotels are nestled in the trees along Wat Bo Road. Small Khmer run hotels and guest houses, especially in the low season, can be surprisingly good value if you are willing to do a bit of hunting for one that hasn't been overrun by the guidebook toting hoards.

Accommodations at every price point generally offer hot water showers, cable TV, internet and airport or bus pickup. Some may include free breakfast, though don't expect much more than an egg on toast and a coffee.

Most hostels are can be booked through Agoda, Hostelworld, Hostelbookers,, etc but some of their cheaper rooms are not advertised online. Best to walk in and ask.

Backpacker hostels[edit]

  • Baphuon Villa ([email protected]), House Nr. 117, Slor Kram, Siem Reap City, +1 408 663 9073, [95]. The guesthouse has fan and airconditioned rooms complete with hotel amenities. Located near the Royal Residence Park and Angkor National Museum and situated about 1.5 km from Night Market and Pub Street : from USD10.00.  edit
  • Bun Kao Guesthouse ([email protected]), #0566, St 22, Wat Bo Rd (wat bo road / area of G.H), +855 63 966-589/12652756, [96]. checkin: on arrival; checkout: 12pm noon. Dorms $4/night/person and ensuite double,twin rooms$14/night,triple$18/night with air-con and balconies on each floor. Breakfast is inclusive, except for those is the dorm. Free computer access downstairs or WiFi in room , : from $6 to $21.  edit
  • Dynyka Guesthouse ([email protected]), House Nr. 117, Slor Kram, Siem Reap City, +1 408 663 9073, [97]. Offers air-conditioned hotel rooms with balcony overlooking the Angkor Wat Temples and smoking and non-smoking facilities. Located at Street Charlie Degual, Trang Village in the City of Siem Reap 10 minutes away from the airport and bus station. : from USD12.00.  edit
  • Earthwalkers, Sala Kanseng Village, Sangkat No. 2, [98]. Clean, high quality budget rooms. Restaurant, Wi-Fi, free breakfast, friendly staff and a nice pool/bar area. Away from town. US$15.  edit
  • G&Z Plan B Hostel, 7 Makara St (Highschool Rd) (near the corner of Wot Bo Road and Angkor School Road in the Wat Dam Nak area), (), [99]. A comfortable hostel with air-con & Free WiFi throughout, including the rooms, which also have a balcony. Bar, restaurant, pool table, indoor swimming pool in the bar/restaurant area (clean and refreshing), & a daily hour happy hour. The staff can organise guides, drivers & book onward travel, and are helpful. The hostel has its own tuk tuk drivers whom are honest and speak good English. They can be booked for trips at reception, which ensures no overcharging or scams. Dorm bed: US$6, double: $US20; triple: US$25.  edit
  • Garden Village Guesthouse & Hostel, 434, Group 4, Stung Thmey Village, [100]. Free airport pickup, free internet (slow), restaurant. 80 rooms, Khmer-style private room and dormitories are open-air stilted houses made from bamboo mats and thus quite cool and airy. The place is quite noisy at night with a bar on the 3rd floor (50 cent on tap beer) and a Khmer bar next door. Has nice pool to waste the day in. Dorm bed: US$3:50 to 5$ (Feb 2015); Khmer-style single private: US$5; single: US$6; double: US$7; twin: US$8; triple: US$9;.  edit
  • Green Town Guesthouse, Street 21 Wat Bo Village Salakomrouek Commune (from airport take Highway 6 to Siem Reap, pass two traffic lights, turn right at the roundabout, cross the first bridge over the river, turn left across the river and take the first right, the guesthouse is 100 m on your right. From the bus station take road # 6 in Siem Reap, turn left at the first traffic light, then take the second right., the guesthouse is 50 m on the left), +855 12 963749, [101]. checkin: on arrival; checkout: noon. Backpacker oriented but draws a wide crowd. Clean, relaxed atmosphere with bar & restaurant downstairs. Western & Cambodian menu. 10 min walk from town centre. US$6 for a large room with high ceiling, open windows, fan, hot shower ensuite and 70 channel TV. US$10 gets the same with air-con. Wi-Fi throughout, free computers downstairs. US$4 dollars for a windowless box that at best has cold water. If you fall for paying much more than listed here (prices start high), they may give a free breakfast. Security guard. Tours, tickets and local transport also available. As of Feb 2015, guesthouse was under construction and closed. US$4-10. (13.358465,103.859785) edit
  • Hostelling International Siem Reap, 209, Wat Domnak Village, Salacomreuk Commune, +855 8 959 1169 (), [102]. Brightly painted rooms. A dip in the hot tub might be good if everyone else doesn't get in first. Dorms US$5, private rooms US$8.  edit
  • Lovely Guesthouse, Wat bo area, Street 20 (north of Wot Bo Rd, near crossing of Apsara (new) market/minimart), +855 12 242429, +855 12 717228 (), [103]. Free WiFi, laundry+ironing US$1.50/kg, restaurant (US$2-3/dish), tours to Angkor Vat and district. Their tuk tuk drivers speak good english, and it's possible to arrange tours with them. Good breakfasts, and good value overall. single/double start at US$5-6 with cold shower, US$8 hot shower.  edit
  • Mad Monkey Hostel Siem Reap (Mad Monkey Hostel Siem Reap), Siwatha Road (Opposite ABA Bank and next to Hyatt hotel), +855636880008, [104]. checkin: 12.00; checkout: 11.00. Popular backpackers hostel, known for its parties and upstairs beach roof Bar (Top Banana) with a sand floor and beach vibe. The hostel hosts 150 guests per night, provides both shared dorm and private room accommodation.  edit
  • Paris Angkor Hotel ([email protected]), # 517 Taphul Village, SvayDong Commune, Siem Reap Central Area, +1 408 663 9073, [105]. Paris Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap offers furnished bedrooms with Cable TV, wireless internet access, bathtub and shower. The hotel is located near city attractions like Wat Kesararam, Luky Mall and Clinic Sokpheap. : from USD15.00.  edit
  • Sweet Dreams Guest House, House 126 Wat Bo St Salakomrouek Commune (from airport take Highway 6 to Siem Reap, pass two traffic lights, turn right at the roundabout, cross the first bridge over the river, turn left across the river and take the first right, the guesthouse is 100 m on your right. From the bus station take road # 6 in Siem Reap, turn left at the first traffic light, then take the second right. Call for free pickup from airport/bus station/boat station/train station), +855 92548600. checkin: Anytime; checkout: noon. Family owned guesthouse. Clean, relaxed atmosphere with bar & restaurant. Free computer & Free Wifi. Friendly staff willing to help with ticket booking and trips to Angkor Wat US$2: single room fan & shared Bathroom, US$4/5: single room fan & private bathroom, US$10: double room air-con & private bathroom. (13.358465,103.859785) edit
  • Two Dragons Guesthouse, #110 Wat Bo Village, Street 20, +855 63-965-107 (), [106]. Single room from 6$/night with air-con, fan and private bathroom with hot shower. Free Wifi, free coffee/tea, laundry 3$/kg. From 6$.  edit


  • Alis' House, #0140 Mondul 3 Village, Sangkat Sla Kram (near Charles De Gaulle and Jayavarman VII Hospital GPS coordinates 13.373683, 103.862772), +855 69 748 971 or +855 10 962 688 (), [107]. checkin: after 2:00 PM; checkout: 12:00 PM. Only 15 minutes from the airport and halfway between downtown and Angkor Wat. All rooms air conditioned, use of kitchen, Wi-Fi, and hot water showers. Double Room (2pax) US$18, 2 Room Suite (4pax) US$35, Whole 6 Bed Dormitory (6pax) US$35, Dorm Bed (1pax) US$7. (13.373683,103.862772) edit
  • Angkor Saphir Hostel, "National (near Royal Palace and next to the stone bridge of Siem Reap River), +60 3 5021-9379 or +1 408 663-9073 (), [108]. checkin: 10:00; checkout: 12:00. only 15 minutes drive from the Siem Reap International Airport and within walking distance to the Old Market. air conditioned with free breakfast. Single Room from US$18 Double Room US$20.  edit
  • Arboretum Guesthouse, Sok San Road, Stung They, Svay Dangkum (Sok san road, 1 minute away from the famous Pub Street), +855 63 963 240 or +855 97 314 2956 (). checkin: on arrival, by internet or here; checkout: 11 am. Fan or air-con, balconies, satellite TV, hot water, free Wi-Fi, fridge. 24hr reception, very friendly staff, European management. Close to town centre; 20 minutes from temples. Free plane, bus, boat pick-up. : Singles from US$16. Doubles US$20. Family room up to US$52.  edit
  • Babel Guesthouse, Street 20, Wat Bo area (down the road from New Apsara market on Wat Bo Road), +855 78 858 469 (), [109]. Large clean comfortable rooms (aircon, ensuite bathroom, hot shower, large comfortable beds, cable TV, wifi). Tropical garden with restaurant and bar, chill out spots and TV area. Swimming pool next door available for $3 per day. Norwegian owned with friendly local staff. Room rates all include breakfast and free pick up service. From US$20-35..  edit
  • Big Lyna Villa ("), #659, Street 22, Wat Bo Rd, +855 63 964 807 (), [110]. A Khmer style wooden building. 10 double rooms with hot shower, mini fridge and satTV. Free Wi-Fi and bicycle usage. air-con double: US$20.  edit
  • Bliss Villa, close to the Old Market in walking distance to bars, restaurants and the popular Pub Street and Pub Street Alley. ([email protected]), +855 63 630-0978, [111]. checkin: 12; checkout: 12. Air-con, Wi-Fi, Tour Services and Clean Rooms! This is a great spot slightly off of the tourist path but close enough to walk to everything. The rooms are clean and spacious, especially on the top floor and it is but a five or so minute walk to the street of pubs. $12+.  edit
  • Boomerang Guesthouse, Sivartha Road (Southern end of Sivartha Road near a roundabout), [112]. 5 min walk to Pub Street but far away from the noise. Basic rooms with Free Wifi. The double room is a worthwhile upgrade from the small windowless single room. Fan single: US$3; Fan double: US$7; air-con: US$10.  edit
  • Borey Rattanak Hotel and Cafe, Located in a more local area and less touristy area of Siem Reap, about 10-15 minute ride to the city center/pub street area. Great local ambiance, nearby sites, proximity to the Angkor Park, local markets and real Cambodian daily life that surrounds the property. A nice contrast for those wishing to stay outside the bustling city and busy touristic areas. Great for people wanting to explore the temples and go on expeditions., +855 88 372 3121, [113]. Clean and comfortable accommodations, a culinary and cultural experience near the incredible Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia.Free airport pick, expereinced tour advice and local knowledge.  edit
  • Boutique Cambo Hotel, 100 meter from Road No. 6, Salakanseng, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, +85512215708 (), [114]. Offers Superior, Deluxe and Family Suites. Rooms come with air conditioning, LCD TV, bathtub, mini bar and free breakfast. The hotel has a restaurant, cafe, bar, swimming pool, airport transfers and many other services. From US$15..  edit
  • Cheysokha Guesthouse ("), National road 6, Phum Chong Kaosou, Sangkat Slorkram, Siem Reap City, (), [115]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Located in Chong Kov Sou Bus Station in Siem Reap City. Air-conditioned double and twin rooms. air-con double: US$15.  edit
  • Dara Reang Sey Hotel, National road Nº 6, Phum Chong Caochou, Khum Slor Kram, +855 63 963434/5, [116]. All rooms are equipped with cable TV, IDD telephone, in-Room safe deposit box, in-Room Coffee/Tea making facility, alarm system, bath/ shower with hot water, high speed wireless internet, air-conditioner and mini-bar. Some of its facilities and services are garden, snack bar, non-smoking rooms, designated smoking area, elevator, outdoor swimming pool, BBQ facilities, meeting/banquet facilities, business centre, VIP room facilities, souvenirs/gift shop, restaurant, parking, bicycle rental, ironing service, car hire, Wi-Fi internet access, airport shuttle, Concierge service, 24-hour front desk, laundry/dry cleaning and babysitting/child services. Rates start at 25.20 USD.  edit
  • Golden Butterfly Villa, Stung Thmey, Svay Dangkum (located next to Golden Temple Villa), +855 92 646439 (), [117]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. A beautiful Khmer-style hotel located in a quite street adjacent to the Pub Street. The owner's family also runs Golden Temple Villa. Free services include pick up from airport and bus station, Wi-Fi in rooms and the lobby, a 30-min Cambodian massage and bicycle use. All rooms equipped with air-con, cable TV, fridge and hot & cold shower. The staff are very friendly and informative. There is a restaurant at the ground level which serves both Khmer and Western food. $18-$25.  edit
  • Golden Mango Inn, No. 0658, Road 6, Chongkaosou Village, Slorkram Commune (located along National Road No. 6, accessible by the slip-road next to the TOTAL Petrol Station), +855 63 76185 (), [118]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. A budget accommodation run by the Cheab family. Free services include pick up from airport and bus station, tuk tuk rides to the Old Market and Pub Street, bicycle use, daily breakfast and booking of bus tickets and countryside or Angkor tours. All rooms equipped with air-con, cable TV, mini-bar and hot & cold shower. Management and staff are cordial, competent and reliable. Other facilities include a pool, a garden and a small bar/restaurant. $20-$30.  edit
  • Golden Takeo Guesthouse, #123 Wat Bo Rd, (), [119]. Well presented rooms, surrounded by gardens with a cool roof top terrace. Free breakfast, laundry, bicycle and internet. Fan single: US$12; Fan double: US$14; air-condouble: US$17.  edit
  • Green Park Village Guesthouse, #304, Road N. 6, Group 10, Dorkpo Village, Slorkram Commune (Between Phsar leur Market and ANZ royal bank), +855 63 965059 (), [120]. This faraway guesthouse (3km from Pub Street) is located in a quiet location at night but within a stone throw to the massive Phsar leur Market. $7 for a big single ensuite room with a TV. Free breakfast (generous portion), free water refill, free coffee & hot water, free tuktuk to town (but not the way back), Wifi, free bicycle. The mood is friendly and attracts a quiet clientele. US$7-$18.  edit
  • Hak's House, Build Bright Rd (next to Build Bright University), +855 12 540 336, [121]. A Khmer family-run guesthouse with basic single and double fan or air-con rooms, cable TV, hot shower. in room Free Wi-Fi. All rooms rate includes breakfast. Bus tickets can be booked. [email protected] USD$6-12.  edit
  • Home Sweet Home Guesthouse, 111 Wat Bo Rd, +855 63 760 279, [122]. Large rooms with en suite bathroom. The decoration is best described as spartan and some visitors have found the cleanliness of the rooms and communal areas to be lacking. From US$9-20.  edit
  • Ivy Guesthouse ("), (behind ANZ Royal same road as the Riviera hotel), (), [123]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. 5 min walk to Pub Street. Clean basic rooms. The $1 Tapas night are popular. There's a nice hangout area on the first floor with a TV. double ensuite:$7, air-con double: US$15.  edit
  • Mandalay Inn, (near southern roundabout at Sivatha Boulevard), [124]. checkout: noon. "Looks expensive but not" is written on the outside. Indeed, this centrally located hotel is rather a midrange one, despite its low price. Staff are very welcoming and helpful and the rooms are clean and cosy. Has Wi-fi & TV. fan-double: US$9.  edit
  • '''Mom's. One of the longer-running guest houses in Siem Reap, now in a new if somewhat characterless building. Mom will be happy to make all sorts of travel and transport arrangements. US$25 for air-con doubles with breakfast, hot water and airport transfers included.  edit
  • Palm Garden Lodge, Soksan St, Svay Dungkum, [125]. 20 min walk to Pub Street and a bit hard to find. Bright rooms with wood four-poster beds and fresh linen. The new building has better (but smaller) rooms and newer TVs. All rooms are ensuite. Free breakfast. $7-25.  edit
  • Paradise Eco resort-Siem Reap, 1 Tuk Vil, N6 Baray (10 min from Angkor Wat temple), +855 63 655-2525 (), [126]. checkin: 2PM; checkout: 12 noon. Free bike, free WiFi for guests. French and English speaking. Nice atmosphere. Free swimming pool and garden. From US10.  edit
  • Parklane Hotel, Taphul St, Taphul Village, "+855 (), [127]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Very friendly hotel near to city centre. Rooms have air-con, satTV, fridge, Wi-Fi, en-suite with hot water. $20-40.  edit
  • Popular Guesthouse, 033, group 10, Viheachin Village, Svaydangkum commune, (), [128]. 10 min walk to Pub Street. The rooms are basic, clean and the bed comfortable. Free wifi at the restaurant area on the first floor. Fan single: US$4.  edit
  • Reasey Boutique Villa - SPA and swimming pool, Taphul Street (Behind Park Hyatt, close to Pub Street, Old Market, Night Market and Riverside), +855 98 703 200 or +855 99 827 405 (), [129]. Reasey Boutique Villa is a brand new hotel recently opened in January 2017. This property benefits from an excellent location in very close proximity to Siem Reap City Center. It is situated just 5 minutes walking distance to the heart of the action and is within a short walking distance of Pub Street, Old Market, Night Market and Riverside. Reasey Boutique Villa features 5 spacious private luxurious villas spread in a lush tropical garden, a spacious lobby/common area with plenty of space to relax, socialize and meet other travelers. Adjacent to the lobby, there is a newly built swimming pool to cool down in after the temples. 29 USD for a Luxury King Size. (13.3592618,103.8532276) edit
  • Rosy Guesthouse, Slar Kram Village, +855 63 965059 (), [130]. Very popular long running guest house with bar, restaurant and large balcony overlooking the Siem Reap River. Comfortable and well kitted out rooms with hot water shower bathroom, large TV, DVD player, free WiFi, fridge, fan and air-con. US$8-30.  edit
  • Sam So Guesthouse, 164 Wat Bo Rd, (opposite Street 21), +855 12 602956, +855 97 669 9813 (), [131]. All rooms are big, clean, and have a private bathroom with hot water, air-con or fan, large screen satTV and a fridge. Free WiFi and internet in the lobby. Run by Cambodian family, friendly, helpful and reliable staff. English, German, Italian and French are spoken. Various tours by arrangement. Free breakfast and free pick up. US$11-20.  edit
  • Seven Candles Guesthouse, 307 Wat Bo Rd, +855 63 963 380 (), [132]. Run by the Ly family, comfortable clean rooms with private hot water bathroom, air-con, fan, and TV. 2 bottles of water daily. Laundry, onward transport bookings, and free Wi-Fi. The Ly family works hard on making education available to the children of rural families; volunteers with the Ponheary Ly Foundation often stay here. Four of the family are licenced Angkor Wat tour guides, speaking English, French and Russian. Breakfast is available for a small additional fee. US$20.  edit
  • Shadow of Angkor, 353 Pokambor Ave, +855 63 964744 (), [133]. In a French colonial building. Very clean, though not soundproof, rooms with air-con, hot water, satTV, free internet. Run by a Cambodian family. From US$7-20.  edit
  • Side Walk Coffee Hotel, Taphul Street, Taphul Village, Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap City, (), [134]. Side Walk Coffee Hotel offers budget accommodation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Single, Double and Family Rooms are available for occupancy with fan or airconditioning unit. Free wifi, coffee and tea. US$15.  edit
  • Tanei Guesthouse Siem Reap, (next to Artisan D’Angkor), [173]. Free in room WiFi 24 hr, free tea & coffee, swimming pool, jacuzzi, restaurant, lobby, quiet garden, terrace, fresh atmosphere, mini-bar, friendly staff, English speaking staff, cleaning room, in room refrigerator, electric lamp, slippers, alarm clock, traditional Khmer pictures, fan, air-con, hot water, cableTV, window, 24 hr services and 24 hr security. Room rates from US$12 include free pick-up.
  • Temple Villa, (near southern Wat Bo road). checkout: noon. Spacious and comfy rooms with balconies in a calm atmosphere just 300 m from the river. Wifi, pool, TV. Air-con is about 5$ extra. The staff are not service-oriented, the restaurant is below average and the rooms sometimes smell. off-season fan-double: 10$.  edit
  • The City Garden Villa, National road No.6 , 665 Group 7 Salakangseng, Svaydankom, Siem Reap City, (), [135]. The City Garden Villa offers budget accommodation at the heart of Siem Reap City. The hotel has fan and airconditioned wood-finished rooms complete with amenities. Angkor Wat Temple is just 15 minutes away and 10 minutes away the famous Old Market. US$3.50.  edit
  • The Lotus Lodge, "Boeng (near Phsa Leu Market), +855 63 966 140 or +855 93 818 623 (), [136]. checkin: 10:00; checkout: 12:00. An Oasis of Greenery, Large Swimming Pool, Restuarant/Lounge, Free Bike Rental, Free Tuk Tuk to town, Free Tuk Tuk Bus/Airport Pick-up, Free Breakfast, Fast & Free Wifi, Fan or Aircon, Cable TV, Hot Water, 24hr Reception, Friendly Staff, Tour Bookings, Canadian Management, quiet and family friendly. 2 Twin / Double Room from US$20-$30.  edit
  • The Prohm Roth Inn ("), #072, Street 20, Wat Bo Rd, [137]. Bright & large double, twin & triple rooms, cableTV, fan & air-con, private en-suite, hot shower: US$5-25 ($5-15 in low/rainy season). It was $5 for a single private ensuite with TV (Dec 2013). Green & clean, free pick up, WiFi & breakfast. The same friendly local brothers also own Prohm Roth Guesthouse on Pub St, near the Old Market.  edit
  • Tropical Breeze Guesthouse and Restaurant, 293 Wat Damnak village (over river from Old market & Pub St, turn right and walk for around 5 min), +855 63 966 445 (), [138]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Bar & restaurant downstairs, Western & Cambodian menu. Large rooms with high ceilings, open windows, Wi-Fi, free computers downstairs, 70 channel TV, air-con or fan, en suite has mains pressure hot water. 24 hr check-in, security guard, security box in lobby (bring your own padlock). Free set breakfast menu of 56 items, including drinks. Tours, tickets and local transport. Visa or MasterCard accepted. Free pick up 24 hr by prior arrangement. US$8-20. (13.350774,103.855200) edit
  • Velkommen Guesthouse Siem Reap, Group 4, Mondul lll Village (100 meters east of Angkor National Museum Traffic Light), +855 12 477 270 (Eng/Nor). +855 12 477 271 (Khm) (), [139]. Large clean comfortable rooms (aircon, ensuite bathroom, hot shower, large comfortable beds, cable TV, wifi, security box, fan, wardrobe... Friendly helpful english speaking staff, open bar, restaurant, pool table, plasma TV with DVD player, super fast WiFi (3.5 Mbps), room service, daily room cleaning with fresh towels & linen. Swimming pool 5 min walk, Night market 15 min walk, Pub Street 15 min walk. Angkor wat 5km. Tuk-tuk & charity bicycles available. $5 aircon dorm, $16 private double aircon. (13.367993,103.861914) edit
  • Yellow Guest House, 363, Taphul Village, Svay Dangkum. Commune, +855 12 275 848. +855 63 690 0297 (), [140]. Very clean and well furnished rooms. Staff speak English, as well as several other languages, including Japanese and Thai. Computers and internet in the common area and free Wi-Fi as well. There's a no shoes/flip-flops policy indoors, so the floors are kept clean. From US$3-16..  edit


  • Angkor Spirit Palace Resort and Spa, [174]. Located just outside of downtown, this hotel offers a beautiful garden and pool that is worth spending the late afternoon lounging. The building is really quite impressive and built with many elements of traditional Khmer architecture. he rooms are simple, but comfortable. Airport transportation and rides into town are included in room rates. Easy and reasonable temple driver access by tuk tuk. Price = $30+ US
  • Auberge Mont Royal d'Angkor, 497 Taphul St, +855 12 630 131, [141]. French villa style building with 37 rooms decorated with an Asian feel. AC unit and ceiling fans, beautiful swimming pool in their well kept garden. US$35-.  edit
  • Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel, Street 53, No 418, Vihearchin, Svay Dangkom, Siem Reap ☎ +855 777 69 126 , [175]. A tropical oasis with spacious rooms and modern amenities. Close to Night Market. Complimentary daily a la carte breakfast, gorgeous swimming pool, fitness facilities, massage treatments, tours and transport, and excellent food & cocktails. From US$35 (low season) to $125 (deluxe family room). (formerly Rumahmu Boutique Hotel)
  • Casa Angkor Hotel, 52 Oum Chhay St. ☎ +855 63 966 234, [176]. Colonial Architecture Hotel. Great location in Siem Reap’s Old French Quarter. It offers an outdoor pool, dining options, spa and free Wi-Fi. From US$40 with buffet breakfast included.
  • Central Boutique Angkor Hotel, [177]. Locally owned and operated. Clean, comfortable hotel, not too far from the centre of town, with western bathrooms, gardens and a pool. air-con rooms from US$29 with breakfast included.
  • City River Hotel, Steung Siem Reap St. ☎ +855 63 763 000, [178]. Comfortable hotel near the city centre. Airport pick-up. Internet access in rooms and accepts credit cards. From US$60.
  • Cheathata Angkor Hotel, Sok San Rd Krong Siem Reap, 17252. ☎ +855 63 966 565 [179]. On Soksan Road, a intimate hotel close to Pub Street, Psar Chas Market, Sivutha Blvd, bars and restaurants. Spacious rooms and deluxe amenities set in Colonial design using superior hardwoods. Some rooms have balconies. We serve daily breakfast, rooftop swimming pool, spa treatments. From US$29.
  • Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel, No.0017, Phum Wat Bo, Sala Kamreuork, Siem Reap ☎ +855 63 966 898, [180]. Offers spacious rooms and deluxe amenities. The hotel is located in central Siem Reap City near the airport and close to Pub Street, Psar Chas Market, and Angkor National Museum. Serves complimentary daily breakfast, with swimming pool, fitness facility, spa and body treatments. From US$35.
  • Frangipani Villa Hotel, #0603, Wat Bo Rd, +855 63 963 030, [142]. Superior room from US$44, pool view from US$66, balcony room from US$55.  edit
  • Golden Temple Hotel, 7 Makara Rd. ☎ +855 12 756 655, [181]. Excellent Khmer-style quality for an affordable price, rooms starting at US$55. 5 min walk to the centre of Siem Reap. Pool, massage services. Staff can organise trios to Angkor Wat or elsewhere close by.
  • Kanitha Boutique Villa, Phum Krous, Khum Svaydongkom, Siem Reap [182]. The hotel offers first-class accommodation in its Villas and Deluxe Rooms. Rooms are spacious furnished with luxury amenities, high-speed internet connection and complete hotel facilities. There is a swimming pool, cafe by the pool, bar and restaurant, travel desk and a tropical garden setting.
  • Men's Resort & Spa, ☎ +855 63 963 503, [183]. Located in the heart of Siem Reap. "male exclusive" gay hotel. The complex includes a boutique hotel with 10 stylish rooms, a large pool, a fitness centre, massage service and sauna/spa. Rooms from US$49.
  • Mom´s Guest House, 99, Wat Bo Street, Siem Reap. ☎ +855 12 630170, [184]. Centrally located, it is one of the few best family-run guesthouses currently operational in Siem Reap. Short walk to the Old Market and Pub Street. 10 minutes drive to the temples. Free breakfast, swimming pool, wifi and free pick up from the airport. Rooms from US$25.
  • My Hibiscus Hotels and Resort, Taneuy Street, Wat Bo Village, Sangkat Salakamreuk, [185]. The hotel offers deluxe accommodation in its airconditioned hotel rooms and two outdoor swimming pools. It is located 5 minutes drive from Pub Street and the Old Market.
  • Shining Angkor Boutique Hotel, #560 Group One, Kok Chok Commune, +855 63 963 096, [143]. 21 rooms. Free tuk-tuk service one way to the centre of Siem Reap daily. It is a ~US$2 per ride back. Free pickup by tuk-tuk from the airport, and free breakfast of bacon, egg and toast. The staff are friendly and helpful. Decor is traditional wooden furniture with Buddhist elements. Family owned.  edit
  • Soria Moria Boutique Hotel, Wat Bo Rd, [144]. Clean spacious rooms and free WiFi. US$40-65.  edit
  • Ta Phrom Hotel, (river front, next to Old Market), Pokambor Avenue, Mondul I, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, ☎ Resv +855 63 380 117, +855 63 760 087, Fax: +855 63 963 528, [186]. Free in room WiFi 24 hr, restaurant, wooden rounded stairs lobby, wooden interior and beautiful statues, terrace, traditional atmosphere with French colonial exterior, friendly staff, English speaking staff, cleaning room, in room refrigerator, mini-bar, slippers, air-con, hot water and bathtub, cableTV, 24 hr services and 24 hr security. Room rates US$35-80. A hotel with strategic location within walking distances to Old Market, Pub Street and Night Markets. Siem Reap Art Centre Market is just across the river. Lovely hotel with exceptional wooden interior, breakfast are included and free airport pick-up for longer stay.
  • The Cockatoo Nature Resort, ☎ +855 63 969 069, [187]. 7 rooms in a restored traditional Khmer house plus 2 Balinese-inspired grass-roofed cottages. Pool and lush gardens. Gourmet food served at main restaurant or poolside bar. From US$35 during low season (May-Sept). Best to reserve on hotel's own website; enquire for current promotional offers.
  • The Pool and Palm villa, ☎ +855 77 359 677, [188]. Located near Build Bright University (BBU). The resort includes two villa's: Khmer-French style and modern with stylish rooms, a 17 metre long infinity pool, 8,500 square metre garden, restaurant. Rooms from US$ 38,- (low season) to US$100,- (family room with living room high season).
  • The RiverGarden Siem Reap, 113 Mondule 3, ☎ +855 63 963 400, [189]. Standard rooms start at US$35, superior from US$45, deluxe from US$65, Khmer Cottage from US$45.
  • Villa Siem Reap, 153 Taphul Rd, ☎ +855 63 761 036, [190]. Several min walk to shopping, restaurants and the old market. Runs excellent excursions to temples and floating village. Standard rooms from US$18, superior from US$25, deluxe from US$30, villa bungalows from US$45.


  • Cheathata Suites Hotel (Siem Reap Hotel), Angkor Night Market St Krong Siem Reap, 17252.‏ (Next to Angkor Night Market), +855 17 63 966 565 (), [145]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00pm. 5 Star Luxury Suites in Colonial design. All luxury rooms and suites air conditioned designed to highest finish' facilities includes bar & restaurant, rooftop swimming pool, spa, airport transfer. US$45-150. (13.356305,103.851730) edit
  • G&Z Premier Luxury Residence & Spa (Siem Reap Hotel), Chocolate Road Krong Siem Reap‏ (Behind Angkor High School), +855 17 392 000 (), [146]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00pm. Luxury residence in french colonial design - featuring air conditioned luxury rooms and suites' facilities includes bar & restaurant, swimming pool, spa, airport shuttle, & fitness centre. US$40-110.  edit
  • G&Z Eden Privilege Resort & Spa (Siem Reap Resort), #115, Group 7 . Phum Tropeang Ses Khum Kochok Srok, Benoit St, Krong Siem Reap‏ (Behind Kuntha Bopha hospital), +855 17 392 000 (), [147]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00pm. Exclusive 5 Star Resort in traditional khmer design - featuring 8 air conditioned rooms and suites' facilities includes bar & restaurant, swimming pool, spa, airport shuttle, & fitness centre. US$90-150.  edit
  • Sokharoth Hotel (Siem Reap Hotel), Street 66, Sala Kanseng Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia‏, +855 63 968 867 (), [148]. 57 deluxe rooms' facilities includes bar & restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, massage service, business centre, airport service, foreign currency exchange, laundry service catering service. US$60-110.  edit
  • Heritage Suites Hotel (luxury boutique hotel), (next to Wat (Pagoda) Po Langka), +855 63 969 100 (), [149]. checkin: 12:00pm; checkout: 3:00pm. A roll top bath, private garden and premium linen are uncommon little extras that could help you justify the price. $159-595.  edit
  • Melbourne Residence Siem Reap (Luxury Holiday Villa), Metakaruna Road Sroge District Kaksekam Village (400 meters South of Royal Angkor International Hospital), +855 97 588 9999 (), [150]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 11:00am. private community villas, over 40 private home within these neighborhood, 3 to 6 bedrooms private villas, private pool or shared community pool, modern kitchen and living space, great stay for large or family group. $100-300.  edit
  • Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat (Spa Resort & Wellness Retreat), (Angkor High School Road, Tropeang Treng Village, Sala Komreuk Commune), +855 63 964 864 (), [151]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00nn. Siem Reap's only resort & wellness retreat with detox, health programs, yoga, yoga holiday breaks, acupuncture and holistic healing. $120-300.  edit
  • La Residence d'Angkor, River Rd, +855 63 963 390 (), [152]. The hotel is finished in stone and wood that reflects traditional architecture, centred around a baray-inspired swimming pool. US$395.  edit
  • Prince D'Angkor, Sivatha Blvd, +855 63 763 888 (), [153]. Upmarket hotel and spa. 10 min stroll from the centre of town. US$180.  edit
  • Sokha Angkor Resort, corner of National Rd 6 & Sivatha Blvd, +855 63 969 999 (), [154]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. A new 5 star resort in the city centre with a large salt-water pool. The resort has 6 restaurants and bars. US$140-$2,200. (13.364653,103.85641) edit
  • Starry Angkor Hotel, No. G4, National Road 6, Banteay Chas Village, Sangkat Slorkram, (855) 63 968 123 (fax: (855) 63 968 124), [155]. 127 rooms rangin; all equipped with plasma cable TV, wi-fi, separate shower and bath. Some of its facilities and services are Starry restaurant, swimming pool and fitness room/gym. starting from $60.  edit
  • Suites and Sweet Angkor, Phum Krous, Khum Svay Daungum, +855 63 761 490 (), [156]. If you can overlook the name the nine villas set in tropical gardens offer privacy and each of the suites face a traditional Khmer lake that includes a private pool with a wooden terrace. US$165.  edit
  • The One Hotel, The Passage, +855 12 755 311 (), [157]. About as exclusive as you can get the freestanding French colonial building has only one suite with street view balconies and a private roof top jacuzzi garden. US$250.  edit
  • Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa, Central Park, + 855 63 760 428, [158]. Very luxurious hotel, beautifully decorated. From US$155.  edit
  • Park Hyatt Siem Reap (Luxury 5-star Hotel in Siem Reap), Sivutha Boulevard, Siem Reap.‏ (Opposite of Cambodian Public Bank, 2-mins to Pub Street), +855 6321 1234 (), [159]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00pm. Khmer meets Art Deco. This 5-Star Luxury Hotel designed by Bill Bensley features a private courtyard, apsara performance and great location near Pub Street and Night Market. US$160-360. (13.3584165,103.8538985) edit


  • Prey Kroch Homestay, Prey Kroch Village, Siem Reap, +855 (0)12 611 153 (), [160]. Stay in a quaint little village just a stone’s throw away from Siem Reap's bustling city center. Experience the best of the Khmer hospitality and take the opportunity to be a part of an ever changing lifestyle that will make your stay in Siem Reap an unforgettable experience. A part of the profits from the homestay are used to offer community services and finance programs that bring positive changes to disadvantaged people.  edit

Stay safe[edit]

Siem Reap has long since been thoroughly de-mined.


Most locals are decent people just trying to make an honest living but a few shady characters try every trick to take advantage of visitors. Be alert to deception, but don't let suspicion ruin your visit.

Airport arrival scams: (i) Charging you a huge "conversion fee" at the Immigration desk, to convert your currency into USD: so bring USD; (ii) Being asked for a "tip" by the Immigration staffer, as he holds your passport in his hand. Politely decline: he'll return your passport anyway. (iii) Bring small change (1s, 5s, and 10s) for the visa payment, as the change balance may not be returned to you by airport staff, and they might deny having ever received from you an amount greater than the price of the visa. Insistence that you are owed change will not help.

Convenience stores have been known to give incorrect change and pocket the rest. Check your change before you walk out of the store and point out any short changing. Most likely they will admit to their "mistake" and give you the right change.

Street vendors and beggars in competition for generous visitors' handouts have developed cunning, if underhanded, techniques to get your attention and money. The "beggar army" of young children will come up to you in the crowd and grab your hands, leading you to a store where they will then try and have you buy food/baby milk/water for them: baby milk seems the most popular. It might sound like a more humanitarian way to help than simply giving them money, but once you leave the shop the goods you bought for them are sold back to the owners, or to other locals and the cash goes to an adult. Young women with babies cradled in a krama perform a similar trick.

Donation-collectors for orphanages may approach you in the street claiming to be volunteer workers, showing you convincing photos of themselves in the orphanage and a clip board listing the generous donations made by foreign visitors. Though these young adults may be well groomed and speak excellent English it's possible that your donation will go directly into their pockets. A donation of money or your time to a recognised charity might be a better way to help.

Baby-milk scams may be encountered in the centre of town, outside supermarkets. A very poor looking woman will beg for some milk powder, pointing to her baby. If one cracks and buys the milk, she later returns it to the shop, and the money is split 50:50.

VIP sleeper night bus scam encountered Jan 2013. Travel agencies sell expensive tickets to Phnom Pehn ($10 against $6) in VIP sleeper beds buses operated by transport companies “Golden VIP Transport Service” and “Virak-Buntham Express Tour&Travel”. Buses leave at midnight. When Pick-up brings you to the bus, it can so happen, that you find instead of sleeper bus the regular bus with seats instead beds and if you are not lucky you become the seats in the back that no lean back and have to sit upright all the night. This scam still actual on May 2015 by transport company OTM (Olympic Transport Co.) and others with the tickets to Sihanoukville. Company says that the road takes only 9h and that there's no bus change in Phnom Penh. In reality it's 14h road with changing the bus to usual (not Hotel Bus or Sleeping Bus which you paid for), so you have to sit rest of the journey. Mentioned, that there's no correlation on the price, as people paid for their tickets from $13 to $17 to get from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville with the Sleeping Bus.

Tuk Tuks off the airport When getting off the airport, you may be offered to get a ride from a Tuk Tuk driver to your hotel, which are the same ones ordered right off the airport counters. Later when dropping you off, he may offer to be your local guide for the duration of your stay, and the price he may offer may seem too good to be true. It usually is and when you find out at the end that he's not sticking to his side of the deal, things do get awkward. Consider the fact that if you buy into the scam, you maybe helping him and his family out, especially during the desperate low season, this can turn into a personal choice. The taxi service at the airport "Tourist Transport Association" also has the same problem. Do not buy into any tour offers by drivers of the company as they tend to be low quality and always try to rip you off. They also pretend to be tour guide but in fact they are only drivers and are not licensed.

Just keep this in mind, and be more open to the drivers/guides options available at your hotel or hostel, who tell fewer lies and the prices tend to be reasonable. You can verify your guide's name and license number online.

Fake Tuk Tuk destination scam The rare unscrupulous tuktuk driver may take you to a destination other than what you specify, such as a different tourist attraction, which is in some way related to what you are looking for.They may have some connection or get some kickback from this attraction. Before debarking, be sure you are at the right place, and if not, insist that they take you where you are supposed to be.

Massage scam After agreeing upon the price and bringing you to a massage room, more girls (2 or more) enter and start doing massage together. After finishing, they demand the agreed payment for every girl. Even if you understand that it's a scam before the massage started - they are extremely obstinate and can go as far as to not let you leave by using physical force.

An overarching problem that may stoke some scams is an increase in the use of meth or 'yabba'. Locals blame Filipino musicians with ties to the local bar scene, the Couleur du The cafe, and the music scene. Stick with happy pizzas.

Stay healthy[edit]

For general information on health, see our Cambodia#Stay_healthy article.

Medical Treatment[edit]

  • Naga Healthcare International Medical Center, 660, Hup Guan street (behind Central Market), +855 63 761-295 (), [161]. Mon-Fri 9-12, 13-17. Naga Healthcare works in a small consulting room close to the central market. Dr Joost Hoekstra is specialised in Tropical & General Medicine, Diabetes. 30 USD per consultation as of November 2014.  edit
  • Royal Angkor International Hospital, National Route 6, Phum Kasekam, Khum Sra Ngea, +855 63 761-888, [162]. Owned by the Bangkok Hospital Group and caters specifically to tourists with a smart 4 star hotel-like reception area. Their care is not cheap, but it is of a very high standard. There is a fully stocked pharmacy, General surgeon, Orthopaedic surgeon, Paediatrician and other hospital services such as treatment for fractures and intestinal problems.  edit

Bed Bugs[edit]

Bed Bugs incidences have resurged in recent years and their spread is due to the high amount of international travel and a lack of awareness. Bedbugs are usually brought into buildings through our luggages. Their flattened bodies allow them to conceal in the tiniest cracks and crevices around the room and within furniture. If bedbugs are seen, it is recommended to put the luggages outside, boil all cloths and sheets (or keep 3 days inside a plastic bag in a freezer) and get all furniture and fixture treated. Many strains are pyrethroid resistant and only high end pest controllers can really fix this issue.

  • Pestlab Exterminator, 0017 off Salakamreuk Street (Salakamreuk), 017 244 410 (), [163]. M-Sa 07:00-18:00; Closed Sunday. Bed bug eradication with Western standard even on pyrethroid resistant strains. US$120 to US$160 per room.  edit



The numerous Internet cafés charge anywhere US$0.50-1.50/hr. Speed of connection, and speed of PC, very much depends from place to place. A free public WiFi network covers the Pub St and Alley areas but it can sometimes be spotty and always terribly slow.

  • Hello Internet Cafe, Sivatha St (in front of Acleda Bank), ☎ +855 17 889030, ([email protected]). High speed internet. Low overseas call rate. Internet US$0.5/hr, and overseas call US$0.10/min.
  • E-Café, on Sivatha St, (north of Psar Chas), [191]. A cut above the rest in connection and service quality, as well as price.

Most hotels will have cable TV with many international channels such as BBC and CNN as well as those from surrounding countries. There are several FM radio stations, which includes Radio France International on 92.0MHz.



Full service laundries can be found throughout town and most hotels and guesthouse will also take care of your laundry. The going rate is $1/kg. You may occasionally be able get it cheaper if you are willing to wait longer, in which case the laundries won't have to use the dryer. 3-hour services are frequently advertised, but rarely realistic.

Sample services include:

  • 3 Hours Laundry, Sivatha Rd (near Thunborey Hotel). M-Sa 09:00-21:00; Closed Sunday. Washing, folding, ironing and delicate fabric handling for all your stinky shirts. As the name suggests, turn around time is typically 3 hours. US$1 per kg.  edit
  • New Laundry Express, Tapoul village,Svay Dangkum commune, +855 17 889 030 (). Uses washing machines and dryers. US$1 per kg.  edit

Get out[edit]

Kampong Phluck

If you are travelling alone and want to go to the faraway temples (eg. Banteay Srei, Kbal Spean, Koh Ker, Phnom Kulen) it is cheaper to join a tour than hiring a motorbike (motodup) or tuktuk. Capitol Tours (Opposite National Bank Of Cambodia) has tours for a reasonable price (prices do not include ticket to enter the temples).

  • Banteay Chhmar - the forgotten Angkorian complex in neighbouring Banteay Meanchey Province. A bit ambitous for a day trip by tuk-tuk but makes for a wonderful excursion by helicopter (about US$2,200).
  • Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre, Sanday Village (3 km before the Landmine Museum on the road to Banteay Srey temple), +855 97 852 7852, [164]. 9Am-5PM. Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre is a community development project and tourist destination just down the road from the Landmine Museum and Banteay Srey temple. Revenue from admissions is used to pay families in remote villages who are farming butterflies for the exhibit. The project makes a real difference to the farmers' livelihoods and provides a wonderful experience for visitors as they can see spectacular local butterfly species flying close at hand in a beautiful tropical garden. US$4 adults, US$2 children (under 12).  edit
  • Butterfly Paradise, Kantrak Village (5 km from Psar Chas Market on Butterfly Paradise Road), +855 12558768, [165]. 9Am-4:30PM Sunday to Friday. Butterfly Paradise is a place that the whole family can come to relax and enjoy the beauty of butterflies amongst many species of plants and flowers. Experience the beauty and lives of these flappy flower-loving friends in a peaceful tropical botanical garden resplendent with waterfalls and ponds. A place to learn, relax and refresh your mind while enjoying God's creation. Walk! Stop! Take selfies with butterflies! Don't miss this opportunity for a close up experience with butterflies in Asia's newest and largest enclosed butterfly garden. Adult: $10, Child: $7, Khmer adult: $4, Khmer child: $2. (13.350733,103.819108) edit
  • Kampong Phluk Floating Village, (off the Highway to Phnom Penh). This mangrove forest offers a much more authentic 'floating village experience' than the one close to the Tonlé Sap ferry harbour. This fascinating village on stilts can be reached by tuk-tuk from Siem Reap. During the dry season, it takes about 1 hour to reach the village, depending on the road conditions and water level. Depending on where you buy your tour, your haggling techniques and your initiative to book a tuk-tuk and boat ride yourself the price varies between US$7-60/person for a round trip. Beware of scam. When you reach the school in the village, tour guide will give you pack of exercise books and pencils as "a payment to village for visiting them". The queue of pupils will be longer than number of books you have. Immediately you receive next pack but then you will need to pay $9 for the second pack. In the wet season, the tuk-tuk or taxi will take you to the tourist information and ticket booth about 10km north of the village, where your visit is arranged. A round-trip boat will typically cost $10 per passenger including $1 admission fee. The boat will take you through the village to a floating restaurant, where you can have lunch (mains around $3-5) and continue for a short trip onto the lake. The food (esp.~the fish) is surprisingly good, so give it a try. Additionally, the flooded wood is a great scenery. Short trips (30-60minutes) on nutshell boats (2-3 passengers) can be booked at the ticket booth for $5 per boat.  edit
  • Landmine Museum, (6 km south of Banteay Srey Temple, 31 km from Siem Reap), [166]. This tiny museum was set up by local deminer Aki Ra to educate locals and tourists about the dangers of land mines. Piles of defused mines and UXO lie around the site and the guides are mostly teenagers who were orphaned or injured by mines, many of whom live onsite. This is a very worthwhile attraction that brings home the scale of the problem and shows you a slice of real Cambodia. The museum moved in 2007, so make sure your motodop doesn't try to take you to the old location in a village near Angkor Wat. US$3.  edit
  • War Remnant Museum, (Just behind the Angkor Wat ticket booth), [167]. A newcomer on the Siem Reap museum circuit as of 2016, this small museum displays artifacts of the civil war in Cambodia. More interesting are the guides, who are veterans of the war and can speak of their own experiences. The museum is dedicated to assisting landmine victims by providing them support and training. US$5.  edit
  • Wat Thmei Temple & Stupa Memorial to the Killing Fields. A large Buddhist temple. In the grounds is stupa with glass sides contains bones and skulls of victims of Pol Pot's army. Be wary of people purporting to be guides or asking for donations. Also, several of the photographs on the display boards are actually of the holocaust in Nazi Germany - take this attraction with a pinch of salt. Free, donations welcome.  edit
  • Phnom Bok. The highest hill in the area. Temple ruins - similar to those found atop of Phnom Krom and Phnom Bakong - can also be found on top of Phnom Bok. It lies 20km to the north east of Siem Reap. Expect a tiring hike up the stairs. A guard may be able to show you around. Don't forget to check out the old howitzers from the civil war. Admission is free, no pass is needed for the Angkorian ruins.
  • Phnom Krom. The hill which dominates the view, as you approach the floating village of Chong Kneas from Siem Reap. At the top, temple ruins similar to the other two hills can be found. This particular hill is popular for sunsets, as it can be viewed over the flooded plains during the wet season, and over incredibly vibrant rice fields in the dry season.
  • Battambang. You can go from Siem Reap to Battambang by boat, on the lake then along the river. It can be a difficult trip in the dry season, as low water levels make it difficult for the boat to get to its destinations. You go past many many floating villages, saving you the Floating Village Tours (tourist trap alert!). One of the cheapest places to book the boat is at Angkor Pich Erich service, halfway Taphul street (012-270608).
  • Phnom Penh. Cambodia's capital city offers a lively nightlife and excellent restaurant options. The trip from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh takes between 4.5 and 8 hours, depending on which form of transport you choose - there are lots of options.Create category
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