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San Cristobal de las Casas

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San Cristóbal de las Casas is in the southern Mexican region of Chiapas.

Get in[edit]

Church in San Cristóbal de las Casas

Most colectivos arrive and depart next to the ADO bus terminal, south of the city center.

The express bus system for getting around Mexico is advanced. The buses are generally comfortable and clean and there are multiple lines to choose from in a user-friendly way with professional and helpful ticket clerks at most main stations. The roads to San Cristóbal are winding and can be dizzying so some choose the option to take a bus and let a professional driver do the work. You can see the beautiful greenery of Chiapas all around you on the trip through the big bus windows, or pull the curtain to nap.

At the current time of 26 October 2019, you can get an ADO bus from Mexico City Norte bus station to San Cristobal for approximately 860 peso, but only if you book your ticket online on the ADO website at least 1 day in advance. You can choose to pay for your reservation at Ahorro Pharmacia via the PAYNET system. Once your payment is done, you will receive your ticket via your registered email. There are also other payment options available.

There is a road to San Cristóbal and it takes about 35 minutes to get from Tuxtla Gutierrez to San Cristóbal and is not so vertiginous as the old road. There is also an airport that is one hour 15 minutes from San Cristóbal and as of spring, the fare for a taxi is 700 pesos per taxi to San Cristóbal and 250 pesos to Tuxtla Gutierrez, or a shuttle service offering door-to-door service for 200 pesos to/from San Cristóbal. From Tuxtla one can take an "Omnibus" that leaves every 20 minutes to San Cristóbal for about 40 pesos. There are many other public transportation modes from Tuxtla to San Cristóbal: taxi colectivo, autobus, and collective suburbans. The taxi drivers all know where these are located.

Get around[edit]

San Cristóbal de las Casas is a beautiful city. If you are reasonably mobile you should be able to walk anywhere within the city without strain. Rent-a-Bikes are also a good way to get around if you have a very "adventurous" side!

If you rather make your own plans and travel a bit off the beaten track, rent a car with driver.[14]. Or, alternatively, if you are comfortable with a) your Spanish, and b) travelling in a tightly packed van or truck, hop in a colectivo--essentially an informal taxi. You can spot these travelling in and out of the city quite frequently, and cost a fraction of a car rental with driver.

  • Taxis - Taxis are all over the place (a little too many of them, honestly) and easy to flag down. Taxis cost between 25-30 pesos and go up about 4 pesos in price after 10PM. A good option if you are in a hurry or just tired from walking around all day. Ask the price before getting in to make sure that you get the going rate.

Rates for going to the airport from San Cristóbal to Ángel Albino Corzo is 400 pesos and will pick you up at your place of stay as early as needed. Return taxis to San Cristóbal are 500 pesos (600 on Sunday).

Taxis are also available for hire, depending on where you want to go and for how long. Prices should be negoitable. This may be a good option if you want to do a trip on your own to El Arcotete or Rancho Nuevo, even to San Juan Chamula.

  • Colectivos - The main form of public transportation for locals come in the form of a van or small bus. The cost is 8 pesos. Be prepared for a cramped ride and frequent stops but hey, that´s just part of the fun.
  • prices for public transportation in the form of Taxis or Colectivos are subject to change on a yearly basis.

See[edit][add listing]

Catedral de San Cristóbal de las Casas, mexico
  • Maya Medicine Museum is not to be missed. Information is available in English and Spanish and they also have healers on site to treat whatever ailment you may suffer.
  • Good views of the city and surrounding mountains can be had from the churches on hills on the east and west sides of town.
  • There is a drum and brass band and singers who perform patriotic melodies at 8AM Mondays at the main square. Musicians may be found at the square evenings as well.
  • Na Bolom,[15] former home of Gertrudis Duby Blom, Swiss wife of Danish archeologist Frans Blom, continues to be an inn and museum managed by her supporters and associates.
  • The great handicrafts market on the grounds of the Santo Domingo church
  • Constant cultural activities around the Centro
  • Mayan villages in the surrounding mountains. The easiest way to visit the villages is in a day tour from San Cristóbal. Plus, a good guide will help to give you a deeper understanding of modern Maya life. San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan are the most well-known (and visited) Maya villages, but there are others, such as Tenejapa and San Andres Larrainzar, that are equally as fascinating, and they receive very little tourism. The best day to visit the Maya communities are during their weekly markets and festivals.
  • Orquideas Moxviquil, Periferico Norte #4 (1.5 kilometers north of the zocolo), 6785727, [1]. 9.00 to 16.00. A beautiful botanical garden 1.5 kilometers from the town center. For a small entrance fee one can enjoy over 400 species of native plants all that have been rescued by the founder Cisco. In 1994 Cisco began a campaign to rescue a few of the discarded plants that he found on his wanderings through Chiapas. The collection has now grown to over 20,000 rescued plants, all from the forests of Chiapas. The grounds have beautiful areas to rest and meditate, large bodies of water and wetlands, walking trails, a growing collection of sculptural art and two beautifully designed greenhouses to highlight plants. 1. from the "Tierra Caliente"and 2. plants from the Lagos de Montebello. Be sure to bring a camera. 30 pesos. (16.7541,92.6322) edit

Do[edit][add listing]

Stroll around town, enjoy the environment, lovely buildings, café, restaurants, churches and squares.

  • Kinoki, Av. Marzo 22, Tel. 6780495, Movies everyday at 4PM, 6PM and 8PM. You can as well rent a room with a projector and sound system and choose a movie from a huge list and watch it with your friends. (ca. 25 Pesos - 2.5 US)
  • La Viña de Baco, Real de Guadalupe 7b, Mexican Wines and tapas everyday at 12PM, 11PM. (ca. 25 Pesos - 2.5 US)
  • Lua Herboleria, Located on Calle Diego Dugelay south of Calle Comitan. This Herboleria is part of the Comunidad Biocultural, an organization which preserves traditional plant based medicine. The shop has traditional medicines, lotions and massage oils. They have massages for 400 pesos per hour per person, highly recommended. To make a reservation call 55 1731 3842
  • Steps in San Cristobal, Diego Dugelay #7, [2]. A NGO helping indigenous children with their education and a story museum which offers different events for people to know more about indigenous culture everyday. Cooking workshop, everyday at 11:00 and 19:00 in both Spanish and English; story time at 15:00 in English and 17:00 in Spanish.  edit


After the Zapatist movement came out of the jungle in 1994 a great load of NGOs came over to San Cristóbal. Nowadays you can find lots of interesting projects in any field really. The list of NGOs working in San Cristóbal and its surroundings is quite long. San Cristobal Language School, [16]. Before and after the Zapatistas, the owner has been here working with and for this community.

  • Nataté[17] works on sustainable projects in San Cristóbal and within the state of Chiapas. Nataté works in different fields: Education, Water and Waste Management (dry toilets, water filtering), Reforestation, Construction, etc. Short and long term projects are available.
  • 'FrayBa [18] sends Human Rights Observers in Zapatista communities.

People should be aware of cultural issues in this region. While San Cristóbal has done a great job of cleaning up, there is real destitute poverty just around the corner if you scratch the surface. The native people suffer a lot so please respect them and treat them with kindness when you come into contact.

VIVA (Voluntariado Internacional Voluntad en Acción) works with locals, indigens and sustainable projects.


San Cristóbal is also a popular destination for travelers who want to learn Spanish.

  • San Cristóbal Language School, [3]. SCLS is part of one of the premier Spanish language networks in Mexico (the Teach Me Mexico Network). It is in a historic casona in the heart of downtown San Cristóbal. It is the only school in town in which all Spanish teachers have college degrees. $10.99 USD / hour..And Spanish Lessons Online By Skype $ 9.99 USD  edit
  • Casa De La Vista, [4]. Offers Spanish & Cultural Awareness instruction. The teachers encourage and motivate students, providing instruction for beginning and advanced Spanish language speakers while providing a strong cultural background. Also weaving, salsa lessons for only $ 9.99 US, cooking lessons, Hiking tours.  edit
  • Spanish Immersion School La Casa en el Árbol, [5]. An enthusiastic and socially committed language school. La Casa en el Árbol offers intense Spanish Immersion Programs as well as volunteering programs.  edit
  • Tierras Mayas Spanish Language School, [6]. At Tierras Mayas, in addition to learning Spanish in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, you will also find opportunities to come in contact with and immerse yourself in the various cultures of Mexico. One on one, intensive and group classes. Also have weekly outings where students can visit other sites of cultural significance in and around San Cristóbal.  edit
  • Instituto Jovel, [7]. One of the oldest and most respected schools for learning Spanish as a second language. It is the only Spanish school established in its own and beautiful building. Instituto Jovel is the only school for credits to college and university students.  edit
  • Sol Maya Language School, Hermanos Dominguez 25-A (at the stairs to the hill of San Cristóbal), [8]. Sol Maya Language School has changed is name in Tierras Mayas Language School  edit
  • SanCris Spanish language School, Dr. Felipe Flores 73, Barrio de Guadalupe (. In addition to learning Spanish in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, you will also find opportunities to come in contact with and immerse yourself in the various cultures of Mexico. At SanCris Language School, you will not only receive high-quality instruction but also be totally immerse in the language. Therefore, you will learn quickly and will become familiar with the language.), (), [9]. SanCris Spanish Language School  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

The market in San Cristóbal de las Casas
  • Buy colorful handicrafts in the market.
  • To get your quality leather products (bags, purses, rucksacks, belts) custom made, go to Talabartería Ballinas where Vicente Hernández will exercise his excellent handicraft skills for you. Av. Presidente Portes Gil # 8A, Col. Revolución Mexicana (from the centre take Flavio Paniagua East and turn left (North) along Huixtla and it's several blocks on, on the left-hand side). Tel (67) 8 95 42.
  • Near the crafts market there is a handicrafts cooperative with authentic goods from the surrounding villages. The prices are a good deal more expensive, but you'll be getting the real handmade goods.
  • East of the Parque Central, following Real de Guadalupe, is a complex called Tierra Adentro [19] which sells Handicrafts, T/shirts, Posters etc. in a cooperative which helps the autonomous communities of the Zapatista movement.
  • Jolom Mayaetik the weavers coop is located approximately 2 kilometer up the road that connects the city of San Cristobal de las Casas with the municipality of San Juan Chamula. The most recommended method of transport is to get a taxi from San Cristobal. The maximum price from any point to Kinal Antsetik should be between $ 25 and $ 30.

There is also a van service from the Municipal Market of San Cristobal de las Casas, next to the Santo Domingo artisan market. This van will have "Market-San Ramon-La Quinta" printed on the front of it. After leaving San Cristobal you will need to stop at the blue and white church called “Ermita.” From there walk to Antsetik Kinal Center. The van costs 6 pesos per person.

Eat[edit][add listing]

On and around the main square there are many sit-down restaurants. You can find cheaper food at the local street vendors and at the markets.

  • Los Chapulines, Address: Calle Real de Guadalupe 130-B (2 minutes by walk from Guadalupe's church). Phone: +52 967 631 4684. Typical food from Oaxaca. Cheap, tasty, clean and friendly staff. Try the Tlayuda, a large, thin, crunchy, partially fried and than grilled tortilla. Vegetarian options available. Bold text
  • BioBio, Real de Mexicanos 10 (close to Santo domingo). Tasty organic products and food. Typical Mexican cuisine as well as international food. Nice garden and patio. Free wifi.  edit
  • Cocoliche, Cristóbal Colón 3 (close to Real de Guadalupe). Mexican, Asian, pasta, vegetarian, smoothies, juices, sandwiches, burritos, all very good. Free wifi. They frequently have free bands that play here in the evenings  edit
  • Natura, Real de Guadalupe 26 (corner of Belisario Domínguez). Coffee, bagels etc, in a nice small corner bar.  edit
  • Naturalissimo, 20 de Noviembre 4. Vegetarian restaurant, one of many.  edit
  • El Gato Gordo - Real de Guadalupe 20. Good restaurant with live music. It has a cheap vegetarian menu for 35 pesos (soup, rice, cheese croquets). Pasta is also +- 35 pesos.
  • El Caldero - Enjoy some hearty traditional Mexican soups. Prices are 49 pesos for any of the soups and the menu also includes salads and few other snacks. Located on Insurgentes about two locals next to Toluc.
  • El Tacoleto - Some friendly and attentive wait staff, serving mexican tacos and quesadillas. Lacking any Chicken tacos but other than that everything is great. Very clean places and quick service. right across the street from Latino´s night club on Francisco Madero.
  • El Mesón del Taco - Av. Crecencio Rosas Tacos al pastor, quesadillas and other Mexican food. 40-50 pesos.
  • Quesadillas de Lupita - in the street in front of the San Francisco market for sweets and handicrafts (Av. Hermanos Domínguez), third entrance on the left side, evenings from 8:30PM only. Different food every day, made with a lot of love.
  • Kitsch & Bagels - Real de Guadalupe 44a Offers bagels, snacks, full bar service, garden area, live music on weekends, play some pool with friends, free wi-fi and much more. Also has a boutique offering many original and colorful popular culture arts and crafts made by Mexican and local artists much different from what is normaly seen in San Cristóbal great for window shopping. Open 8AM - 11:30PM closed on Wednesday
  • El Molcajete - located in front of the Law School heading towards El Carmen Church on the pedestrian street. Known for its delicious Pozole a traditional Mexican meal. resonably priced and filling.
  • Las Nubes - Calle Niños Héroes #2a Famous for its dimly lit ambiance creating a nice mellow mood, also a place where Gourmet Coffee is done right and always 2x1 for any drink on the menu all day long also offering breakfasts, lunch and dinner. Open 8AM - 11PM everyday of the week
  • El Alebrije - A local Favorite located near all the hustle and bustle of the Market. Located on Calle El Caminero near the Isste Super Market. Offering inexpensive Mexican meals that taste great. Main courses of menu usually changes daily. Open everday except Sunday
  • La Casa del Pan - Two Locations both with restaurant and bakery. The original La Casa del Pan is in the Barrio del Cerillo, known for the fountain in front providing a perfect outdoor sitting area. The second location is on Real de Guadalupe # 55 in a building offering a cinema, bar, language school, yoga and few more activities. La Casa del Pan is know for its quality baked goods as well as the organic products used in the restaurant and sold in the store. A nice selection for vegetarian and more health conscious visitors.
  • Panederia Dona Isabel. Address: Real de Guadalupe 22, Zona Centro. Amazing bread!
  • Las Juanas, Diego Duguelay 21B (corner with Flavii A Paniagua). Really good homemade food. Veggie option, cheap menu for 50 MX $ and quality food - highly recommend. Free wifi.  edit

Go to the main public market and eat tamales for breakfast. Another local specialty is "sopa de pan" which you will probably not find in any restaurant catering to tourists. You will find it in the comedors int he market. That is the best food in town.

On Saturdays many houses sell tamales out their front door. Look for the red lights. On any given evening there are places where people make antojitos on the street in front of their houses. This is real local food.

At certain times of the year different insects are consumed in different ways. Pay attention in the market and you might have the chance to try something really exotic (to you).

A lunch time bargain is in the different cantinas. These are family places and I am not telling where any of them are, you will have to figure that out on your own... order a beer and you will get a little plate of food to go with it.. house choice. Its cheap and excellent, though, you might get drunk in the process.

Drink[edit][add listing]

Most all restaurants serve filtered water. The local drink here is "posh" or pox. It is a hard liquor made from cane and has been used traditionally for healing and partying. It is frequently served in ponche -- a pineapple or fruit hot punch with a special bread broken into it.

  • La Paloma restaurant on the walking street. Has nightly music and is a nice place for the older set especially.
  • Cafe Toyol Witz (Calle Comitan 10-B, Barrio del Cerrillo) for a Fair Trade, shade grown cup of coffee that is beat by no other check out this local cafe that doubles as the first floor of the owner's home. Slightly off the beaten path to the city center, you'll find the cafe keeper to be more than willing to help answer any questions you may have about the coffee or neighborhood.

Also nightly there are many bars with music on the same street; La Revolución (or El Revo), El Circo etc. On Insurgentes, not far from the wonderful restaurant, Madre Tierra, there is a jazz club. Most of the music is performed by local musicians in the clubs and restaurants. On the corner of the zócalo in the Santa Clara Hotel/bar there is music in the evenings.

  • iskra cerveceria artesanal, real de guadalupe 53, 9676780822, [10]. micro brewery and live music every night,happy hour from 5PM to 8PM  edit
  • Kakao natural, Pedro Moreno 2A (next to the Templo de San Francisco). Great chocolate to drink, eat or take out. Free wifi.  edit
  • Cafe La Selva, Cuauhtemoc, Zona Centro (two blocks west from central, then down one block). Nice ambience--tables and seats are comfortable, good background music (soft), free wifi, and excellent coffee with nice touches (green rimmed ceramic mugs). Locals come here to buy coffee in bulk, so that says something. There's also an open patio outside if the main section feels too dark on some days. It's not as busy at it could be, perhaps, but that's a good thing if you seek quiet. It's also very cold in the main seating area when there's no natural lighting, so come with a coat if you plan to stay awhile. Note that they charge you for using electricity at this place without telling you. 16-78.  edit
  • Natura Organico, Real de Guadalupe 26 (north one block and east another to find this place on the corner). 7:30-11. Small but always lively and warm--literally and figuratively; it also has padded seating on one side for laptop usage with outlets and good wifi. The owners are congenial and attentive, and the spot draws regulars, which is nice. Good coffee, and you can also get a nice sized glass of wine at 20 pesos.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

San Cristóbal is considered by some to be the backpackers hub in Chiapas. Some accommodation should be found for around M$50/US$5. There are signs on buildings advertising rooms for that amount, though they may have common bathrooms. Very nice hotels such as Hotel Real del Valle on Guadalupe just off the main square may be had for M$200/US$20


  • Nordiko Hostel, Av Insurgentes 39A (From the ADO bus station, walk up Av Insurgentes until you reach Av Julio M Corzo. You should be able to see Nordiko on the left hand side (GPS 16.7333556,-92.6370839)), 01 9676316366 or 044 9671383190 (). checkin: from 1230-2359 hours; checkout: until 1200 hours. Great location, just a few minutes walk to central San Cristobal, WIFI, kitchen, lounge, terrace, hot water, dorms and private rooms. Modern and clean and the staff is super friendly and helpful. Free breakfast is included. Dorms M$140.  edit
  • La Garita Cabanas Address: Calzada de la Quinta 82, La Garita, 29230. Phone: 01 967 114 0700 Location: La Garita is a local (not touristic at all) and quiet north district of San Cris. It is 15 minutes by walk or 5 minutes by $6 colectivo from the center. Services: Common kitchen and hot water between 8-11am. Cheapest price: $150 for a two person chalet. La Garita Cabanas is the perfect place where to stay if you like nature and relax. It has the best view over the town where you can admire charming sunrise and sunset.

  • Tata Inti Hostal, Diego Douglay #4 (From central park, walk to the end of the pedestrian part of Real de Guadalupe, around the corner just a few doors to the left), 9676314461. checkout: 12PM. Changed owners in the past year. Buena onda with lots of art. Good location, kitchen, lounge, terrace, hot water, dorms and private rooms. Dorms M$100.  edit
  • Posada del Abuelito Calle Tapachula 18 (01967) 678 1741 One of the pioneering posada/hostals of San Cristóbal back in the early 1980´s offering rates starting at 100 pesos in dorms and 200 pesos for a double room including a light breakfast set in the beautiful Barrio del Cerillo in a magnificent colonial house. email [email protected]
  • Hostel Deja Vu Calle Maria Adelina Flores #15,centro, phone:9671367686 or 9671386474, fb: hostel dejavu, Nice centric hostel in San Cristobal. Only one block from the main square and a main walking street. Close to the bars, restaurants and local artesanias market and fruit and vegetables market. Offers a lot of common areas, artistic atmosphere with lots of wall paintings, bonfire, BBQ, kitchen, pooltable, coffeshop and bakery with fresh bread everyday. Really good vibe friendly staff, great dogs. Dorms from 80 pesos per night (depends on a season), private rooms from 250 (depends on a season). Really nice place to stay
  • Posada mi casa Calle Ejercito Nacional 14. Barrio el Cerillo. Tel (+52)(967) 673 03 77.
  • La Casa de José[20], Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez #32A, phone (01967) 6747667, dorms from 70 Pesos (high season). NOW CLOSED
  • Hostal Casa Moxviquil, Calzada Ojo de Agua # 23, Barrio Ojo de Agua. (Junto al manantial Ojo de Agua, la Reserva Ecológica, al sitio arqueológico y la cueva Moxviquil). Tel: (+52 967) 678-9075, Cel: 045 967 105 0022, Email casamoxviquil(at)
  • Hostal La Catrina, Calle Francisco I. Madero 35 (Cnr Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez), clean dorms with bathroom from 80 Pesos (negotiable), Phone 967 6781067
  • Hostal Ek Balam, Calle Real de Guadalupe # 88 (next door to La Playita Autoservicio), (+52 967) 120-3141. checkout: 2PM. Located in one of main city corridors, close to parque central, this hostel offes a quiet space with TV, WiFi, two computers, hot water, kitchen, free purified water, lockers and a security box for important documents. Can be loud in the rooms near the common area at night. Can be very dirty when the employee isn't there, the managers only take your money. Dorms M$60.  edit
  • Hostal El rincón de los camellos [21], Tel: (+52 967) 116-0097, Real de Guadalupe 110 circa Vía Guerrero, Dorms from 70 Pesos.
  • Hostal Plaza Central, Calle Bonagua 2B, dorms from 50 Pesos.
  • "'Hostel Qhia'", Calle Tonala 5, dorms in high season 100 Pesos. Has nice sun terrace, good views over the hills surrounding San Cristobal, free breakfast and wifi, organises tours, very close to the main market, very clean. Try to book in advance in high season as it gets very busy.
  • El Hosalito, María Adelina Flores # 24, Barrio de Guadalupe, Email [email protected], Tel: (+52 967) 631-7405, wifi, private and shared rooms, fully equipped kitchen, friendly staff, close to the zocalo, shops and markets
  • Posada 5, (after getting off the bus just ask how to get to Barrio del Cerrillo, once there anyone will know where Posada 5 is). checkin: anytime; checkout: 11AM. Good atmopshere, free (slow) internet, communal kitchen, dorm rooms are shared by many (10 plus) people. Coffee included. Nice staff. starting at 80 pesos for a dorm.  edit
  • Casa Kasa, Cerrada Brasil No.6B, (+52 967) 674-5080, [11]. checkin: anytime; checkout: anytime. Japanese house. Two couches and kitchen. Kitchen disorderly and unclean, dormitory beds very low caliber and apparently unclean. Illegal activities have been reported. Dorms 50 pesos Single 100pesos Double 120pesos.  edit
  • Hotel El Molino, Ejército nacional 30. Single room 120 pesos, double 200.  edit
  • Le Gite del Sol, Francisco I.Madero#82, (01(967) 631 60 12, [12]. This bed and breakfast is close to the pedestrian boulevard of Real de Guadalupe. Rooms and facilities are very clean, hot water takes a few minutes for showers. The staff are very nice. The staff clean the floors frequently throughout the day so may not be good for those with chemical sensitivities. 220 pesos for a private room with double bed, shared bath. Private rooms up to 4, and private baths available.  edit
  • Rossco, Real de Mexicanos 16, (+52 967) 674-0525, [13].  edit
  • La casa di Gladys[22] Address: Av. 5 de Mayo n°47, Phone: (967)67888733 The spiritual camping/posada in San Cristobal. Centraly located (two blocks from Santo Domingo Church and market), nice, clean, safe, relac atmosphere. Hammocks in a cozy garden, hot water, guest kitchen, movies, music and cable tv, tours, massages and Osho Meditation. Economic private rooms. Breakfast included.


  • Hotel D'Monica,--Avenue Insurgentes 33; about 2 blocks up from the bus station towards the town centre. Pleasant rooms, a beautiful garden--about $35-40 per night--not cheap, but not over the top, either!
  • Belen Posada - Plaza de los Mexicanos. Wonderfully charming, this mid-sized inn has very reasonably-priced rooms starting at M$275 for their basic double up to M$450 for larger rooms. The spacious, carpeted rooms all have WiFi, TV's, sturdy furniture, and private bathrooms decorated with colonial-style tile and hot water. The prices for the cheaper rooms makes it hard to call this 'mid-range', but the amenities make it hard to call 'budget'!
  • 'SOLYLUNA Guest INN.,--Calle Tonala #27, Barrio Cerrillo, nestled high on a hill within walking distance from the center, 7 minutes, 3 minutes from Santo Domingo and 3 minutes from the wonderful mercado, one finds Sol y Luna. Filled with lush patios, decorated with an eclectic collection of Mexican and world art one is right at home with the warmth and kindness of owners Dani and Cisco. Amenities include, free WIFI, cable TV, and a free breakfast. Rates are from $50 to $85 USD per night!


  • Casa Felipe Flores, Calle Felipe Flores. One of the premiere boutique hotels in San Cristóbal, with only 5 rooms available. Beautiful decorations fill the rooms and courtyards paying close attention to detail and cutting no corners when it comes to accomodations and service. Prices are around $130+ US including breakfast. Reservations can be made by calling (01 967) 678 3996
  • Holiday Inn, Calle 1 De Marzo 15, Zona Centro, +52-967-6780045, [23]. Just a couple of blocks from the center of town. About $100 U.S. per night.
  • Posada Corto Maltese - spacious and clean with full kitchen, clothes washing and real hot water. Courtyard, hammocks, use of spacious backyard, close to centro and markets, but still quiet. Big rooms and run by lovely family. Dorm or private. Really good value. M$250/night for private, totally worth the money. - [24]

Get out[edit]

Most colectivos depart next to or opporiste the ADO bus terminal. A colectivo to Tuxtla costs approximately $50,-. There is no direct colectivo to Chiapa de Corzo, instead you take one to Tuxtla, the driver will drop you off at the junction to Chiapa. From there you can take a local colectivo downtown, or walk.

TAOSA Transport run collectivos to Comitan for MX$60. They are located opposite the ADO station on the other side of the main road (GPS 16.729435, -92.637375)

If you are travelling to Guatemala via La Mesilla, you have three ways to do it. Either you take the ADO bus for MX$170 which will take you to Ciduad Cuauhtémoc, and from there, take an orange shared taxi for MX$10 to the actual border. The other alternative is to take a TAOSA collectivo to Comitan for MX$60 and from Comitan a collectivo to Ciduad Cuauhtémoc for MX$60, then a shared taxi for MX$10 to the border. Lastly and the most expensive option is to pay a tour guide operator in San Cristobal to take you across the border to Panajachel for example, for approx MX$700. Please note, that on the Guatemala side of La Mesilla you can get a chicken bus (Camioneta) to HueHuetenango for Q20 (MX$49) and from HueHuetenango (pronounced whey whey) to other areas including La Cuchilla where you get off and take another collectivo to Panajachel. Using this last transport you could probably do the trip from SC to Panajachel for about MX$200. However due to the distance you may need to stay 1 night in either HueHuetenango or Quetzaltenago (pronounced Sheyla).

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING EXIT TO GUATEMALA You will have to pay MX$558 exit tax at the La Mesilla border AND as of March/April 2019 a new rule has been enforced that requires the payment of MX$558 entry tax if coming from Guatemala. Yes, you now have pay to exit and enter Mexico. When entering across the La Mesilla border the Mexican Immigration will give you a form and make a payment at the bank next to the INM office. This is not a scam. It is now law. As for whether you can avoid the exit tax by presenting the INM Official with a copy of your itemized plane ticket that clearly shows the itemizes costs including the tax, however they may ignore this and still force you to pay.

A tour to two of the local indigenous villages, San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan is found at 9:30AM at the plaza in front of the cathedral, next to the Zocalo. Cesar and Raul are always there and everyone who appears is accommodated. They speak many languages and this visit really needs a guide, so you understand the interesting things you will observe. They supply transportation and entrance fees. The tour returns around 2:30PM (lunch time in Mexico). In 2019, this tour cost 250 pesos. [].

Alex has set up a tour company called Cielo y Tierra Tours that offers private tours to Chamula and Zinacantan as well as several of the other more remote Maya villages, including Tenejapa, San Andres Larrainzar and San Pedro Chenalho. There's information about all their tours on their website. Private tour for two costs $750 MXN (pesos) per person. [25] [Cielo y Tierra Tours does not operate anymore].

  • El Arcotete - The Arcotete is one of San Cristóbal´s best kept secrets. Similar to Rancho Nuevo but much nicer and closer to San Cristóbal, located about 5-10km from the City in the direction of Tenejapa (signs are well placed to find El Arcotete). 10 pesos per vehicle. Recently remodeled into a park offering nice walking grounds surrounded by Pine trees, picnic areas, and nice look out vantage points. A great day trip to spend a couple of hours or the whole day enjoying a picnic or a pickup soccer game. It costs 5 pesos to enter the part of (Las Grutas) The Caves. El Arcotete will provide a wonderful experience enjoying Natures work at best. Check it out for yourself.
  • Orquideas Moxviquil - Periferico Norte #4 Barrio Ojo de Agua, San Cristobal de las Casas. 9 till 16.00 daily. 6785727. A beautiful botanical garden 1.5 kilometers from the town center. For a small entrance fee one can enjoy over 400 species of native plants all that have been rescued by the founder Cisco. In 1994 Cisco began a campaign to rescue a few of the discarded plants that he found on his wanderings through Chiapas. The collection has now grown to over 20,000 rescued plants, all from the forests of Chiapas. The grounds have beautiful areas to rest and meditate, large bodies of water and wetlands, walking trails, a growing collection of sculptural art and two beautifully designed greenhouses to highlight plants. 1. from the "Tierra Caliente" and 2. plants from the Lagos de Montebello. Be sure to bring a camera. Come and enjoy!
  • El Chiflón - El Chiflón is a series of waterfalls and pools reminiscent of Agua Azul or Semuc Shampey a few hours from San Cristóbal. To get there, take a bus or van to Comitán (1.5 hours, 60 pesos), and another van heading to Socol or Tuxtla and ask to be let off at the entrance to El Chiflón (40 minutes, 35 pesos) - it's just 1km from the road to the entrance. 30 pesos to get in, it includes a small museum explaining the formation of the river, a space to see iguanas, campsite, and some amazing vivid blue pools to bathe in. The trail itself is fairly short, a little less than 1.5km, but at the end you have an amazing view of a huge waterfall, Velo de la Novia, which definitely makes it worth your while. There are some small ziplines across the river as well, but the place has a much less touristy feel than Agua Azul, mostly it's frequented by Mexican families. Tours of el Chiflón cost 350 pesos (July 2013) and include the Lagos de Montebello.
  • Laguna Miramar - Visit one of the most beautiful lakes in the Lacantun Jungle in the south of Chiapas. Visiting Laguna Miramar requires planning and organization. It is inside Zapatista territory. Do not attempt to go there without a guide. Do bring everything you will need, there is nothing to buy there.
  • El Chorreadero - Nice waterfalls with small natural pools where people can take a swim. You can check out the cave where the waterfall is born and then follow your way down. In the very last pool people can practice naturism. To get there take a van from San Cris to Tuxtla Gutierrez and ask to be left in Chiapa de Corzo. Under the bridge look for collectives or taxis direction Bochil and that will leave you close to the waterfall entrance.
  • Oventic - From the northern part of the San Cris market you can take a van that leads to Oventic. The combi (~1 hour, 35 pesos [April 2015] or shared taxi for 43 pesos [September 2016]) only leaves when it's full, and not a lot of people are going in that direction, so expect a bit of a wait. It's a bumpy and winding road up the mountains. To go back to San Cristobal, just hail one of many shared taxis that would take you back to the market. It also costs 43 pesos per each ride. Oventic is a caracol or independent zapatista community where they have most of their administration buildings. Bring your passport or official documents. People at the entrance will ask you questions to evaluate if you would be allowed inside the place, expect a wait. If you are allowed in, a guide will walk you through the community. You may take pictures of the very nice murals but not of any people. The guide will not be able to answer any of your questions. There are three gift shops and its considered polite to buy the handicrafts to help support the community. They also have a small restaurant near the entrance which may or may not be open. Close to the town of san Andres which is also worth a visit.
  • Lagos de Montebello - A series of picturesque lakes near the Guatemalan border (20 pesos). The lakes are rather far apart (~5 km between each one), making it difficult to walk them if you're alone with no car. A tour that includes el Chiflón costs 350 pesos (July 2013) from San Cristóbal. If you want to do it alone with no car, you can take a combi from Comitán (1 hour, 40 pesos) that leaves from the same place as the combis from/to San Cristóbal and el Chiflón, and then try to hitch rides from other tourists in the parking lots or walk back to the highway after visiting each lake and wait for the combi to pass again to take you to the next entrance for 10 pesos.
  • Palenque - The Palenque ruins are a beautiful Mayan site, one of the largest mayan ruins in Mexico. It is worth a visit, however, the ruins are 6 hours away from San Cris, through the mountains. Many tour companies arrange visits for a couple hundred pesos. Be warned that the road has over a thousand curves and just as many speed bumps. Bring dramamine and plenty of water; most tour companies will provide you with a plastic bag in case you vomit.

Medical help[edit]

Most people that travel to San Cristóbal never have a need to seek medical attention. But accidents can happen and people do get sick. If you do fall ill or hurt, San Cristóbal has good doctors, dentists and hospitals who will be capable of treating you. Doctors Local English-speaking doctors can be recommended by a good hotel. Most of the higher-quality hotels that cater for foreign visitors have a doctor on call at all times. Ask at reception. If you are not in your hotel contact doctor Sevilla. 967+678-1626

Should you simply have nausea, consider buying some Bonadoxina at the local pharmacy. As always, check with the pharmacist regarding your specific symptoms and potential allergic reactions.

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