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Sciacca is a small town of the south coast of Sicily, Italy, with remains of a city wall and a busy fishing port.


The town's present name is probably Arab in origin. This is an authentic and everyday Sicilian town, where the ordinary people live and work on the crossroads of many ethnic groups with roots of Greek, Roman and Arab origin. Patron of the city is Holy Mary of Soccorso usually celebrated on 2 February.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

  • Palermo Airport, ((100 km)), +39 091 702 0273 (), [1]. Luggage service Alitalia (tel. +39 091 702 0208) passengers and the other for all other passengers (tel. +39 091 702 0209)  edit
  • Catania Airport, ((220 km)), Luggage Support +39 095 723 9630 (), [2].  edit
  • Trapani Airport, ((85 km)), +39 092 361 0111 (), [3].  edit

By train[edit]

Travell from Trapani to Sciacca by train possible only partly. Anyway you have to make a change to the bus.

By bus[edit]

Travell from Palermo to Sciacca takes 3 hours, Trapani-Sciacca 3 hours, Catania-Sciacca 4 hours. Bus service around all Italy [20].

Get around[edit]

Sciacca spreads over the different levels of the hillside, what allows to get wonderful views. Scandaliato square is the panoramic place and a good place to begin an exploration of the town. Pedestrians are free to wander up and down the narrow streets of this town. Climbing up from its port allows to reach a plateau spot, from which opens the views to the sea are stunning.

See[edit][add listing]

  • Angelo Scandaliato square (Piazza Angelo Scandaliato), 92019 Sciacca. It features by the excellent panoramic view. Square with high-backed benches opens on to the fishing port and sea below.
  • Basilica Madonna del Soccorso, 92019 Sciacca. It is basilica with Baroque façade and Renaissance elements, also a single bell tower on the left side. Short flight of steps connects basilica to a small enclosed churchyard with balustrades with typical amphora columns. Tripartite elevation with the paired pilasters resting on high plinths frames the three portals. The extensive tuff parts create a delicate chromatic contrast with the framing plastered surfaces. Ionic columns and capitals overlap the internal pilasters of the central part on the both orders, supporting a broken tympanum, that frames the main portal. A cornice with elaborate moldings and string courses separates the two orders. In the central part, the perspective is closed by an incomplete pediment connected to the first order by the majestic curled spirals. The same continuation of volutes and buttresses is along the entire development of the upper cover. The decoration of the façade is completed by the sculptures.
  • Campanaria tower (Torre Campanaria) Salita S. Michele, 92019 Sciacca. It is characterized as a defence structure and was used as a watchtower during the raids of pirates or Saracenes. Later it was used as a bell tower.
  • Carnival Museum of Sciacca, (Museo del Carnevale di Sciacca), Via Fratelli Bellanca, 92019 Sciacca tel. +39 092 522 606 Open M- F 09:00-13:00 and 15:00-19:00. The Sciacca Carnival Museum was built in 2010 and preserves the history of these wonderful festivals of more than a hundred years.
  • Delle Terme park with the garden (Parco Delle Terme), 92019 Sciacca. Now the park is a property of the municipality, which is surrounded by Terme Sciacca, Theatre of Popolare Samonà, Ex Convento San Francesco (now hall) and the amphitheater type buildings.
  • Enchanted Castle (Castello Incantato), Via Fondo Bentivegna, 16, 92019 Sciacca. At the foot of Mount Kronio is situated incredible garden-museum, where are thousands of sculptures created by Filippo Bentivegna.
  • Fishing port. Sciacca has the strong fishing industry and the town's fishing harbor accommodates about 500 boats. It is possible to watch port from the panoramic platforms or to reach it down by a road or flights of steps from the main part of the town. So, the harbor offers a chance to see a real working fishing industry from afar or up close.
  • Francesco Scaglione House Museum (Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni), Sciacca. It was set in the 19th century by Scaglione family placing collection of paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, as well as archaeological, numismatic, mineralogical, ethno-anthropological showpeaces.
  • Graffeo palace (Palazzo Graffeo), Via Giuseppe Licata, 92019 Sciacca. It was built in 15th century in Baroque style. The most beautiful is central part of façade with the arched portal and the iron railed balcony, supported by mighty stone pilasters richly decorated with baroque motifs.
  • Luna Castle (Castello dei Luna), Via Castello, 92019 Sciacca. +39 339 234 0174 [21]. This medieval castle was built in 14th century and dominates over the surrounding area being inserted into the perimeter of the ancient walls.
  • Monument to the fallen (Monumento ai caduti del mare del Dixmunde), Via Agatocle, 92019 Sciacca. This is nice monument erected at the seacoast.
  • Municipal Villa (Villa Comunale Vista Porto), Via Figuli, 92019 Sciacca 39 037 136 22087, [22]. The municipal villa of Sciacca is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sciacca. The villa is accessible through the three gates facing Piazza Saverio Friscia. Forwarding to the sea there opens a beautiful view of the marine area of Sciacca. The villa area represents the trees of great value.
  • Museum of the 5 Senses (Museo Diffuso dei 5 Sensi di Sciacca), Piazza Don Minzoni 17, 92019 Sciacca. tel.+39 349 077 6839 [email protected] [23]. Study the program and make your different experience through the 5 senses.
  • Palermo gate (Porta Palermo), Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo. It was erected in 18th century and until now preserves the ancient wooden gates, reinforced with the iron bands. The gate is represented in Baroque style, with the four tuff columns on the high pedestals situated by the sides, which at the top are changed by the pilasters. The eagle symbolically spreads his wings at the top of the structure.
  • Saint Margherita (Ex Chiesa di S. Margherita), Via G. Verga, 16, 92019 Sciacca. It is worth to visit it, because of its interior, which is adorned in Baroque style.
  • San Calogero gate (Porta San Calogero), Via Gerardi Noceto. It is preserved in its monumental ancient form.
  • San Salvatore gate (Porta San Salvatore), Via Pietro Gerardi. It is one more beautiful gate, which was built in Renaissance style with the columns and arch decorated by the lions above. Higher there is situated the broken pediment in the very center corbelling the three coats of arms at the top.
  • Soap house-museum (Casa Museo del Sapone), Via Cartabubbo, 30, 92019 Sciacca + 39 349 608 7713 [email protected] [24]. Exhibition about the history and science of soap. Olive oil soap represents a typical product of the Mediterranean tradition.
  • Steripinto Palace (Palazzo Steripinto) Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 92019 Sciacca. This fine Catalan-style palace was built in the 15th century with its unusual studded stonework walls.
  • Toy museum (Museo del Giocattolo), Via Fratelli Argento, 15e/15d, 92019 Sciacca tel. +39 335 844 4230 [email protected] [25]. It is journey into the more than hundred year old world of toys.
  • Zecca Palace of Sciacca (Palazzo della Zecca di Sciacca), Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 6, 92019 Sciacca. In the 18th century a poet Mariano Rossi was born in this palace.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Beaches. There are sandy beaches along the coast to the both sides of the town. It is a true paradise for those who love the sun and the sea. Sometimes the beauty can be striking of these pristine beaches: Fogia Mare or Spaggia Tonara, del Lido, Fornace or Soverato.  edit
  • Carnival of Sciacca (Carnevale di Sciacca), [4]. Pre-Lent Carnival (Carnevale) is renowned for the scale of the town's celebrations, with large festival floats paraded through the streets. The carnival is a popular festival of a pagan origin, which clearly contrasted with the Catholic one. This Carnival is included into the list of Historical Carnivals of Italy.  edit
  • Sea tours and sport, Verdura Resort, S.S. 115, Km 131, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 599 8001, [5]. Unforgettable tours by boat to the nearby Torre Salsa, Scala dei Turchi, Capo Bianco and Sciacca. Also there are ideal places for a sunset picnic, snorkeling or fishing.  edit
  • Thermal baths (Terme Sciacca), Via Agatocle, 2, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 508 0410, [6]. Sciacca attracts visitors for its thermal spas with abundant sulphurous pool waters. At the Terme di Sciacca is establishment of large range of treatments. The Stabilimento Termale is near the centre of town, on the panoramic clifftop road. The properties identified and available as "New Baths" and "Old Baths", the Grand Hotel of the Baths, the Park of the Baths, the Molinelli pools and the sulfuree covered ones. Natural steam caves are favorite tourist attraction in the slopes of Monte San Calogero (stufe di San Calogero).  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Ceramics. Sciacca is famous for its ceramic production and some nice examples you can find along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, where are several shops selling attractive, colorful majolica plates, tiles.
  • Red corals. Sciacca is famous for its red coral, which is unique in the world for its shades of color and characteristics. In 1831 (Isola Ferdinandea) created an extraordinary microclimate, which gave birth to a huge coral barrier reef.

Eat[edit][add listing]

Today, Sciacca’s main industry is still fishing and the fleet in Sciacca is amongst the largest in Italy. So the restaurants in Sciacca will be serving up the day's catch just a few hours later.

  • Al Faro, Via Porto, 25, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 525 349. Trattoria. Good basic food, cheap.  edit
  • Elite Di Scaduto Barbara Giacoma, Via Modigliani, 90, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 583 273. Bar Pasticceria  edit
  • La Cambusa Sciacca, Ronco Reclusorio Vecchio, Sciacca, +39 092 528 683, [7]. Seafood Restaurant  edit
  • Lo Scoglio di Santa Lucia, Via Aldo Moro, 2, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 599 2379, [8]. Italian restaurant  edit
  • Misushi, Via Lido Esperando, 92019 Sciacca, +39 366 981 0099. Chinese Japanese Restaurant  edit
  • Pane e Vino, Vicolo Sammaritano, 24, 92019 Sciacca, +39 339 752 2062 (), [9]. Open 12:00-15:00 and 19:30-23:00. Restaurant  edit
  • Porto San Paolo, Largo S. Paolo, 1, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 527 982 (), [10]. Open 11:00-15:00 and 19:00-23:30. Restaurant  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Enoteca Natura Più, Via Orti S. Salvatore, 2, 92019 Sciacca, +39 348 312 5198. Wine Bar  edit
  • Il Punto, Via lido Esperanto 14, 92019 Sciacca, +39 334 983 3976. Bar  edit
  • L'antico Chiosco, Viale della Vittoria, 7, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 521 147. Bar  edit
  • Licata Di Venezia Rosaria, Piazza Dogana, 8, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 521 929. Caffe  edit
  • Moka 87, Via Giuseppe Licata, 55, 92019 Sciacca, +39 320 977 2380. Caffè  edit
  • Perollo Di Michele Giacalone, Via Porta S. Pietro, 74, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 582 922. Bar  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Albergo Paloma Blanca, Via Figuli, 5, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 525 130. Hotel  edit
  • Calandrino, Via Nocera Inferiore, 1, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 590 5282 (), [11]. Hotel Villa  edit
  • Casa Lucchese Sicily Villa, Tenuta Lucchese Strada Dolce Valle S.N Contrada Montagna, 92019 Sciacca, +39 334 844 8638, [12]. Holiday home. Stunning views, secluded, sleeps up to 10, 10 acres of Olive groves, 240 Sq. Mts, 5 Km. out of Sciacca.  edit
  • Casale Galati, Contrada Montagna Carabollace, 207, 92019 Sciacca, +39 392 077 3198 (), [13]. Farmhouse is secluded and extremely quiet and peaceful with stunning views of rolling countryside. It is ideally situated for visiting the Greek temples of Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta. The three independent apartments, Tramontana and Scirocco 80 sm each and Maestrale 45 sm, are bright and airy with all modern amenities. Tramontana sleeps six. Scirocco sleeps four. Maestrale sleeps 2+2. Fresh bed linen and towels are supplied weekly.  edit
  • Casale La Zagara, Via Tacito, 1 - 3, 92019 Sciacca, +39 320 949 6980 (), [14]. Farmhouse  edit
  • Case del Vivaio, Via Monte Kronio, 22, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 581 133, [15]. Apartments for rent. According to the Michelin Green Guide: "A small gem situated on a hill overlooking Sciacca".  edit
  • Club Lipari, Via Lido Sovareto, Sciacca, +39 092 599 4024 (), [16]. Hotel  edit
  • Il Marchese, Via Fratelli Lo Boj, 10, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 599 2446 (), [17]. Hotel  edit
  • Mediterraneo Sciacca, Via degli Aranci, 12, 92019 Sciacca, +39 334 623 6857 (), [18]. B&B  edit
  • Villa Margherita, Via Salvatore Allende, 3, 92019 Sciacca, +39 335 768 8654 (), [19]. B&B  edit


  • Ufficio Turistico Sciacca, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 80, 92019 Sciacca, +39 092 520 478. There is possible to pick up some useful maps and tourist information in various languages.  edit

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