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For other places with the same name, see Salento (disambiguation).

Salento is a sleepy little town in Quindío department, in the Zona Cafetera region of Colombia. On weekends and holidays, the town is flooded by tourists from Armenia and Pereira.

Cocora Valley near Salento

Get in[edit]

There are buses from 5:30AM to 8PM, they come about every 20 to 30 minutes from Armenia (5,000 COP, Feb 2020). Walk out of the terminal to where all the local buses are, the Salento stop is to the right. You pay on the bus. The ride takes around 45 minutes. Alternatively take this bus in Armenia - Norte.

From Pereira Terminal (7500 COP, March 2018) Expresso Alcala. Weekdays at 5.30, 6.30, 8.40, 9.40, 11.30, 13.30, 16.30, 18.30 (June 2016). Weekends and holidays there are buses approx every hour from 6.50 to 18.20 (June 2016). As of March 2018 the first bus is at 5.30am.

If you miss the last bus to Salento, the cheapest option is a bus to Circasia and then a taxi from Circasia to Salento for 20,000 pesos (Taxi company on the main square of Circasia).

If you're coming from Pereira then Bus Company Flota Occidental will drop you off in Circasia.

There are direct buses from Medellin to Salento at 9am, 11am and 1pm (Flota Occidental) - 7hrs and around 47,000 COP.

Get around[edit]

  • Hike
  • Mototaxi
  • Car service

See[edit][add listing]

  • crested Outdoors, +57 3153635767, [1]. See the Santa Isabel Glacier in one day, with 4x4 ride from Salento or Manizales. See the amazing Paramo ecosystem, eight volcanoes in between Tolima, Santa Isabel, Paramillo del Quindio, Paramillo de Santa Rosa, N. Del Ruiz. You start from Cocora Valley in three to four days of mountaineering expeditions.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Coffee Tour Finca El Ocaso, (Located on the Palestinian Vereda, 3.8 km from Salento), +57 312 2968668, [2]. 9AM-4PM. COP 15,000.  editLa Finca El Ocaso offers guided in Spanish and English about the traditional process of planting, production, processing, marketing and preparation of a specialty coffee tour sustainable. This typical peasant farm has trails of coffee plantations where you can observe the biodiversity of a crop of coffee. An option to learn more about the coffee culture.
  • Coffee Tour Finca Momota, (Located on the Camino Nacional, 10 minutes from the pueblo. 700m from the entrance of Camino Nacional to Boquía), +57 3003807769 (), [3]. 9AM-2PM. COP 12,000. (4.6412093,-75.5791211,1) editFinca Momota offers two different guided tours in French, Spanish and English. You will learn and see first hand how they grow their coffee, harvest it, process it and make it ready for customers. You will see how they implement ancestral methods and Permaculture design to produce high quality coffee, without chemicals, that contributes to the biodiversity of the land.
  • Mirador de Salento.  edit A lookout point that is supposed to be one of the best views in Colombia. (Ask in Plantation House for the location of a house with an even better view)
  • Play Tejo.  editGame that includes drinking, throwing metal weights and gun-powder. Los Amigos bar offers it.
  • Valle de Cocora. 6:10am, 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:00am.  editHere grows Colombia's national symbol, the 60 meters high wax palms (palma de cera). The landscape is surreal! Restored WWII Jeeps known by locals simply as "Willys" leave from the Plaza in Salento early in the morning. Be there early as they will leave as soon as they fill up. This trail is moderately strenuous as it goes straight up for 1.8 km to 2860m. Estimate that the climb will take about 30 minutes. The view from the Mountain House is spectacular. From there it's a 1 1/2 hour (5.1 km) downhill walk along a wide dirt road with fabulous vistas and lots of giant wax palms back to Cocora where your Jeep will take you back to Salento. There is an option to extend it with a hike to Acaime where you can have a cup of chocolate and see hummingbirds for COP 5000. From Acaime you have to go back to the start of a hike to La Montana (aka Mountain House). Don't go from Acaime to Estrella de Agua, it's a separate hike and you won't get to La Montana this way. It is helpful to note that you can also rent horses for COP 10,000 per hour per person, plus COP 10,000 per hour for a guide.
  • Estrella de Agua, (head down from the '''Casa de Acaime''' and take the first trial that turns to the right. This will lead you to a wide horse trail that proceeds uphill for approximately 2.5 hours).  edit It is important to note that while the scenery is pretty, once you reach the forest and start the trek upwards, there are not many views of the Cocora Valley or the peaks in the distance. The reward for the trek comes in the form of a nice green patch of grass at Estrella de Agua, which makes for an excellent picnic spot. They have free access to potable water, and there are restroom facilities. On your way back, you can choose to head back to Cocora or add on the La Montana loop as described above. Remember, there is no clear signage, so once you get to the lower trial that leads to up Acaime, continue down the trail for about 1km as described above.
  • Salento Cycling, (Next door to the Plantation Hostel), 316 535 17 92 on whatsapp. Giant Talon 27.5" with hidraulic brakes mountain bikes are available for hire here, from 8,000 COP for an hour to 35,000 COP for a full day. There are a whole range of trails around the area, providing something for everyone from relative beginners to those who want something a bit more technical. Some of the trails afford some spectacular views across the area and the coffee plantations. special prices for Groups, is there is 5 or more people the guidance is for free  edit
  • Kasaguadua Natural Reserve (1,600 to 1,900 MASL), Salento, vereda Palestina, Km2 (Half way towards El Ocaso and don Elías Coffee Farms, 300 meters after Yambolombia. Jeeps Willys leave from the Plaza in Salento towards Armenia, via Circasia, passing by Kasaguadua's gate, at 8am, 9am, 12:30 4:30pm & 5:30 pm, for COP 1,500 -less than a dollar-), 3138898273 or 3204258075 (), [4]. 9 am tour. Must reserve in advance, preferably day before. The reserve covers 12 hectares of lush tropical rain forest, with mountainous landscape protecting a natural creek. There is a network of well maintained looping trails (4km), achievable in 1.5 hours up to 6 hours. Its altitude makes it quite different from Cocora Valley's, allowing you to find another kind of vegetation and climate. Nicholas or Carlos, the owners, will guide you (English, Spanish, Italian). No pets or horses allowed. Voluntary donations. (04N37'46.7,75W35'14.4) edit
  • Salento´s fiesta.  editTypically the first week of January. Salento transforms from a sleepy little village to party central.
  • Further afield - Butterfly house in Calarca or the Guadua (Bamboo research Centre) or even the very touristy National Coffee Park.
  • If you really want something different try pig racing at Panaca.
  • BETA TOWN (Actividades - Hotel - Restaurante), CLL 7 NO 3-45 (2 blocks from main square), 3204854760, [5]. 6:00. Activity Office where you can find tours and trips. Paragliding, Mountain Bike, Coffee Tour, Horse back riding, Birdwatching, Hiking, Trekking... personalized service and custom tours.. English / Spanish language. +57(321)2187043. - [email protected] 23:00. (4.638697,-75.571863) edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

There are four ATMs in the main square. There is a Bancolombia ATM in a stall to the right of the supermarket. This ATM sometimes does not accept foreign debit cards. The others are i Provided by Banco Agraro de Colombia, located on the opposite side of the main plaza from the supermarket, BVA and Davivienda (which is probably the best, since they don't charge a fee) The bank and the doors to the ATMs are not particularly obvious from a distance.

Plenty of local artisans in Salento. Specialities include jewelry, candles and guadua artisania (the local bamboo).

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Veggie Salento (Vegetarian), Kr 5, #5-58. Delicious vegetarian food at fairly low prices. Menu del dia $12,000. A la carte options $7-16,000. Mediterranean, Asian and Arabic-inspired options. Highly recomended.  edit
  • El Rincón de Lucy (on the corner of calle 4 with Carrera 6) has cheap but tasty food. Breakfast costs 5000 COP and lunch/dinner cost 7000 COP. Closes around 20:30.
  • Bar Camino Real, (at the end of the calle real, the touristy street, just before the stairs leading up to the mirador on your right). A very nice, artsy place with a small but delicious menu. It is highly recommended for dinner or coffee/drink after dark. There is even a fireplace with benches to sit around.  edit
  • Café Jesus Martin, Cra 6 # 6-14, [6]. Excellent, cosy coffee house, with - obviously - locally grown coffee. The cappuccinos are especially great, and the chocolate cake is incredible. If you like to chill out in a comfy bar, this is the place to be.  edit
  • Beta Town, Calle 7 # 3-45 (Two blocks from the fire station, or just ask for the only soccer turf court cancha sintetica), 321 218 7043, [7]. Every day from 6pm till 12am. BETA TOWN offers the best fast food in town, with a great presentation and quality. All the meats are grilled 100% "al carbon" (charcoal grill) giving all its food a great taste. While you wait for your order to be ready,you can play some Ping-Pong, darts, card games, play the Colombian leisure game "tejo" (like lawn bowl with gunpowder. COP2000 - Jan 2015- each session) or watch a movie or any sports in HD on their big screen TV or at the bar, play a game with the locals in their turf soccer court or have some fun in their video game room. If you miss home, they have an international call service or you can connect to their free WiFi and talk to friends online. Don't forget to write a message on the board before you leave!  edit
  • La Eliana, Carrera 2 # 6, 45 (at the entrance of Salento, take first right and voila!), 3146605987, [8]. 10am - 9pm. Best value for money in Salento, host a great deal of food from India, the UK, Italy, Spain and Colombia. Prices from COP 15,000, curries from COP 20,000. Best Italian style coffees. Curries Indian/UK style with naan bread. You will not be disappointed. 15.000 COP. (4.63964,-75.5722) edit
  • Piccolo Italia, (Just to the left before the huge stairs on the main street). Cosy Italian restaurant run by a man from Napoli, Italy. Great food, homemade pasta and friendly staff. 13000-32000.  edit
  • Homemade Arepas, Carrera 7. 6-9 am and 5-9 pm. Freshly made arepas toasted on a woodfire grill, served with butter and shredded cheese. A cheap, delicious, traditional breakfast or light dinner. In the mornings, yellow corn arepas for COP 1500 with butter and cheese, one block down from main plaza and in front of entrance to Hostel Estrella Sin Fronteras. In the evenings, a lady makes thicker white corn arepas for COP 2000 a few blocks down. COP $1500-$2000.  edit
  • Pueblito Montañero, Calle 5 5-51 (Close to the Main Square). Traditional Patacón con Trucha (Trout with a kind of Fried Banana), Set lunches (As for the "Menú del día", cheap option for lunch), Other types of typical food.  edit
  • Eat Trucha - Trucha is a fish abundant in the region. You can find a plate of Trucha with rice and other sides for COP 10,000 to 20,000, depending on the restaurant and the manner of cooking. Restaurants around the main plaza or "Centro" typically offer Trucha. You can also go to a fish farm and buy or catch your own. However, this may become more expensive.

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Bar Danubio, Carrera 6 (Calle Real, Close to the Main Square). This place has a long history, for over 100 years it has remained practically the same. You can even see the owner, a 93-year old man, who sits every day at the table close to the entrance and is still in charge of the Bar. A great place to have a beer or a coffee, with traditional music and meet local people. The Bar is equipped as well with Pool and Billiard tables  edit
  • Weekends - any where round the main square - all the bars have beer tents set up.
  • For something different, there's a Tejo bar two blocks from the main square (normally only open at weekends).
  • Galeria Café Libro, Calle 3 #3-25 (next to the gym), [9].  editFresh organic juices, coffee, tea. You can also take Spanish lessons. Really nice people.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • El Portal de los Pigmeos, Cra 8a, 7-42 (walk down the road by the hospital), 3113839121 (). Offers camping sites, tents, and private rooms. A tent per night COP 15000 (Jan 2015), cheaper if you have your own tent.  edit
  • Estrella Sin Fronteras, (take the opposite corner to the stairs for the Mirador, walk down the rubber tires, on the right), 311 383 3210. A nice breakfast (Oaths, selfmade joghurt, banana, coffee and tea) is included in the price. Run by Colombian man named Ruben Escobar. The staff will happily provide you with information about the things you can do in and around salento. Dorm 25,000 COP.  edit
  • Finca de Don Elias, 4 Km on the way to the Palestina vereda. Don Elias is the owner of a coffee plantation. It offers only one bedroom that fits up to 4-5 people, with clean facilities and a private bathroom. Price is COP 15,000 per person per night. Don Elias offers coffee tours in Spanish for COP 6,000 per person, with a cup of truly homemade organic coffee (from grain to cup) at the end. Ask around Salento for Alexis, the gentleman with the mototaxi, and he can take you there for COP 8000 (up to three people for this price). You can always just go to Don Elias' plantation for the coffee tour, which is COP 6,000  edit
  • Hostal Ciudad de Segorbe, Calle 5 No. 4-06, +57 (6) 7593 794 (), [10]. checkin: 15:00; checkout: 13:00. A tranquilo place, not yet discovered by the backpacker crowd. Run by a friendly Spanish-Colombian team, this hostel provides cozy, wooden floor rooms with clean bathrooms and steaming hot showers. The owners have good knowledge about the region. Breakfast is included and is, for once, not a synonym for cheap cereals or eggs and arepa. COP 100,000 double with bathroom; COP 35,000 dorm bed. (4.664327,-75.497704) edit
  • Hostal La Casona de Lili, Calle Real 3-45 (Just off the main square), (), [11]. Warm welcomes. Colombian owned. Great tourist advice. COP 15 000 dorm bed (November 2014) Free Coffee  edit
  • Hostal Tralala Salento, cra. 7, 6-45 (stay on the bus until the last stop. Facing the bus office you walk right, about 75 mtrs.), 314 850 55 43 (), [12]. Hostal Tralala Salento is situated in a typical Paisa house that has been completely renovated up to modern standards. There is room for 21 guests in 5 double rooms, a dorm for 3, and a dorm for 8 persons. Two well equipped kitchens, a garden with sun terrace, a TV lounge with lots of quality DVD's and showers with steaming hot water make life easy. The beds have quality matresses, soft pillows, white linnen and comfortable duvets. All guests get a handy brochure with maps and 'things to do' in Salento. The atmosphere is warm and personal.  edit
  • Hostal La Floresta, Cra 5 No 10 - 11 (walk down the hill from the main plaza towards Cra 5. Turn left at Cra 5 and cross the bridge and it's on the left.), 318 249 21 04. Run by a Colombian lady and her family. Rents mountain bikes for trips down to the Cocoa plantations, and gumboots for the Valle de Cocora hike. Dorm 16,000 COP.  edit
  • Hostería Las Nubes, Carrera 9 Calle 8, 759-3620 (), [13]. One of the most beautiful places to stay during your visit to Salento, Quindío. Bead and breakfast place with excellent landscapes and services.  edit
  • La Serrana, Via Palestina km 1.5, 316 29 61 890, [14]. Finca that is located 1.5km outside of Salento. This place breaths quietness amidst slopes of farmland. The hostel is beautifully decorated, has a cozy living room with couches and the owner has an excellent music selection playing through the old speakers. There is also a large movie and book (English and Spanish) selection. La Serrana only opened April 2010 and screams to be discovered. Call the owner on his cellphone for a pick-up from Salento or let them pay the Jeep (6.000 COP from the main square) when you first arrive there. COP 80.000 triple with bathroom; COP 20.000 dorm bed. Breakfast included.  edit
  • Plantation House, Calle 7 #1-04 (Get off at the fire station by the entrance to Salento), Spanish : 315 4097039 / English : 316 2852603 (), [15]. Nice hostels with big gardens - one dormitory style, one with private rooms. The hostels offer kitchen use, fireplace, free coffee, laundry facilities, bookswap, mountain bike rental and have good trekking maps of the nearby parque Los Nevados and a map of Salento showing restaurants, supermarkets, etc...  edit
  • Yambolombia, 301 296 01 01 (). 3 km on the way to la Finca de Don Elias this colorful, Colombian run hostel has a spacy dorm with 5 beds and two private rooms, a quiet surrounding and wonderful views. Dorm 18.000 COP, Private 50.000 COP  edit
  • La Churrita Hostel, Cra 3, no 7-01 corner ([email protected]), 0057 315 377 9810. checkin: 24 hrs. La Churrita Hostel is a typical and historic reality of Salento. Located in the town centre, 3 mins from the main square, 2 blocks from the station "Bomberos". La Churrita offers wifi, plasma 3D TV, fully equipped kitchen, hot showers, free coffee all day long to be enjoyed in a nice garden. Laundry service, tourist infos and printer. 6 bed dorm 23,000 COP (July 2016) and privates 25,000 COP (old price) Roberto is a fantastic host, highly recommended!  edit
  • Hotel Salento Real, Calle 3 Nº 4 – 31, +57 – 6 – 7593658, [16]. 27 guestrooms. Room rate includes breakfast. There is a restaurant in the hotel premisses.  edit
  • Hostel los Colibries, Carrera 6 No. 2-20, (57)3147184221, [17]. checkout: 13. Nice, quiet hostel made in old, traditional finca on the main street. 4 beds in dormitory (17.000 COP) and 6 double rooms with private baths (60.000 COP). Wi-Fi.  edit
  • Refugio Puente de la Explanacion (Salento), Boquia via Salento (Look for entrance to Puente de la Explanacion. Follow for 800 meters to the end of bridge.), 57-3143297281, [18]. Stunning 5 acre property with beautiful gardens, 260 meters of private riverfront and exclusive view of a historic 4 arched bridge-Puente de la Explanacion. 5 private rooms and a small dorm. Excellent natural source water, organic garden and fruit trees. Very peaceful, no traffic,no mosquitos and many birds and butterflies. Totally renovated and open Dec 2016. Run by a Canadian and his Colombiana wife. 80000COP.  edit

Stay safe[edit]

Get out[edit]

  • Service to Pereira Terminal (7500 COP, Oct 2018) via Expresso Alcala office on Carrera 2. Weekdays at 7.00, 7.50, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 12.50, 13.50, 14.50, 16.00, 17.50, 19.00, 20.00 (Oct 2018). Weekends and holidays there are buses approx every hour from 7.50 to 20.00 (June 2016).
  • Flota Occidental run a direct Salento - Medellin Minivan service (8am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 4pm) for 45,000COP (May 2017).

If you are going to Bogota via bus, it is better to go via Armenia. Service on Floata Magdelena from Pereira (40.000 COP, June 2015) stopped in Armenia to pick up more passengers, so you can save an hour and some money. Locals also advised taking night time bus to shortened transit time from Armenia from 6-8 hours to ~4.

The last bus from Salento to Armenia is at 9pm. The last bus from Armenia to Bogota is at 10:30pm (Flota Magdalena) and at 11pm (Bolivariano, 50,000 COP in Nov 2016). The bus stops both in Bogota south terminal (7hrs) and north terminal (8hrs).

  • Don't miss Valle de Cocora. Here grows Colombia's national symbol, the 60 metre high waxpalms (palma de cera). Every day trucks or jeeps (also called "Willies") go from the plaza Salento to the valley (6500 COP, June 2016) at 7.30AM, 9:30AM and 11.30AM and go back at 12.30PM, 2PM and 5PM (more on weekends). People who miss these trucks, can sometimes find room on the jeeps leaving the local elementary school at 2PM, bringing students back to their fincas. Likewise, tourists have the option of paying 24,000 pesos (approximately $14 USD) for jeeps that leave whenever they want. Once at the park, there is a nice halfday hike up to finca Acaima through the cloudforest and back through the valley. The scenery is quite exotic and beautiful due to the wax palms and lovely jungle plants.
  • The nearby Parque Natural Nacional Los Nevados provide ample trekking opportunity. The way of life in the fincas in the park hasn't changed the last 200 years. Most of the fincas in the park offer food and beds for a bargain price.
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