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Sailing Indian Ocean Atols

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Sailing Indian Ocean Atols

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Indian Ocean atols are said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, unfortunately due to global warming and increasing sea level can make lots of those islands vanish, so sail and see this paradise till' it still exists.


  • The most essential things you have to take are:
  • canned food (inclouding fruits and vegetables)
  • instant food
  • wet towels or liquid soap
  • sea maps
  • first aid kit

Get in[edit]

The best place to start your journey is Kochi and rent a yacht here, eventually take yacht hitch hiking . The best time for your travel is period between May and October as it's a cyclon free period. On the other hand it's a beginning of monsoon season in India.

Get around[edit]

  • Lakshadweep (special permission + Indian visa)
  • Maldives (visa)
  • British Indian Ocean Teritory (special permission)

Navigating on Indian Ocean in atol area is quite safe and waters between atolls are rather shallow.


  • Day 1-2

Sightseeing and relax in Kochi

  • Day 3-6

Sailing across Lakshadweep islands, relax

  • Day 7-8

Cruising towards Maldives

  • Day 9-12

Sailing across Maldives, relax

  • Day 13-14

Cruising towards British Indian Ocean Teritory

  • Day 15-17

Saling across British Indian Ocean Teritory, relax

  • Day 18-22

Cruising towards India

  • Day 23

Kanyakumari peninsula sightseeing and relax

  • Day 24

Kollam sightseeing and relax

  • Day 25

Arriving to Kochi

Buy[edit][add listing]

As most of atols're uninhabited, the best way's to stock up in Male (if you're going to sail here). Remeber that Maldives are quite expensive country.

See[edit][add listing]

Palm beaches and small settlements in Lakshadweep and Maldives, the temples in Kanyakumari

Do[edit][add listing]

Relax, sunbathing, sightseeing

Stay safe[edit]

The waters of this part of Indian Ocean are very safe, be careful if you come in monsoon period, try to check the weather and if you reach India, try to sail much close to the land. There're no wild animals in the area. Be aware of coconouts as a falling one can kill a human!


Mentioned regions are dominated by Hinduism (South India) and Muslims (Lakshadweep and Maldives). Maldives have some restrictions towards other religions symbols. The modest clothes, especially for women, are a must wear. The best type is long skirt, tank top and summer long-sleeve shirt and shorts and tank top (T-shirt) on the beach. (It doesn't concern no man islands and British Indian Ocean Teritory. Remeber that Kanyakumari is a religious place and wearing modest is very reccomendable.